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Occupational therapist


Lindsey Scheffel is an occupational therapist at Temecula Valley Unified School District in Temecula, California, between San Diego and Los Angeles. Here, the crinkled lines of the map – Glen Oak Hills, De Luz Heights, and Palomar Mountain – converge to form a U of dry rolling hills, in which Temecula is located.

Scheffel works specifically with special needs middle school students between the ages of 11 and 14 to help them with their education and development. Her work demands that she find solutions to the problems her students face and ways to help facilitate and support their educational development.

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The Problem

Scheffel was looking for a digital service to assist special needs students with handwriting related problems.

“Special education students are often hindered by their handwriting abilities. They may understand the subject matter and know the answer to a question, but be unable to write it down,” said Scheffel.

Because the problem was a question of communication, rather than comprehension, Scheffel needed a tool that would facilitate students’ ability to articulate themselves through the written word. “I wanted to find a tool that would allow them to work alongside their peers in a classroom on the same assignments without the handwriting holding them back,” said Scheffel.


Completing assignments through a digital service would mitigate the question of handwriting and make it less of an obstacle to finding success in the classroom.

The Solution

Scheffel “searched the Internet for a tool to do PDF editing and filling in the blanks” and found PDFfiller – the perfect solution for a problem that was plaguing her students. The transition was simple: “It was very user-friendly and easy to figure out. I did have to train the teachers and figure out the correct workflow, but we got through that pretty easily,” Scheffel said.

“I needed the ability to scan and upload a document and send it directly to the student for filling,” said Scheffel. After comparing it to the other online solutions, she realized that PDFfiller offered more flexibility and power than other digital services.

The process of taking a document from concept to completion is quick and easy. Scheffel simply has to scan a document, designate certain fields as fillable, and can then distribute documents for completion to students in just a few clicks.

Before PDFfiller, Scheffel was “setting students up with a blank document to type their answers,” but a simple text-based document wasn’t ideal for a variety of reasons. Blank documents are not as convenient to modify and complete and, most importantly for Scheffel, they don’t look like the papers of their classmates, drawing a distinction between special needs students and others. “I wanted their assignment sheet to look same as their classmates, not just a blank document,” said Scheffel. PDFfiller allows users to preserve formatting while entering text wherever they want.


PDFfiller works on any Internet-connected device, meaning that Scheffel and her students can work anytime, anywhere. Because “our classrooms have Chromebooks but not PCs, I needed something that would work on a Chromebook,” Scheffel said. Oftentimes students have personal computers at home, and Scheffel “needed something that they can connect to from home to finish their assignment.” PDFfiller allows these students to work alongside their peers on the same assignment and take it home with them,” Scheffel said.

Additionally, PDFfiller is more powerful than standard text-based documents. It allows the user to make specific fields fillable, designate the order of their completion, specify certain fields as mandatory, and even create drop-down menus that allow those completing the form to select from a range of specific answers.

Besides making convenient fillable documents, PDFfiller also makes it easy to customize these documents in a variety of ways. “PDFfiller is easy to use, change font size, drag text around. There is just more you can do with it. PDFfiller was more user friendly [than the competition],” Scheffel said.


Other instructors have used PDFfiller to create scholarship applications and distribute and receive permission slips. For students who are digital natives completing their homework digitally seems natural. With a digital solution, teachers no longer have to worry about deciphering handwriting. Instead, homework can be distributed, completed, and collected in the click of a mouse.

The uses of an electronic document management platform in the classroom are endless, and going digital makes it easier for teachers and students.


Lindsey Scheffel and fellow teachers in Temecula Valley Unified School District are now using PDFfiller on a daily basis to make documents easier for their students to complete and more comprehensible for peers and teachers.

Ultimately, Scheffel said, PDFfiller “helps remove the handwriting hindrance and move these students forward.”

PDFfiller provides a simple solution to Scheffel’s problem! She envisions it “being used throughout the school district and beyond” to make homework simpler for every student to complete and easier for teachers to collect and grade.


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How DaDaDocs Solved Document Management for an Australian Government Agency

How DaDaDocs Solved Document Management for an Australian Government Agency


FACS, a government agency in New South Wales, launched the ChildStory program as part of its mission to provide social services to vulnerable children within the state.


Managing legal documents for minors presents challenges including the need to search through hundreds of pages instantly, black out personally identifying information and obtain electronic signatures.


