3 easy fixes to document versioning problems that every business faces

document versioning

Document versioning issues are among the top office productivity killers.

Whether it’s by sending the wrong version of a document or getting confused about whether or not you’re working on the right one – it simply drains your time and energy.

To properly reap all the benefits you can get by transitioning to a paperless document workflow, you’re going to need a tool that will help you through the countless versions of agreements, applications and invoices you’ll have to store.

A 2013 survey from the Harris Interactive market research firm, showed that 83% of knowledge workers in the US and UK lose time every day due to versioning issues.

A reliable document management platform gives you full control over your electronic documents – allowing you to find or recover the needed version in seconds. Having your files sorted and properly organized works for the productivity of the whole team, making collaboration and file sharing smooth and hassle-free.

Here is how our customers get rid of their most common document versioning issues by using PDFfiller.


1. Set up quick and easy access to every document in your online storage

4 out of every 5 knowledge workers lose time due to document versioning problems. However, nearly three-quarters of those employees lose that time simply by looking for files.

You know you’re using the right document management system if you are able look up any file you want and find it in seconds.

With PDFfiller, once you create or upload a file, it’s automatically saved to your online storage. And a built-in search engine makes it easy to access any document from any device that you’re using. You can organize your filing systems either with folders or with special tags, setting up a system of organization adapted for the peculiarities of your working process.


2. Work with the right document management version to keep track of all of your previous edits

83% of knowledge workers in both the US and UK lose time every day due to versioning issues.

Specifically, nearly half of them lose time by sending the wrong version of a document to a client, colleague, or supervisor. And 57% are often confused about whether or not they are working on the right version.

PDFfiller makes it easy to see what was changed in the document and who made the changes – so you’ll always know whether or not you’re working on the most up-to-date version.


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3. Easily combine up to five documents and make them fillable online

According to a Harris Interactive survey, 56% of knowledge workers have to manually merge the different versions of their documents. This can be a very time consuming process.

The PDFfiller team gives you the option to combine the documents you are interested in and create unique fillable forms for your company. You can merge up to five separate documents into one with just a single click.

By using a reliable document management solution you increase your staff’s productivity, avoid job dissatisfaction, along with unneeded stress and tension in the workplace.

Streamline your document management processes with PDFfiller.