ATF Form 4: Transfer Your Firearms the Right Way!

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ATF Form 4 Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration

In the United States, there are strict rules for the registration, sale, and transfer of firearms. Violations of procedures for the registration and transfer of firearms are punishable by monetary fines, revocation of sale licenses, and, in some cases, even a prison sentence. Let’s take a closer look at how the National Firearms Association identifies a transferor, a transferee, and firearm to ensure the legality of firearm transfer using the ATF Form 4, Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm.

Who needs an ATF Form 4?

Any person or entity intending to transfer a firearm (transferor) must complete and file the ATF Form 4 in two parts.

What is ATF Form 4 for?

Form 4 ATF is an application for the transfer of a firearm. It also serves the following purposes: (a) identification of the transferor and transferee; (b) payment of the transfer tax; (c) identification of the firearm; and (d) registration of the firearm to the transferee.

Is ATF Form 4 accompanied by other forms?

An individual transferee must attach two FBI Forms FD-258 (Fingerprint Card) to form 4 ATF. This requirement does not apply to licensed manufacturers, importers or dealers under the Gun Control Act.

The transferee may be required to receive a State or local permit or license before the acquisition of the firearm; in this case, you should include a copy of the permit with the application.

When is ATF Form 4 due?

The ATF transfer application must be submitted before the transfer of a firearm.

How do I fill out ATF Form 4?

Pages 4 through 6 of Form 4 ATF contain detailed instructions on how to fill it. You should provide the personal information of the transferor and transferee, and a description of the firearm. The chief law enforcement officer fills and signs Section 13 Law Enforcement Certification. The officer is asked to confirm that possession of the firearm by the transferee does not violate the law.

The transferee must complete the Transferee Certification Section, which contains questions about compliance with the law. The transferee should also affix a recent photograph here. The transferor should complete item 21 providing information relating to payment of the transfer tax.

Where do I send ATF Form 4?

You should send both copies of the ATF Form 4 along with required attachments to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, P.O. Box 530298, Atlanta, GA 30353-0298.