5 Top Productivity Plugins for Gmail That Your Boss Has Never Heard Of

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Since its launch in 2004, Gmail has grown to service more than 1.2 billion users – and this growth won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Recently, Gmail released some new updates including ‘email snoozing’, which prompts users to read emails that require a time-sensitive action as well as ‘confidential mode’, which allows senders to set an expiration date for sensitive data. To make using the platform even more efficient, Google launched third-party add-ons for Gmail. These native extensions allow users to access applications right from their inbox, saving users’ time by not having to jump between various browser tabs.

These add-ons work on both desktop and mobile platforms. There are currently a few add-on extensions available in the G Suite Marketplace. The five we’re reviewing here will help bring the email functionality of your business to the next level.



FullContact is designed to make your emails more powerful and productive. The plugin allows you to connect with a contact’s social media profiles right from your Gmail Inbox. Now, you can better connect with your contacts by browsing through images, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds etc. – all without leaving your Inbox!

It also includes a ‘Notes’ section to add user-specific information and features the ability to sync contacts across mobile devices using ‘Google Contacts’. If a person representing an organization is contacting you, this plugin can also aggregate information that will let you know key information about the company such as size, location and demographics.


Dropbox for Gmail

With this integration, you don’t have to worry about file sizes and inbox space (which is 15 GB with the G Suite free edition or individual consumer accounts). Sharing files can be done simply by sharing a Dropbox link, instead of adding an attachment or transferring files on to your Google Drive.

This also works in reverse. If you receive an email containing attached files, instead of storing them locally or using up inbox space, you can save them right to Dropbox. Basically, you don’t need to leave Gmail to access Dropbox anymore since most tasks can now be done from within the Gmail interface.


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A great add-on for those who have a lot of unread messages in their inbox. Depending on how many unread emails you have, it can be a hassle figuring out which emails are important and which ones you can send to the trash. The email service SaneBox solves this problem (and it does so with amazing accuracy).

SaneBox will work with your existing email service. This means you don’t need to worry about installing any new apps or learning how to work with new interfaces. It goes right into your email and figures out what’s important and what’s not. It then moves everything in the latter group to a folder that you can check on periodically.


PDFfiller for Gmail

The PDFfiller add-on for Gmail allows you to easily edit any PDF attachment, share any document and even e-sign them – all without leaving your inbox. Forget about saving agreements, price lists or tax forms to your hard drive or cloud storage.

There is also no need to install expensive desktop software – you may easily review a PDF as soon as you receive it. If a document needs editing, upload it to PDFfiller with one click. Otherwise, send the PDF to be signed or completed by customers, colleagues or business partners directly from your Gmail account.



BombBomb enables sales professionals to create, send and track video emails in an easy-to-use email editor. The plugin also provides analytics on exactly who’s opening your emails, clicking your links and watching your videos. It has the potential to provide you with an excellent source of market data regarding your customer base.