8 reasons why people choose to stay with pdfFiller after the free trial

Learn 8 reasons why people choose to stay with pdfFiller after the trial period is over!

Hey there!

We’re happy you’re trying out pdfFiller!

Whether you need it to fill out a single form, send out a contract for a signature, or edit a PDF document, you’ve made the right choice.

pdfFiller is a truly revolutionary tool that has helped many individuals and businesses relieve the same bottlenecks you’ve experienced in your own document management workflows. We would like to share with you 8 reasons why our customers stay with us after the free trial (and why you should too).


pdfFiller is professional PDF management

Whether you’re a teacher sending papers to your students, a real estate agent collecting contracts, or a small business owner preparing invoices, we know that you strive for success and professionalism. pdfFiller allows you to create fillable documents from scratch or customize any form or contract you upload.

No more asking your clients to print, fill out, scan, or email documents back!

No more illegible handwriting. No more mistakes that result in wasted time.

pdfFiller empowers you to create professional documents and have them ready and good to go in a matter of minutes.


pdfFiller reduces costs

US companies spend over 120 billion dollars on printed documents every year. That’s enough to buy Costa Rica, the White House, and Buckingham palace. Trust us, we Googled it.

Those who stick with pdfFiller experience the major benefit of no longer having to print. If you work in an industry or department that uses a lot of paper, you already understand the value.

Not only It’s expensive to print documents, but it also costs a lot of money when printed documents get lost. On average, a middle- to large-sized US company spends almost $200 per missing file!

With pdfFiller, all of your documents are securely stored in your account and will never get lost. Working with a cloud-native solution saves your time, provides your clients with the peace of mind that their information is secure, and your company will never lose a cent on missing files! 

pdfFiller gives individuals and small businesses a chance to grow by eliminating the costs associated with managing physical paperwork. 

pdfFiller is fast and easy

Have you considered how many people delay filling out documents just because they know they have to go through the vicious, time-consuming cycle of printing, scanning, and emailing documents back?

Do these sound familiar?

Don’t be the one who makes life difficult for your clients.

Be the savvy professional who offers solutions, not headaches.

With pdfFiller, you and your clients can fill out, sign, and edit forms easily, even while on the go without the need to have a printer or a scanner. You save everyone’s time. It’s a win-win!

For example, in Sales, you know how important it is to close deals fast. What if we told you that with pdfFiller you can get your contracts signed in minutes rather than hours or days – from any device, anywhere?

With our LinkToFill feature, text the link with your contact to your client and you can get the needed information and a signature in real time. Your client doesn’t even need to install any software or download any apps!

pdfFiller saves time for you and your clients while making the customer experience something great.


pdfFiller is safe, secure, and compliant

Even before the pandemic struck, we knew how important keeping data safe is. pdfFiller allows you to fill out documents and collect signatures while remote without compromising confidential information (yours or your clients’).

With data encryption, password protection, a detailed audit trail, two-step authentication, and other security features, pdfFiller provides a safe and secure way to handle your sensitive data.

Stay compliant with industry-leading protection and compliance like: HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, CCPA, and more. If you are worried about a particular compliance certificate, we’ll be happy to connect with you and check with our lawyers and compliance team.

pdfFiller protects your data according to US federal and EU compliance standards.

pdfFiller is environmentally-friendly

Paper is the third largest polluter industry in North America. Our goal at pdfFiller is to create a paperless workflow that is safe for the environment and also extremely cost-effective.

You get to save money, stay productive, and save the Earth! What’s not to love?

pdfFiller dedicates time and energy to assuring that more industries can go green.


pdfFiller is clutter-free

How cluttered is your workplace? Do you have countless filing cabinets stuffed with paper?

The more cluttered your workspace is, the more energy and time it takes to complete tasks (not to mention the problems associated with lost files that can result in large fines).

Be the initiator and get rid of clutter. Be the team member that says yes to digital document workflows.

pdfFiller provides the tools you need to become more effective and organized.


pdfFiller is powerful

Take a look at the powerful features that millions of happy users are already implementing for professional PDF management:

  • edit PDFs and other documents online. Get started quick and easy without having to install software or download apps;
  • request e-signatures from your clients. Collect e-signatures from recipients in real time; 
  • erase or blackout confidential information. Keep sensitive information hidden from third parties for safer file sharing;
  • transform any PDF into a fillable form. Collect data from recipients in a convenient way;
  • create document templates. Customize forms and contracts and save them as templates; 
  • send and receive faxes online. Communicate faster via fax without having to have a fax machine; 
  • collaborate on documents with clients, colleagues, and partners. Complete forms faster with better document collaboration.

Find more detailed information on the full list of features that pdfFiller offers here.

pdfFiller makes working on PDFs easy and provides many useful tools and features.


pdfFiller is the right choice for you

In case you skipped right to the bottom of this for a quick recap, we’re happy to reiterate:

You’ve made the right choice, and we’re happy to have you with us.

We believe that pdfFiller truly is a revolutionary document management platform. It has powerful tools that will keep you performing like a top-notch professional.

pdfFiller is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to streamline your document management.

We look forward to seeing you innovate and create.

Manage documents like a boss.