The 2017 1099 MISC for Freelancers & Employers

This post was updated in April 2018

It’s 1099 time at PDFfiller and we’re kicking it off with a look at the 2017 1099 MISC!

For the next couple of weeks we’ll cover all of the variations of the IRS 1099 form that you’ll need this tax season, starting with the 2017 1099 MISC. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can fill, sign, and send yours with PDFfiller and get your tax return done faster than ever!

What is form IRS 1099 MISC?

The 1099 MISC form serves a similar purpose to an independent contractor as a W-2 does to an employee. The 1099 MISC form reports the total amount of payments you receive from a single person or business entity during the year you’ve been contracted to provide services to them.

Who needs IRS 1099 MISC?

Business owners who make payments for services by freelancers or contractors must complete an IRS Form 1099 MISC to send to those “non-employee” workers. If you find that you utilized the services of a contractor or freelancer during the year and made payments totalling $600 or more, you need to fill out a Form 1099 MISC.

Is the 1099 MISC accompanied by another form?

Before sending the 1099 MISC to the independent contractors, you must have a W-9 form completed for a tax identification number. Self-employed taxpayers must report 1099 MISC income on a Schedule C attachment to their Form 1040 tax return.

When is the 2017 1099 MISC due?

The 2017 1099 MISC forms are supposed to be sent to recipients no later than January 31, 2018, but the deadline for mailing your 1099s to the IRS is February 28, 2018. If you need more time to file Form 1099, you can send Form 8809 to apply for extension.

How do I fill out IRS 1099 MISC?

In the form, you need to provide payer’s information, business’s tax identification number, recipient’s identification number and other basic information. Fill the numbered boxes after reading the instruction carefully.

The 1099 MISC  is a multi-part form:

• Copy A is submitted to the IRS by the payer
• Copy 1 is submitted to the state tax department
• Copy B is for the recipient
• Copy 2 is given to the recipient to file with the state tax return
• Copy C is to be kept by the payer

For more information about filling the 1099 MISC, check out the following video:


Where do I send form 1099 MISC?  

Submit your completed 1099 MISC to the IRS at the following address:

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Now you know everything there is to know about the 2017 1099 MISC, get started filling yours with PDFfiller!



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