Form 943: Federal Tax Withholding From Agricultural Wages

This post was updated in April 2018

If you run a farm or other agricultural business and have employees, you likely will need to fill out and submit a Form 943 to the IRS.  Form 943 specifically reports federal tax you’ve withheld from your employees during the tax year.

The IRS has two tests for determining if you need to file Form 943: the “$150 Test” and the “$2,500 Test”.  The first test says that if you paid any employee more than $150 in cash wages for farmwork during the year, you must file. The second refers to payments made, cash and noncash, to all of your employees. If you paid more than $2,500 for the group, then you must also file.  In fact, only one of these requirements must be met in order for you to file.

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