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PDFfiller isn’t just another product to buy for your business, it’s an investment in changing the way your company works with documents. Saving time and money with document management isn’t a mere abstraction. Drawing on case studies of six PDFfiller customers, it’s possible to see how to save hundreds of hours of administrative work and spend less than a single overnight delivery costs to handle all of a company’s signatures.

At its most basic level, PDFfiller can save time and money on getting documents signed. The monthly cost of a professional plan is cheaper than overnighting a single document. Even a small real estate agency would need to send out dozens of documents for signature a month, which equates to hundreds of dollars of savings with PDFfiller.

PDFfiller can reclaim hours from a company’s workflow. Create fillable forms and share them with your patients, clients and employees via a link, QR code or your website instead of having to get forms filled out by hand. The data submitted via fillable forms can be exported to Excel, a CRM or used to fill out other forms. Accountants collect tax information from clients, doctors process patient intake forms and HR accepts job applications using this feature. Reports vary on the specific business, but our clients save up to forty hours a month. This is thousands of dollars in labor costs that can be more effectively used on something other than paperwork.

Beyond saving hundreds of dollars on courier fees and thousands of dollars in processing paperwork, the benefits of using PDFfiller extend to security, organization and clarity. For instance, secure cloud storage keeps documents from getting lost. Also, every form is legible and complete meaning that you don’t have to get forms redone or waste time deciphering cryptic handwriting.

Time is Money:
Save Hundreds of Hours a Year

Our customers consistently cite the time they save as one of the key benefits of using PDFfiller as well as one of the hardest to quantify as a direct dollar figure. Using a combination of data provided in customer case studies and some hypothetical numbers, it’s possible to say that a small office that gets the most out of PDFfiller can save over $23,000 a year – that’s 130 times the cost of an annual business subscription.

PDFfiller automates the routine challenges that any office faces: collecting information from clients, storing it and using that information to fill out other forms. This can take the form of patient intake forms at a doctor’s office, an accountant collecting financial information or an insurance agent handling a claim.

Debbie Cunningham, the owner of an insurance and real estate agency in Texas estimated that PDFfiller saves her firm “probably ten hours per person per week, so that’s 30 hours per week.” Taking a conservative $15 and hour, multiplied by 52 weeks, it is possible to conclude that a similar small business could allocate that $23,400 away from paperwork and mundane tasks into something that brings higher value: seeing more patients, providing better customer service or increasing sales.


Other clients report similar boosts to their workflows:


“It’s so much more work without PDFfiller — probably  30-40 hours a month  more work if we had to do all the scanning and printing the old way.” Dr. Meral Elgendy | Millennium Chiropractic

Calculating the opportunity cost of working on low value paperwork instead of seeing more patients or clients is obviously difficult. Nonetheless, Michael Combs, a hearing specialist, has calculated that generates thousands of dollars by saving time and paperwork and see more patients.


“It’s hard for me to quantify my time as money, but as a hearing aid provider, it can be expensive, and I see a lot of people, it can be up in the thousands. If I’m not seeing one patient because I’m doing administration things, it could cost me a couple thousand. The more I can see patients, if I’m seeing a new patient, that could be  thousands of dollars that’s in my business, and if I have to do paperwork and am doing it by hand, that prevents me from seeing new patients.” Michael Combs | co-owner of Hearing at Home

PDFfiller can automate data collection across industries. Accountants, medical professionals, real estate agents and insurance brokers all take advantage of the ability to save time collecting the information they need to do their jobs most efficiently.


“Using PDF filler has  saved us 110 hours per year at $35.00 per hour  as best we can tell. That was just the beginning of the savings because that time was put to productive, front end, revenue producing use so the swing was at least triple what we saved in addition.” John Hampton | Green Brick Title

The Complete eSignature Solution

PDFfiller saved its users three million dollars in courier costs over the past year – assuming that each document sent for signing would need to be shipped using USPS Priority Mail Express each way. Having to overnight a document for signature just once a month is more expensive than a PDFfiller subscription.


“Sometimes we have situations where there is a hospital that needs someone right away and we have patients that can’t be seen because we couldn’t get the documentation back because we had to Fedex it to them and [the doctors] had to Fedex it back to us. The fact that they can  sign on their phone and get it back to us the same day  is huge for our business and for the number of patients that we serve.” Angela Grover | CHG Healthcare

Professional & Clean Documents

It’s easy to assign a dollar value on hours saved by automating paperwork and collecting eSignatures instead of using expensive couriers. On the other hand, always having well organized documents that meet current legal and medical industry standards is more intangible but is still important for any organization or business.


