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Digital Workflow Solution

A PDF Within a PDF

It’s the Inception of form filing, the Shakespeare performance of business transactions: a dream within a dream, a play within a play. Okay, maybe digitally editing documents involves a little less drama, but a PDF within a PDF can be the optimal way to communicate an important idea, and it’s not as complicated as you’d think. PDFfiller...Read More

The History Button: Tracking Your PDFs

As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, PDFfiller.com tracks your forms, and gives you progress updates on a PDF form you’re working with–whether you’ve emailed it, faxed it or sent to someone for a signature. But we also have a way for you to track even more of the form’s history. In the “My Forms” section...Read More

Sharing Documents Safely

Security is our #1 priority at PDFfiller.com. We give you access to an enormous variety of forms—including government and health information forms, tools that can be used to fill out any kind of document, and you can email or fax your forms to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Emailing sensitive items containing personal information–like passport applications, military forms,...Read More

Signing Documents Online

One of the biggest challenges of completing documents online is adding a signature. But, not anymore. Whether you need to sign your document, or send a document to be signed by someone else, PDFfiller has the solution. Our signature technology allows users to sign any form or PDF without the hassle of printing, physically signing...Read More

Adding Photos to Your PDF Documents

Applying for a passport? An international visa? A modeling gig? Countless forms and applications require the submission of a photograph. Including images can also be useful when customizing a shared digital document, such as an insurance claim or your child’s sports team schedule. PDFfiller.com offers some pretty robust tools for adding a photo to a...Read More