Cut Processing Costs and Save Time with Automated CRM Document Generation

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DaDaDocs by PDFfiller allows salespeople to take data from the most used CRMs such as Salesforce, and bpm’online and make it actionable via document generation.

With DaDaDocs CRM users can generate documents pre-filled with customer data, account numbers, product specifications from a PDF or Word template without leaving their CRM account.

The advanced document generation tool provides salespeople with an opportunity to save time and effort typing data into contracts, agreements, invoices and price lists. Once they acquire information in a CRM database, they can easily merge it with a Word or PDF template to generate as many pre-filled PDF documents as needed – all within a CRM ecosystem.

How Can I Generate Documents Pre-filled with CRM Data from a PDF Template?

Generating pre-filled documents from a PDF template is a straightforward process.

  1. Transform any sales contract, agreement or invoice into an interactive fillable PDF form with smart digital fields while preserving the format of the original document.
  2. Connect smart digital fields with your CRM data to create a fillable document template.
  3. Merge CRM data with a template to create a pre-filled document. No coding or complex steps.

Once you’ve created a pre-filled agreement, contract or invoice, send it out to be signed by your partners and clients. If a CRM record is changed, for example, a customer has changed their account number, you can instantly update the information and generate a new document.

What is the Easiest Way to Generate Multiple PDFs from a Word Template?

With DaDaDocs a CRM admin can quickly create and customize templates using Microsoft Word and a CRM so that users can generate professional looking complex price lists, product specifications, quotes and invoices pre-filled with a CRM data in a single click.

Creating a Word template in DaDaDocs is done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select any custom or standard CRM object as the starting point for your template and tie it to other CRM objects across multiple levels. Your template can include conditional data and one-to-many relationships.
  2. Place field tags into a DOCX file where you would like to see the information appear.
  3. Upload a DOCX template to your CRM account

CRM users can automatically merge data from their CRM objects with a DOCX template to create pre-filled PDFs in seconds.

Generate documents automatically using DaDaDocs by PDFfiller right in your CRM to cut processing costs, improve data accuracy and increase the efficiency of your customer communications.