“I have neat enrollment forms that are easy for the employees to read.” Angela Grover | CHG Healthcare

All documents within an organization are tidy and legible with PDFfiller.


“When [customers] hand-write out forms, sometimes it’s legible, but  90% of the time, it’s not.” Debbie Cunningham | Cunninham & Associates

Using PDFfiller brings value by protecting a business from handwriting mistakes that could prove costly. It’s simply more professional to always be able to produce high-quality PDFs in minutes without a scanner or complicated software.


Besides clean and professional documents, there’s no need to print digital documents. Depending on how much a company prints this can also lead to dramatic savings. For instance Green Brick Title was able to “reduce printing costs by 2/3rds” by going paperless with PDFfiller.

The PDFfiller Solution

We’ve looked at how six of our clients have used PDFfiller to save time and money. There are many more customers who are using PDFfiller to manage their digital documents across every industry, you can read their stories on our website.

Ultimately, Scheffel said, PDFfiller “helps remove the handwriting hindrance and move these students forward.”

PDFfiller provides a simple solution to Scheffel’s problem! She envisions it “being used throughout the school district and beyond” to make homework simpler for every student to complete and easier for teachers to collect and grade.


PDFfiller is the right choice when investing in your digital office. Save thousands of dollars a year by automating the routine aspects of paperwork, collecting data from clients or filling out hundreds of forms at once. Increase document turnaround and make shipping costs a thing of the past with eSignatures. Of course, the tangible savings from using PDFfiller are only the beginning: professional, neat and paperless documents are the future of business.

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Streamlining Online Document Completion Using an API

Financial forms


Compliance Management, LLC offers online safety training and tracking as well as serving as a hiring platform.

“Let’s say a manufacturer has to train their employees on lockout/tagout, machine guarding, blood-borne pathogens, and so forth, we do all of that online for them,” said Colton McKinney, president of Compliance Management, LLC. The company also helps clients with incident reporting and online OSHA 300 log completion. Moreover, “another component of our software is actually a hiring platform, which includes all of the steps to hire a simple employee to do a manual labor-type job: the application, the I9, the W4, any custom documents that they would need to fill out and sign for employment in their state or by their employer,” McKinney said.


Compliance Management integrates the expertise of three strategic partners with years of experience in operating industrial businesses, interactive online services and safety training. Combining these disparate areas of expertise makes Compliance Management a unique and powerful service to outsource the training, tracking and hiring processes.

Colton McKinney, Compliance Management’s president, is the third in a line of family members who have started, acquired, developed or sold companies in industries including sawmilling, pallet manufacturing, fastener distribution and more. With generations of experience, the McKinney family runs the day-to-day operations of Compliance Management, bringing a body of knowledge of these specific industries to the company’s work.

The Problem

Much of Compliance Management’s work demands the completion of documents. There are a number of documents that are used throughout the tracking and hiring processes and making these quick and easy to complete was an important part of Compliance Management’s benefit to clients. Digital documents can be completed faster and are easier to store if they are managed correctly – Compliance Management was looking for a solution to this problem. And moreover, they were searching for a more powerful replacement for traditional web forms.


“We didn’t have anything in-house that could do it,” said McKinney, referring to the digital completion and transmission of documents. And “we have to have highly customizable documents because any client could say, ‘put this document online,’ so we have to be able to upload that, put fillable fields in that document, and then use the API to auto-fill those fields. And there are very few [applications] that can do that.”

PDFfiller proved to be the powerful solution they were looking for.

The Solution

PDFfiller has been a fundamental component of Compliance Management’s client services since the company’s conception and is, said McKinney, an integral part of the company’s digital document workflow.

Powered by the PDFfiller API, Compliance Management’s clients can now complete and submit fillable forms directly through the company’s website. The PDFfiller REST API allowed Compliance Management to build an application that interacts with PDFfiller so clients can complete documents and add electronic signatures without ever leaving Compliance Management’s website. The API has also made it easier for the company to collect and collate submitted information.

