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How to Save on Customs Duties with CBP Form 434

CBP Form 434:  Certificate of Origin

You’ve decided to start your own business at last and plan to go expand beyond national borders in a year or two. A lot of new things are ahead: searching for reliable customers, exhausting negotiations, the excitement of the first deal and tons of international trade documents.

In this blog post we are going to discuss all the details of the Certificate of Origin, one of the most widely used documents in foreign trade. This document is so important that it has its own history.

The North American Free Trade Agreement was concluded in 1994 between the United States, Mexico and Canada. This agreement created one of the world’s largest free trade zones and led to economic growth and the development of trade connections between the member countries.

The free trade zone means that the exporters and goods producers can import goods to a member country without any fees or with preferential tariff rates at the customs. The exporter must provide all the usual documents to accompany the goods though, including the Certificate of Origin. The certificate is used only by the countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement and serves as a claim for lower customs duties.

What is CBP Form 434?

The exporter or producer fills out this certificate and provides it to the importer at customs. Accurate and full completion is the key to entering the country without paying duty.

What is the purpose of CBP Form 434?

The Department of Homeland Security uses this form to get information about the exporter and producer. The certificate also contains detailed information about the goods imported to the country. Based on this data, the US Сustoms and Border Protection makes a decision on entering the country without paying duty.

What other forms do I attach to CBP Form 434?

The certificate of origin is usually accompanied by the commercial invoice and bill of lading. Depending on the nature of the goods, the Customs officer may ask the importer to provide other supporting documents.

When is CBP Form 434 due?

The certificate accompanies the goods until they arrive at сustoms. The exporter has to complete and certify it before shipping. Keep in mind that this document is essential for the goods being imported to the country at lower customs rate.

What information do I provide in CBP Form 434?

The certificate of origin consists of four main parts:

  • The first part contains information about the exporter including name, email, address and tax identification number. The exporter also has to indicate here the blanket period of the certificate. This is applicable only if the certificate covers multiple shipments of identical goods.
  • The second part provides the contact details of the producer and the importer.
  • The third part describes the goods. There are several columns here and the exporter completes them paying attention to the header.
  • The fourth part is the certification. The exporter or producer adds their signature here including the name of the company, phone number and email.

What do I do with the CBP Form 434?

The completed and signed certificate of origin is attached to other documents accompanying the cargo and is forwarded to customs.

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Stand Up for Your Rights with a Marketplace Appeal Request Form

Marketplace Eligibility Appeal Request Form

It is not a dead end when you see that you are not satisfied with the decision of a health insurance marketplace. There is a range of decisions which give the possibility to appeal. If you are eligible to purchase a marketplace plan and enroll in it on a regular basis, prepare to file an appeal. If the marketplace makes a temporary determination about your eligibility after the application has been made, you have the right to give notice of appeal as well.

Remember, that you have the chance to ask someone else to file or take part in the appeal. It can be your relative, lawyer, friend or any other individual. However, it is not necessary. Thus, attention must be paid to the Marketplace Appeal Request Form which is the subject matter of our today’s blog post.

What is the Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

The Marketplace Appeal Request Form is a specially designed application filed by everyone who wants to lodge an appeal. Keep in mind that you can complete this request only in certain states. They are Indiana, Alaska, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Virginia, Texas and Utah.

What is the purpose of the Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

When you face the immediate necessity to receive some health services and there is a delay that can greatly jeopardize your physical condition, you have the right to ask for a review of an expedited appeal. Moreover, you may appeal SHOP eligibility (Small Business Health Options Program).

When is a Marketplace Appeal Request Form due?

After applying in one of the above-mentioned states, your task is to submit the appeal during the period of 90 days of the date on the eligibility determination notice of the marketplace that you are appealing.

Is a Marketplace Appeal Request Form accompanied by some other forms?

No. A Marketplace Appeal Request Form is completed separately. However, filers may need to attach copies of the testimonials.

How do I complete a Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

The form consists of four sections. According to the form, a person who requests the appeal is called the appellant. So, the first section is devoted to information about the appellant: name, date of birth, street address, city, state, available phone number and the same information about all other people who appeal with you.

In the second section of the form you must mention the reason of your appeal. Generally, there is the enumeration of possible reasons. Choose the one which is the most suitable for your situation.

The third section is the continuation of the second one and requests more details about the reasons to appeal. In the last section an appellant must sign. There is also the possibility to ask for a faster appeal if such a necessity occurs.

Where do I send a Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

Send your appeal to the Health Insurance Marketplace in the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Business Proposal: Meet All Conditions and Make Progress

Once you sign a business proposal, you must adhere to all the conditions described in it. Generally, a business proposal is a key tool used for cooperation between parties. Not everyone can properly write a valuable document. For this purpose, there are many business proposal templates available in PDF and Word format. Modern business life is impossible without these samples as a good business deal requires lots of time and dedication.

