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Case Studies

Save Money & Time with the Right Digital Document Platform

PDFfiller isn’t just another product to buy for your business, it’s an investment in changing the way your company works with documents. Saving time and money with document management isn’t a mere abstraction. Drawing on case studies of six PDFfiller customers, it’s possible to see how to save hundreds of hours of administrative work and...Read More

Streamlining Online Document Completion Using an API

Who? Compliance Management, LLC offers online safety training and tracking as well as serving as a hiring platform. “Let’s say a manufacturer has to train their employees on lockout/tagout, machine guarding, blood-borne pathogens, and so forth, we do all of that online for them,” said Colton McKinney, president of Compliance Management, LLC. The company also...Read More

Completing financing forms digitally

Who? Green Brick Title, LLC based in Plano, Texas, occupies an important space in the house purchasing process. With decades of experience, six employees and a lawyer, Green Brick Title, proves expertise in residential and commercial real estate. The company works directly with realtors, banks, land brokers, builders, developers, and mortgage companies to manage all...Read More

Completing and Distributing Financial Forms Digitally

Who? Since 2009, HSI Trust, LTD. has been helping clients take back control of their finances, working “primarily in situations where [clients] are having difficulty with their mortgage, but also student loans, credit cards, anything on the financial side,” said Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director of the organization. Because HSI Trust works in the field of...Read More

Sending & Signing Contracts the Digital Way

  Who Since 1994, HTDNET has been providing a range of IT solutions. Founded as a web design company, 23 years on, HTDNet now offers comprehensive IT services for both business and personal users. For everything from laptop and server sale and repair to web marketing and design, HTDNET can provide a custom solution. “We’re...Read More