DaDaDocs by PDFfiller provides all of this and more without having to leave Salesforce, ChildStory’s main platform, while meeting strict security requirements.


The DaDaDocs integration provides a complete PDF editor, eSignature solution and form generator within Salesforce.


The ChildStory program, commissioned by Family and Community Services in New South Wales, Australia, uses Salesforce as its main platform. Childstory had specific needs for document management that existing integrations couldn’t meet, including searching PDF documents, blacking out sensitive information and collecting eSignatures. PDFfiller’s DaDaDocs for Salesforce was the solution of choice for these important aspects of document management. This successful partnership with PDFfiller illustrates how other organizations searching for document management solutions inside Salesforce can use DaDaDocs.



The full range of PDFfiller’s DaDaDocs integration can take hours off of an organization’s workflow by automating key aspects of document management within Salesforce. The intuitive PDF editor doesn’t require downloading any software or files to edit documents such as contracts and sales proposals. The complete eSignature solution means that any document can be signed instantly by anybody anywhere in the world. It’s also possible to generate fillable forms to collect and export data. These powerful features make DaDaDocs the ultimate document app for Salesforce.

1FACS and the ChildStory Project

Family and Community Services [FACS], a government agency in New South Wales, Australia, is tasked with protecting and serving some of society’s most vulnerable members such as the disabled, elderly and children in high risk homes. As part of this mandate, FACS initiated the ChildStory program to change the way caseworkers, courts, police officers, medical staff and other interested parties would come to view and relate to the children with whom they worked.


Using best practices gleaned from the business world, ChildStory takes a child-centric approach to casework by weaving disparate documents from police officers, caseworkers, medical professionals and other interested parties into a seamless tapestry telling a child’s story. That’s how Salesforce came to be the centerpiece of FACS’s 100-million dollar technological program. The same tool that was critical for businesses and sales teams the world over was easily adapted to meet the needs of FACS workers by putting children and their stories instead of the nitty-gritty of multi-million dollar sales deals into Salesforce. This was one of the first critical steps in realizing the broader vision of ChildStory.

2Document Management Challenges Facing ChildStory

Handling documents involving minors poses several specific problems that required technological solutions – otherwise the entire project would have either ground to a halt or been forced to use a hodgepodge of solutions outside of Salesforce. Privacy laws dictate that names and other personally identifying information of minors must be redacted from documents. This presented several technological challenges that existing Salesforce PDF editors couldn’t meet.

3How DaDaDocs Works for ChildStory

DaDaDocs was able to find a solution to each document management problem that ChildStory posed. Here’s a detailed look at how DaDaDocs filled the gaps left by other Salesforce apps:

icon1. FACS caseworkers need to search inside PDF documents to quickly find each instance of a child’s name and other specific information. Manually skimming hundreds of pages of documents is both time consuming and error prone. DaDaDocs can search and find text in any native PDF.

icon2. Most PDF editors don’t actually remove blacked out information from a file. Instead, a black image is placed over the text leaving the original information visible to a computer. This was not acceptable to FACS, which is why they turned to PDFfiller to create a true black out feature. When text is blacked out, erased or redacted using DaDaDocs, the text is truly removed from a file, thus protecting confidential information.

icon3. Adding electronic signatures is another key function that FACS required as part of the ChildStory project. Documents often require signatures from community partners such as police officers, agents of the court or medical professionals. Getting eSignatures with DaDaDocs works seamlessly within Salesforce. There’s no need to even open a new browser tab. This makes it fast, easy and convenient to get any document signed.

icon4. Complete data security was another must for the sensitive nature of the ChildStory project. Many SaaS products indefinitely store a client’s data and even private documents on company servers. ‘Deleting’ a document is another optical illusion, whereby the user merely loses access to their own data. Security experts caution that this can have serious consequences in the event of a data breach. With PDFfiller, your data is yours: when you delete a document, it is deleted from our servers meaning that no unauthorized third party can ever access your documents after you’ve deleted them. We don’t store any deleted documents to mine them for data or use them to train machine learning algorithms.

DaDaDocs makes it possible for caseworkers in NSW to do all of this within Salesforce, which they already use as part of the larger ChildStory program. A document can be uploaded to or generated in Salesforce. From there, a FACS caseworker doesn’t need to leave Salesforce in order to open DaDaDocs. All that needs to be done is enter the child’s name or other personally identifying information in the search bar and select blackout. Once the document is saved, the caseworker can send out the document with full confidence that each instance of sensitive data has been completely obscured. Furthermore, the document is automatically deleted from PDFfiller and retained only in Salesforce.

