Need an Easier Way Add Images to PDF Documents?

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Add images to PDF documents online

It’s been a long time since we covered PDFfiller’s great features, and many things have changed and improved since we last had the chance to show them off to you. We’d like to take a moment to familiarize you with the new looks and capabilities of some of your favorite tools, as well as to introduce you to some great new features that will revolutionize your document management. Welcome to Part 2 of our in-depth look at the new Editor where we will see how the Picture Tool lets you add images to PDF documents online.

Why you need a Picture Tool

Have you or your business ever needed to add a logo or a headshot to a PDF? In the past you might have had to include the image as a separate page in your PDF file, or you might have tried to upload a jpg to a word document and created a file that was too large to be useful. Now with PDFfiller’s PDF Editor, it simple to add and images in your PDF files.

Getting Started Adding Images

The tool to add images lives in the toolbar along the top of the Editor window.


To add an image to your PDF, click ‘Picture’ in the toolbar, then choose to upload your image or capture a new one.


If you select upload, simply navigate to the image on your computer and select “Open.” Click the photo to select it, then click anywhere on the document to place. Use the arrow icon to move it, and the tree icons to resize. Click the edit icon on the image to edit before placing it. You can crop the photo by dragging the box to the desired size and clicking apply, adjust brightness and color with the sliders, and rotate or flip the image with a few clicks.


To capture an image, select capture, allow PDFfiller access to your webcam, choose an image size, and click “Take.” If you’re happy with your image, click “Use” Then, edit your photo as desired and click “save” to use it later, or “Save and Use” to place the photo.

Mastering Your Online Document Management!

Once you get the hang of the Pictures tool, you’ll see what a handy thing it is to be able to add images to PDF documents. To learn more about adding images to your PDF documents, check out the following video:

If you like the ease of adding photos, logos, and other images to your PDFs online, you should try out the other tools in PDFfiller’s PDF Editor that let you add sticky notes, erase or blackout text, or even sign your form online! Stay tuned for our next post on adding circles, checkmarks, and crosses to your PDF!