The PDFfiller API has the ability to integrate powerful document management features directly into business applications, meaning it is now possible for Compliance Management to collect completed forms through PDFfiller from various parties from within their own online system. PDFfiller’s API also integrates easily with market-leading ISVs including CRM, CPQ, Practice Management and other SaaS application providers. Cloud-native, white label APIs enable the seamless integration of PDFfiller’s powerful document management features directly into any website or software package.

Compliance Management is using PDFfiller on a daily basis. “We have probably 500 employees on the system now and we have signed another thousand and we’re also doing demos [and intending to add new users in the near future],” said McKinney.


PDFfiller’s API integrates with Compliance Management’s own API to provide quick and seamless document completion and transmission from clients to Compliance Management’s servers where they are stored.

“[When] a company comes to us and says ‘Hey, we want to set up your system’. We’ll say, ‘great, we’ll set your application up and then when you hire your employee, the documents they need to fill out and sign — the W9, the I9 and any others you want them to sign – we’ll put online,” said McKinney. “And then we autofill [documents using] PDFfiller from [within] our application and [then users] can fill out the rest of the information and sign it, and then that saves to PDFfiller.”

For Compliance Management, connecting their API with PDFfiller’s and providing a seamless digital document workflow for clients is simple and makes the document completion process faster and easier than ever before:

First, Compliance Management makes digital documents fillable using PDFfiller’s proprietary drag and drop wizard to add smart fields to digital forms. “We put [custom smart] boxes [in the webform] and in some of the blanks, we actually fill in that information as we’re generating the PDF from our system to the API,” McKinney said. This means that all of the submitted information is automatically added to the document.


After the forms have been uploaded, they are accessible to clients through Compliance Management’s website. “We provide a link from our system to the PDF. [Clients] get links to PDFfiller to fill out the document and then once it generates the final PDF, it’s on our system.”


Once completed, the “online webform that we use for our application… goes to our Cold Fusion platform [an LMS]. That information then goes from our API to PDFfiller’s API, which writes it to the fillable fields that we’ve put on the PDFfiller document,” said McKinney, describing the document completion process.


PDFfiller “has been working excellently,” McKinney said, providing “more customization” than the alternatives and allowing users to quickly and easily complete documents which are sent instantly from Compliance Management’s website through PDFfiller and into their servers.

Moreover, because of PDFfiller’s emphasis on security, government documents containing personal data that are received and stored by Compliance Management are always secure. “It helped that PDFfiller had all the security requirements that we needed because there are government documents going back and forth on there and they do have some personal information,” McKinney said.

Advanced security features include PIN protected folders, two-factor authentication, and redundant backups. PDFfiller is HIPAA and SOC II Type 2 compliant so Compliance Management can be sure that their documents are secure, while other companies can be sure that they meet safe-practice guidelines.

With a “very” helpful customer service team, McKinney said, Compliance Management was able to get a bespoke digital document solution integrated quickly enough that they could build their company around PDFfiller. Since then, they have seen the company grow as PDFfiller helped them facilitate the submission and transmission of huge numbers of documents.


PDFfiller is the easiest way for businesses to integrate digital documents into their client-facing online services. PDFfiller is an easy to use digital document solution that makes it simple to have forms completed online through their integrated API. PDFfiller’s intuitive document management platform allows users to add information and even signatures electronically, meaning that it can serve as a comprehensive solution to a business’s digital document workflow.

“Yes, [I would] absolutely [recommend PDFfiller] for a company that would use it to generate documents fairly regularly and for a company that is just looking for a solution to fill out PDFs online,” said McKinney.

For the complete paper, click on the link below:

Sending & Signing Contracts the Digital Way



Since 1994, HTDNET has been providing a range of IT solutions. Founded as a web design company, 23 years on, HTDNet now offers comprehensive IT services for both business and personal users. For everything from laptop and server sale and repair to web marketing and design, HTDNET can provide a custom solution.

“We’re a technology service company – computer repair, web design, web hosting, IT services, web marketing, with IT we do pretty much everything,” said Matthew Demaree, the company’s CEO. Last year, HTDNET even began operating a VoIP solution, giving customers a powerful new communication tool.

HTDNET serves hundreds of clients, providing bespoke solutions to both simple and complex technical problems.