4DaDaDocs for Any Organization

When confronted with the unique needs of the ChildStory project, PDFfiller responded with DaDaDocs. Today, the scope of the integration goes well beyond this specific use case. Any team that uses Salesforce, from a small sales department to a large corporation, can manage documents more efficiently with DaDaDocs.

The ChildStory program uses DaDaDocs to redact and sign PDF documents, but this is only the beginning. DaDaDocs can also generate interactive fillable forms that make it fast, easy and efficient to collect data from clients. You can easily use data from filled in forms as a Salesforce object or export it to Excel.


The full featured editor in DaDaDocs expedites any process involving PDF and Word documents. There’s no need to download, print out or redo a contract or proposal with a typo – it can be fixed right inside Salesforce. There’s also no need to print out and overnight urgent documents that need to be returned as quickly as they were sent – any document can be signed without leaving Salesforce.

The government of New South Wales counts on PDFfiller to deliver with DaDaDocs for Salesforce. When child safety and welfare are on the line, there’s no margin for error when it comes to security and productivity.

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Completing financing forms digitally

Green Brick


Green Brick Title, LLC based in Plano, Texas, occupies an important space in the house purchasing process. With decades of experience, six employees and a lawyer, Green Brick Title, proves expertise in residential and commercial real estate. The company works directly with realtors, banks, land brokers, builders, developers, and mortgage companies to manage all of their real estate transactions and banking issues. Green Brick Title, LLC also helps companies close complex transactions as efficaciously as possible.


John Hampton is the company’s lawyer and title manager. Since 1979, Hampton has served as an attorney in Texas addressing all of the nuances and complications of residential and commercial real estate law as well as business law. In the past 38 years, Hampton has handled over 500 million dollars in closings without a single claim. He also hosts the local KLIF 570 AM radio “Ask the Lawyer” show.


The Problem

John Hampton regularly has to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of completing UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms. The UCC-1, or Uniform Commercial Code-1, is a financing statement, which is used when property is applied as collateral for a loan. The UCC-3, or Financing Statement Amendment, is used when amendments to the UCC-1 have to be made. Moreover, “the UCC-3 document is a necessity in financing lot purchases from the developer by the builder, as financing is involved in each one. Also, whenever a house is sold, notice of the release of lien is also required.” All of these forms are critical when working with lenders, loan-recipients, and titles.

Hampton was looking for a way to expedite the form filling process, which was originally done by hand. Before PDFfiller, Hamilton said, “We hand-completed manual forms with a template centered on a printer…The old way involved setting up a print template – tedious, time-consuming! – and centering a form in the printer, so that the document could be created. Different versions of the form needed different templates. Multiple printings were necessary to achieve a usable form.”


But this solution was far from ideal for Green Brick Title, said Hamilton: “The process was time-consuming and error-prone. It took a substantial amount of time from an employee whose skills were better used elsewhere to complete these forms.”

Green Brick Title needed a digital solution that could expedite the form filling process. This is how Hamilton found PDFfiller. The transition was simple, and now Green Brick Title’s UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms are all completed digitally.

The Solution

Since adopting PDFfiller, Green Brick Title has made it an integral part of their document management with three employees using the program “at least three times per week with multiple documents produced,” said Hamilton.

“When a new subdivision is being created and lots are financed, a UCC-1 is filed; when more are taken down, a UCC-3 is filed each time, and when a house is sold and the construction loan is paid off, a UCC-3 is filed again,” said Hamilton. Ultimately, in Green Brick Title’s work, “in each case, PDFfiller is used to complete the form and print the form for filing with the Texas Secretary of State and the county clerk where the property is located.”

The process is easy:  All Green Brick Title has to do is upload the UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms to PDFfiller. Then, using PDFfiller’s easy-to-use online service, they can write directly onto the form itself, changing font size, color, and style to suit their needs. They can save forms with prefilled information, like contact information, as templates, making them faster to complete in the future.


“PDFfiller’s simple to use online templates made our data processing a virtual snap! Tedious manipulation of Word files was replaced by simple insertions and copy/paste,” said Hamilton.

