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Medicare, Social Security, and Form CMS 1763

Since 1966, The Unites States government has guaranteed access to health insurance for Americans over 65 years old (who have worked and regularly paid into the system), as well as young people with disabilities and others with specific illnesses like Lou Gehrig’s disease. This social insurance program is called Medicare. (Not to be confused with Medicaid,...Read More

Army Officer Evaluation Support Forms

Today, the U.S. Army is made up of more than 735,000 soldiers. About 535,000 of those soldiers are currently on active duty, ready to respond immediately to any mission, and over 199,000 are in the Army Reserve, available to be rapidly mobilized when their skills are needed in times of national emergency or global conflict. GoArmy.com...Read More

Are you eligible for VA benefits? Find Out Now

America’s system for veteran support can reportedly trace its roots back to 1636, when the pilgrims passed a law promising that disabled soldiers would be supported by the colony. Today, the Veterans Affairs healthcare system has grown to include 152 hospitals, 800 community based outpatient clinics, 126 nursing home care units, and 35 domiciliaries. (Learn...Read More

Reporting a Home Foreclosure: Form 1099-A

This post was updated in April 2018 When a house is foreclosed upon by the bank, the owners typically receive Form 1099-A from their mortgage lender showing several pieces of important information. The owners will need the information on Form 1099-A to report the foreclosure on their tax return. Taxpayers are required by law to report the foreclosure just like...Read More

Tax Return Transcripts

If you plan to refinance or purchase a home, you will need to file a 4506-T form. Some sites and lenders will suggest that you submit this request by e-filing with the IRS, but especially during this time of year, e-filing can make the process take even longer than it normally would. To speed things...Read More