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Can I trust PDFfiller?

We are thankful to every customer who provides our company with feedback. This valuable information allows us to get a better understanding of what we can do to improve our products and the overall customer experience. That’s why in this blog post, we’ve decided to answer some of the most common questions our customers have.


PDFfiller Data Security

Every PDFfiller account comes with unlimited cloud storage, so you can access the documents you need, wherever and whenever you need them. We at PDFfiller take the security of your data very seriously and have developed measures to give you the best data protection. PDFfiller data is stored in Amazon S3 data centers, which have multiple backup locations, instant and uninterrupted data access and military-level physical security barriers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been assessed and approved by independent auditors as a cloud service provider, with security impact levels 1-5 of the Department of Defense’s Cloud Security Model.

Physical security, however is only a baseline measure. To do better than “basic”, we’ve developed a few additional features to keep your information safe. For example, the Mybox section features an Encrypted Folder. This folder requires a unique password in order to access its stored content.

We also added a legally binding verification stamp for your e-signatures and an ‘Audit Trail’ feature, which lets you keep track of all activity such as document changes, exports and imports. The ‘privacy feature’, unique to PDFfiller, is the Audit Trail’s ability to show you the record of anyone who has logged into your account and every document that has been changed. Finally, PDFfiller also complies with HIPAA standards, for those processing documents in the medical field.


The PDFfiller user experience

At PDFfiller, we strive to provide a user-friendly intuitive interface. We know clients come to us because they are having trouble finding the right tools they need for their work. This is where PDFfiller’s ‘toolbox’ comes in. This service displays a PDF file, allowing you to cut and copy text, insert text into lines and boxes, move text around and add images. There are also several different and unique ways to sign a form once it is completed.


Your digital workflow at its best!

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PDFfiller is mobile

As one of the world’s top document management and productivity platforms, PDFfiller also maintains a mobile version of its document editor, electronic signature manager and cloud storage. We’ve compiled all these features into an easy to use service and brought it straight to your fingertips!

PDFfiller’s app is available for both IOS and Android. With this app, any user can easily edit, sign and share PDF documents, anywhere, and at anytime. PDFfiller’s mobile app makes your smartphone/tablet an extension of your office. One of the many interesting features of this app is the option to create a clean, realistic, verified signature just by using your fingertip.


Benefits of being a paying customer

The speed of customer support depends on your personal subscription plan. You can check out all the various packages we provide on our subscription page.

Paid memberships start at $6 per month. This membership is known as the “Personal Plan” because it’s meant for a single user. Our most feature-rich package is the “Business Plan.” This plan is designed for up to five customers to use, costing $3 per user. Check out all the advantages for paying customers at the price policy section.


Legal issues

Many of our newer customers tend to have the following questions: “I need to fill a form, I found it in your database, but I don’t know how to fill it out. Can you help me?” Or “On what date should I submit this form?” or “Should I be certified by a notary in order to fill out this form?” All the information you may need pertaining to a form can be found in the FAQs and video-instructions at the bottom of every form’s individual page.


All about PDFfiller’s free trial

Like any company that provides a high-quality service, PDFfiller requires users to pay a fee for the premium features. However, any user can take a free test-drive of our application and see for themselves how drastically it will reduce the amount of time they spend on various tasks, such as completing personal tax forms or collecting signatures from employees. Take a free test-drive and experience the benefits for yourself.


Your money’s worth

PDFfiller has been providing service to over 2 million people a day since 2008. Throughout the years, we’ve collected tons of reviews – from first time users to industry leaders of big name brands who have successfully used our solution for their businesses. On our website, you can see for yourself what people have to say about our solution. You can even follow the evolution of PDFfiller’s features and improvements over the years.


Great for using templates and easy of use. I work in real estate investment and handle documents and other forms that are basically fill-ins for our tenants. PDF Filler has to make the job 300 times easier because it will add space or make everything look like its in its right space. It makes filling out a document legibly easy and fast so you then can be more productive in your work day,” Alejandra from NSB Associates, Inc., Real Estate


Awesome software! Very easy to use and great to help fill PDFs and create them. I use this software very often and I rarely have issues,” Travi, Insurance


PDFfiller is used in all areas of our company, it’s extremely useful since it works wonders while editing .pdfs, adding watermarks and most of all changing documents that our clients send us that we need to alter. In the administration department, our analysts have to scan several documents and they usually need to merge them with documents from other departments, and the option to split or merge documents works wonders in this regard. Overall is one of the best pdf software there is and it is a must-have for any company in my mind,” Manuel Aguilar, Geophysical Analyst

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