The benefits are numerous! Now Green Brick Title’s forms are completed faster, more accurately, and even look better. “Being able to go online to simply change the last version of the UCC and print it for each transaction allowed more employees to participate, improved the look of the work and, most importantly, its accuracy. The time savings for staff was immense, not to mention that the returns from the government departments went to zero,” Hamilton said. Also, these powerful features in PDFfiller are “easy to use.”


“Using PDFfiller has saved us 110 hours per year at $35.00 per hour as best we can tell,” said Hampton, meaning the company saves at least $3,850 each year. But, Hampton added, “that was just the beginning of the savings, because that time was put to productive, front-end, revenue-producing use, so the swing was at least triple what we saved in addition.”


Ultimately, by streamlining their workflow and making forms faster and easier to fill out, PDFfiller has cut down on operating costs. “Any company interested in bringing government form filling into a less expensive overhead layer and redeploying the more valuable assets would be well served subscribing to PDFfiller,” said Hampton.

While minimizing wasted man hours and paper use, PDFfiller has helped Green Brick Title create better documents more quickly. Using PDFfiller has “reduced printing costs by two thirds.” Moreover, “by virtue of the speed and convenience of PDFfiller, we have paid for the subscription at least 50-fold by the employee time saved alone,” said Hamilton. “Anytime working hours can be saved by smooth integration with online programs like PDFfiller, it should always be considered.”

PDFfiller is the best way to complete documents digitally, which allows for faster, cheaper and more effective document management in a professional environment.

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A Helping Hand For a Disabled Student: Completing Homework Digitally


The Problem

Until last year, Benjamin Landry’s 13-year old son was having difficulty with homework and his disability. Faced with a sizeable workload and struggling to reconcile his handwriting disability with the demands of school, he had to turn to his parents for help. At 13, Landry’s son still wasn’t completing his work independently, instead relying on his parents’ help.

“I was looking for something to help my son with schoolwork. He has a handwriting disability and typing answers are easier than writing,” said Landry.

As a Certified Professional Accountant and business owner, Landry’s time was valuable and he was spending much of his evenings helping his son complete his homework. After searching online, he found a simple, easy to use electronic solution that could help his son improve his ability to do his homework.


Before starting to use PDFfiller, “my son was dependent on others in order to get his thoughts onto paper in a legible way,” said Landry.

The problem imposed on the lives of Landry and his wife. “Before PDFfiller, my wife and I were having to transcribe his answers for him and his teachers would have to review what he wrote with him in order to understand what was written,” Landry said. His son’s handwriting issue demanded the time and attention of Landry and his wife, while compromising their son’s independence.

After struggling for years with his son, Landry found PDFfiller.

The Solution

Now, Landry’s son has been using PDFfiller “for over a year” on a daily basis. “Once we showed him how it worked, it was easy [for him to use],” Landry said.

Rather than relying on others to transcribe his work for him, now Landry’s son can complete his homework independently. The process is easy:

“We scan and upload his worksheets,” said Landry. “He completes them and then he either emails them directly to his teachers or we print them to be turned in.”


With its intuitive user interface, using PDFfiller is simple for both Landry and his son. Once homework or a test has been digitized, specific fields can be made fillable using PDFfiller’s drag-and-drop wizard. Landry’s son can type directly onto the document and PDFfiller even allows him to change the font style, size, and color, as well as highlight passages or add sticky notes. Once completed, documents can be sent to any number of recipients, including already saved contacts, in a click of the mouse and without ever leaving PDFfiller.

“We liked that we could upload his school papers [and] his teachers can send him his tests and he can fill them out with his computer,” said Landry.

While PDFfiller makes it easier for students to complete documents by allowing them to do so digitally, schools and teachers can also benefit. In fact, PDFfiller can be as beneficial for teachers as it is for students. PDFfiller allows teachers to distribute documents to all of their students in just a click and then collect them once completed automatically. Having students type their submitted work makes it easier for teachers to read, store, and process it than with a paper-based solution.


Making homework easy means that documents need to be simple to upload, edit, and send — PDFfiller does all the hard work, allowing Landy’s son to complete and turn in neatly printed assignments on time.


Because PDFfiller allows Landy’s son to type directly onto any document, the homework process is easier for student, parent, and teacher. Circumventing his handwriting disability, Landy’s son has found independence through a digital solution, creating neat, legible documents himself that his teachers no longer have any problem reading. Landy, meanwhile, has freed up time for personal and professional pursuits. Completing and turning in homework has never been easier than it is with PDFfiller.