What is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is a way to involve more new clients and keep the current ones engaged. Thus, it must be skilfully written to affect the client and allow them to sign it without any doubts. Previously prepared templates not only save the time of managers, but also include appropriate wording that attracts clients and makes them decide on exactly your company.

Some business proposals require taking out a loan as one of the conditions. So, a simple loan agreement is one more thing to take into account. Everything connected with money must be officially documented. However, keep in mind that any loan is possible only if you provide an employment verification letter.

How to Write a Business Proposal

Having a business proposal template, your time and energy will be saved. However, your participation in filling out a sample is also very important. There are three main points that are necessary in a proposal:

  • problem;
  • possible solution;
  • estimated price.

If your proposal has all these points, the progress will definitely be visible. Think over a logical connection between the problem, suggested solution and pricing. If the client catches this connection, the business proposal will be signed.

Two options are available. First of all, download a template. Fill it out, edit, add fillable fields, make notes and send it for signature electronically. Or the old-fashioned option when you print the document and fill it out with a pen is also there.

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Revise and Refile with IRS Form W 2C

Everyone makes mistakes! The IRS W 2c form helps you correct the errors you might have made on your W2.

This tax season we are bringing you a quick summary of each tax form you’re going to need.  After you familiarize yourself with the form, you can use PDFfiller to help you fill it, sign  it online, and share, print, or email your completed document.  In this post we will review the IRS W 2c form.

Who needs a form W-2c?

Anyone who has made an error in filing their original W-2 form.

What is form W-2c for?

Forms W-2c (Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) is for correcting the incorrect information on previously filed W-2 forms.

Is form W-2c accompanied by other forms?

File a Form W-3c whenever you file a Form W-2c.

When is form W-2c due?

Forms W-2c Corrected Wage and Tax Statement and W-3c Transmittal of Corrected Wage and Tax Statement as soon as possible after you discover an error. Also, provide a Form W-2c to the employee as soon as possible.

How do I fill out form W-2c?

Learn more about filling form W-2c by watching the following video.



Where do I send form W-2c?

Submit your completed W-2C to the Social Security Administration at the following address:

Social Security Administration
Data Operations Center
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18769-0001

So now you know how to fix an incorrect Wage and Tax Statement, click here to get started filling a fillable W 2c form on PDFfiller. If only fixing all your mistakes was so easy!


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What is IRS Form 1099 INT All About?

IRS form 1099 INT: Interest Income

Let me guess, you are sitting at your kitchen table swamped with papers and your eyes are sore after peering at a computer screen for ages. It is crunch time for most tax filers. And the closer the due date is, the harder it gets to cope with everything. But we’ll try to make the whole tax filing process easier for you. In this article we give answers to your most common questions about the IRS form 1099 INT. Let’s get started.

What is the IRS form 1099 INT?

If you get interest income, you have to report it. For this, the International Revenue Service has introduced form 1099-INT.

To be precise, form 1099-INT is used to report interest income from banks and other financial institutions. Interest reported on form 1099-INT includes the interest paid on saving accounts and US saving bonds as well as interest earned and the penalties on the investments incurred by the investor during the tax year. Therefore all the financial institutions that pay you at least $10 have to send you form 1099-INT. It includes interest paid on:
• Saving accounts
• Certificate of deposit
• Money market accounts
• Treasury bonds
• Interest-yielding accounts.

Whom is 1099-INT issued?

At first glance, filing form 1099-INT does not seem a challenging task until you get to amounts. This is where you need to understand that you don’t have to send form 1099-INT alongside your tax returns. You only need to use information from it to fill out your tax returns.

What is the benefit of IRS form 1099 INT?

Actually, the main advantage of the form 1099-INT is that it serves as a guide to filing your returns. You will not have to pay any income tax on the interest reported in the form, but you will need to report it in your return.

When is form 1099-INT due?

Form 1099-INT belongs to the variety of 1099s in which each form has its particular due date. Since the IRS often introduces changes to the tax documentation, you have to check the deadlines for each form you are going to fill out.
In 2017, the recipient needs to get copy B of the 1099-INT form by January, 31 whereas Copy A must be filed with the IRS by February, 28, 2017 or by March, 31 if filed electronically.

How do I fill out the IRS form 1099 INT?

Form 1099-INT consists of 17 boxes, each one reporting specific type of interest. Of course, you don’t have to check all the boxes. You only need to check those that report information concerning your tax status.
As usual, form 1099-INT starts with the filer’s identifying information including name, address, SSN, and account number, which may be optional.

On the right of the form you’ll find boxes. Remember, that the information from the boxes must be used in your return. For example, the amounts from box 1 must be included into your return. The amounts from box 2 will help you take deductions in the corresponding section of your return. So check every box carefully to complete your return accurately.

Or, you can use PDFfiller to make the whole process run smoothly.