The Problem

Demaree was looking for a low cost digital solution that would enable him to add signatures to documents. Before switching to PDFfiller, HTDNET’s contract renewals and other documents were dealt with by “fax machine and DocuSign,” Demaree said. But that process was “long, tedious, and costly.”

Faxing documents was clumsy, as many customers no longer own fax machines and the process requires an extra phone line and an additional device. Moreover, the process tied Demaree to his office. The process was made even more complicated by the fact that customers then had to fill out the form by hand before sending it back, meaning legibility and speed became a concern.


At up to $480 per year for a business plan, DocuSign was an expensive solution to a simple problem. “DocuSign,” said Demaree, “would have cost us more than we wanted to pay… I wanted a lower cost solution than using DocuSign.”

The Solution

Now, instead of an anachronistic, low-tech solution or an expensive, complicated digital processes, HTDNET is using PDFfiller every week.

HTDNET has completely eliminated fax machines from their office, Demaree said and since going digital, “I am 99% paperless. The only paper I really consume is the checks that people mail me.” The digital solution is more ecologically friendly and, by eliminating fax machines, Demaree has improved the legibility of his contracts and reduced their turnaround time. And, at only $180 per year, PDFfiller’s business plan is more than 60% cheaper than DocuSign’s.

Using PDFfiller to have clients complete and sign documents with legally binding digital signatures is easy: Demaree uploads his document to PDFfiller’s online document management solution, adds client information, makes certain fields fillable and then sends them for completion and signature.

PDFfiller makes editing documents, inputting information, and adding a signature easier than other electronic solutions. “I just find it a little bit easier than DocuSign to manipulate a document and get it ready to send out.” said Demaree.


“We’ve asked them to sign [contracts], put their name on it, put their position, and date it,” said Demaree, but PDFfiller also makes it easy to request other information from recipients. With customizable dropdown menus and fillable fields, PDFfiller is the easiest way to collect neat client-completed documents. PDFiller allows you to mandate that clients submit certain information, ensuring your forms are always complete when they’ve been returned.

With SendToSign, PDFfiller allows you to send documents for legally-binding electronic signatures to up to 20 clients instantly and without ever leaving PDFfiller. You can receive notifications when documents have been signed and returned. And users can also even designate the document be signed in a specific order and have it distributed automatically. Digital signatures reduce document turnaround time and make it easier to keep records of all your contracts.


PDFfiller is the best way to complete, send, and sign documents.

A completely digital solution: decreases document turnaround time, increases document legibility and makes document storage easier.

Because it is cheaper and more powerful than the competition, Demaree recommends PDFfiller as a solution for companies looking to manage their documents, send and receive contracts, and add legally-binding digital signatures instantly.


For the complete paper, click on the link below:

Freight Goes Faster with Digital Documents




Crossroads 3PL Solutions, LLC is a company of ten employees located in Temple, Texas. A group that started off working with the Texas cotton industry has, over the past one hundred years, grown into a thriving, comprehensive diversified logistics company and a leader in warehousing and shipping in Texas. Crossroads 3PL handles air and land delivery all over the United States while also providing door-to-door shipping across Texas.

With a rapidly growing economy and business in various sectors including natural resources, manufacturing, technology, and others, Crossroads 3PL provides “comprehensive logistics, warehousing, multimodal shipping and custom freight solutions,” said Kimberly Ford, a financial controler with the company. As financial controller, Ford is responsible for the the financial operations of the company, performing financial analysis and strategy.

The company “sits at the intersection of strategic railroad and highway systems and is a mission critical gateway to high growth Texas markets,” she added. Placing an emphasis on relationships and dealing with clients of all sizes, Crossroads 3PL is committed to providing excellent service.

The Problem

Crossroads 3PL had a simple problem with significant consequences. Without any sort of digital document solution, they were left to complete all their forms by hand. “We hand wrote [information] into forms then had to scan them in a file,” said Ford. It was costing the company’s employees time and energy, affecting workflow and impacting the ability of the company to work as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, Crossroads 3PL needed to add signatures to state and Federal documents. While this could easily be accomplished by hand, there was no obvious digital solution.

All the paper was adding up — “we hate using paper, we love trees,” Ford said. And so, in search of a digital solution to an anachronistic paper-based problem, she turned to PDFfiller.


The Solution

It was “very easy to transition [to PDFfiller] after the small training/learning curve,” said Ford. And now that Crossroads 3PL has gone digital they have consolidated their workflow, making it faster and easier to complete, store, and distribute documents.