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Using Digital Documents to Improve Scholarship Application Success Rates


Who ]

Amy Gladden is a counselor for a school district in, “right on Highway 7… in the middle of the Davy Crockett National Forest,” she said. Rather than the stereotypical Texan landscape of dust and oil wells, this region of the state is a bucolic, lushly forested oasis that seems closer to the terrain of New England than the deep south. But Gladden’s rich, distinctive Texan drawl gives her location away. Here, in East Texas, Gladden is responsible for 275 students from 3 to 18 years old.

The Problem ]

Gladden’s position as a counselor for the school district means that she has to fill in scholarship applications for her students. These applications are of critical importance to her students – getting them right is crucial.

“[I was] trying to find a program that let me fill in scholarships for kids so they were not handwritten and so they were nice and neat. We were hoping it would give the kids a little bit of an edge in scholarships,” Gladden said.

But before Gladden found PDFfiller, she was stuck using a typewriter in an attempt to create neat scholarship applications – the solution was clumsy and slow. “I used an electric typewriter,” before switching to PDFfiller, Gladden said – “definitely old school.”


Now, however, Gladden has modernized her workflow, integrating PDFfiller’s completely digital solution, making neat, typewritten scholarship applications easier than ever to create.

The Solution ]

Switching to PDFfiller was easy. “I find [PDFfiller] to be user friendly,” said Gladden. “I was using a typewriter before, so it’s not that I’m tech savvy” – instead, PDFfiller’s online access and clear user interface makes completing documents digitally simple.

The digital solution to creating neat, typewritten scholarship applications is easy: “I automatically upload [scholarship applications] to PDFfiller,” said Gladden. Applications can be downloaded from the internet or from emails and then uploaded to PDFfiller or alternatively, paper documents can be scanned and then uploaded.


Because they are coming from everywhere – the internet, emails, scholarship databases, or directly from organizations like the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, or the Masonic Lodge, Gladden needed an easy way to collate these applications as well as complete and save them.

“The students fill out the scholarships… bring the paperwork to me and then I use what they’ve written and I [use] PDFfiller to type everything in and then I print that out,” said Gladden.

Editing documents and adding information with PDFfiller is simple. Once the documents have been uploaded, PDFfiller’s powerful document editing tools enable Gladden to write directly onto scholarship applications, changing the font as necessary. PDFfiller even allows you to highlight, redact, edit, and add sticky notes to documents in just a click.

The result is neater, more legible documents. “Everything is typed and looks nice and neat,” said Gladden.


“It’s all about presentation,” said Gladden. “Definitely [it’s an aesthetic thing]. And I definitely think it gives us an edge.”

And though Gladden began using PDFfiller for scholarship applications, now she is using it daily for all her administrative work. “This is my second year (using PDFfiller) daily. Now we use it not just for scholarships, but if I have a field trip form, I use PDFfiller to fill that out. Nothing leaves my office that’s handwritten… any form that I can scan and put in PDFfiller, I do it,” Gladden said.

Because Gladden is on a deadline when completing scholarship applications, completing documents digitally allows her to streamline her workflow and decrease her turnaround time.

Advanced features like LinkToFill, SendToSign, Fill In Bulk and templates enable users to expedite their digital document workflow.


LinkToFill allows users to send documents to other users with customized fillable fields that make them quick to complete.


SendToSign can help you distribute digital documents to others to return instantly with their legally-binding digital signature in just a click.


Fill In Bulk lets you mitigate the tedious and time-consuming process of adding information to multiple versions of the same form.


Creating Templates in PDFfiller makes it easy to add basic information to multiple documents and then complete customized fields manually for any number of forms and whenever necessary.

Moreover, through PDFfiller’s online interface, it’s easy to send your completed documents to your intended recipients.

Documents are saved on secure servers accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any internet-connected device. This means that you can complete forms from any device and access your data wherever you happen to be. Work from the train, from home, or at your office and keep all your documents synchronized.

Conclusion ]

PDFfiller is the easiest way to complete digital documents online. A range of powerful features combined with easy to use document annotation tools make it simple to take your document workflow digital. For Amy Gladden, using PDFfiller has helped make her scholarship applications neater and, she says, improved her students’ success rate.

“I have recommended it to everyone,” said Gladden – “I really love PDFfiller, and I use it every single day.”

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