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Case Studies

From Processing Patient Intake Forms to Storing Documents

Who? Millennium Chiropractic, owned and operated for 20 years by Dr. Meral Elgendy, is based in Riverside, California. The group specializes in chiropractic services and massage therapy. Dr. Elgendy herself specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders caused by auto accidents, as well as work-related injuries, sports injuries and the pain caused from the...Read More

An Integration to Streamline Internal Document Management Workflows

THE ISSUE Automating Production of Certificates of Excellence With a fast-growing network of over 1500 volunteers, Crisis Text Line wanted to recognize their volunteer’s outstanding crisis response efforts. As part of expanding the volunteer onboarding process, Crisis Text Line wanted to speed up the creation of two kinds of certificates; one for graduation from a...Read More

More Built-in Ways to Store, Edit and Manage Documents Online

THE ISSUE Selling Contractor Forms Diane Dennis’ company, Monk and DBug LLC, is the creator of the online resource www.InformedContractors.com, a site for contractors who visit for Diane’s expertise and for her downloadable contractor forms, organized by state and form type. While her three construction-related websites already have thousands of visitors a day and her...Read More

Digital Timesheets for Medical Offices: A Case Study

THE ISSUE Getting Timesheets Done On Time Ro Health needed to find a way to send out timesheets to over 100 employees every week, and have them filled and returned by clients punctually by 11:00 am every Monday morning. To do this, they needed certain competitive advantages – the technology had to be easy to...Read More