Now, about a third of the staff of Crossroads 3PL use PDFfiller on a weekly basis for all sorts of forms, but specifically State of Texas carrier forms and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission forms. “We use it to fill in all template forms and for signatures that need to be verified,” Ford said.

Going digital with all your documents is easy with PDFfiller. All Crossroads 3PL has to do is add forms to PDFfiller, either by downloading them from the internet or uploading scans of paper documents. Once integrated into PDFfiller’s easy-to-use online service, Crossroads 3PL staff can type directly onto them, changing font color, size, and style as necessary.

Using PDFfiller’s proprietary LinkToFill feature, users can make forms fillable by adding specific fields using a simple drag-and-drop wizard and then send them to others directly. They can then be easily completed and returned in the click of a mouse. Using the same drag-and-drop wizard, it’s also easy to make templates to save time when filling in the same form multiple times. The “ease of use for filling in templates… makes [completing forms] so much easier,” Ford said.

Adding legally-binding electronic signatures to digital forms is simple. Just upload your digital signature into your PDFfiller account by taking a picture of it or by drawing it with your mouse or on the screen of your mobile device. Afterwards, in just a click, you can add a digital signature to any document. Moreover, with PDFfiller’s SendToSign feature, you can send a digital document for eSignature to up to 20 customers or clients; they can sign it and return it instantly. After the document has been completed, you will be notified immediately. “[PDFfiller] is an absolute MUST for signing documents,” said Ford.


A digital document solution brings with it the ability to transmit documents instantly, improving the communication speed of fast-moving companies. “We often have situations where multiple employees must sign and fill out State documents,” said Ford. And “PDF filler makes it easy and quick to route the document to those who need it,” allowing a user to distribute it in just a click and even assign the order in which a document is signed. A digital solution means that Crossroads 3PL can drastically decrease the time it takes to add signatures to documents and improve their speed of business.

When sending signed State and Federal documents, security was critical for Crossroads 3PL. With two factor authentication, PIN-protected folders, and redundant digital backups on always-on secure servers, your digital documents are safer than a paper-based alternative and available whenever and wherever you need them.

And, by going digital, not only does Crossroads 3PL improve the efficiency of their workflow, making their document management process faster and easier, they also minimize their environmental impact, which was, said Ford, “the main reason why as the controller, I chose PDFfiller.



PDFfiller has “saved us a tremendous amount of time,” said Ford and “did everything we needed it to do,” from editing PDFs to adding digital signatures and distributing forms.

Because it’s “easy to use and much faster and more accurate than hand-filling documents,” PDFfiller has facilitated an improvement in Crossroads 3PL’s workflow, improving the company’s ability to move documents around the office, add signatures, and fill in forms. “I can’t think of a single reason why any company would not be using this program,” Ford said.


For the complete paper, click on the link below:

ss 4 form, irs form ss4

Use Form SS-4 to open the business of your dreams in 2017

If you are going to do something you are interested in or invest in a business that you believe has great potential in 2017, you should know how to fill out Form SS-4. It is known as the Application for Employer Identification Number. It is not difficult to complete this tax form. However, spend at least 15 minutes of your free time to figure out how this form must be filled. Today’s blog post is devoted to the key instructions that will help you avoid mistakes when completing your SS-4 online.

First of all, you must determine if you need the Employer Identification Number or not. For this you may check a special chart that is attached to the form that will help you with the determination. After that you may start completing this fillable PDF or Word form. Download the printable sample on our site or fill out electronically without the necessity to print it. Once it is ready, you have several options for filing.

You may send the application to the Internal Revenue Service via email or fax. However, we do not recommend it. If you decide to use this option, you will wait about a month to receive the letter from the IRS that they can process your form SS4 online. It is more convenient to apply online. This option allows you to get your EIN just after the completion of the form that takes no more than 15 minutes. We highly recommend it.

If you are an international applicant, you have the chance to apply via telephone. Use the following number: (267)-941-1099. It will take about 10-15 minutes to apply, however, the hold time may be long. Generally, it can take up to an hour. There is one more method: you are eligible to assign a third party designee to file your SS 4 online for you.

Look through all these options and choose the one that suits you best. We recommend applying online as it saves you time, is user-friendly and allows you edit the mistakes made when filling.