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Business Trends

3 Emerging Trends for Growing Your SaaS Company in 2018

2017 taught us a few good lessons for growing a SaaS company. For example, never ignore security update notifications if you don’t wanna cry; connect with the products your customers already use (Salesforce does it, Google does it and SaaS-providers shouldn’t lag behind). What emerging trends can boost your productivity and grow your sales in...Read More

Why Your Business’ Livelihood Depends on Getting Acquainted with the Concept of Cryptocurrency

The arrival of the digital revolution brings with it far-reaching implications that leave no industry untouched. Stubborn practitioners of traditional business processes may find themselves left behind in the wake of full-scale financial chaos. In the course of events, fundamental changes have occurred, primarily in the technology industry. The emergence of smartphones, cloud computing and...Read More

Going Digital Isn’t Only for Magazine Publishers

PDF is a widely used file type designed for the content distribution. From the beginning, it was a closed format that made adding any changes to the content difficult. At the beginning of the Internet it was not a big obstacle but as the Internet has been maturing and digital societies have become more connected...Read More