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AIA Form A305: The Right Way to Verify Contractor Qualifications

AIA Form A305 – Contractor’s Qualification Statement

Today’s review is devoted to the form approved and recommended by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) for use in evaluating the qualifications of contractors – AIA Form A305. This document has important legal consequences, and it would be advisable to consult a lawyer before filling it. Let’s take a closer look at the main points that you need to know before filling out the form.


What is the AIA A305 – Contractor’s Qualification Statement?

Homeowners and business owners must request bids from architects to award contracts for construction projects. This requires verified background checks, references, confirmation of the financial stability of the contractor, and a quoted time frame for construction. The AIA Form A305 provides a sworn, notarized statement and the attachments required to confirm each of these pieces of information.


In one sentence, what is the purpose of submitting AIA Form A305?

The purpose of submitting a Form AIA A305 is for an architect to bid on home and business construction projects.


Who must file this form?

Architects must file this form with the relevant building project manager. This form can also be filed by the architect’s business firm.


In what professional field is Form AIA A305 most likely used?

Form AIA A305 is used in both home and business realty building projects. Architects, realtors, homeowners, business owners, and landowners seeking to build a home, professional building, or other structure must seek bids for their project using these forms. The form is also used by HVAC licensed professionals, electricians, and plumbers.


How do you fill out the AIA A305?

There are several pieces of information you will need to fill out the Form AIA  A305, including

  • The full and address and name of the person to which the form is being submitted,
  • The full and address and name of the person who is submitting the form,
  • The principal office qualification, name of the project, and type of work being performed,
  • Information on the business, including how long the business has operated under the current name, any former business names, jurisdictions in which the business is licensed, and more,
  • The signature of the person submitting the form,
  • The signature of a notary public.


Who is the intended recipient of Form AIA A305?

The Form AIA A305 can be received by anyone in charge of a building project. This includes head architects, realtors, homeowners, business owners, project firms, landowners, and project managers.


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