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VA Form 9: How to Complete Your Appeal

VA Form 9: Appeal to Board of Veteran’s Appeals

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes essential decisions concerning veteran financial issues. Even if the decision regarding your claim for a certain benefit was denied, you can complete and file a Notice of Disagreement. This causes the Department to react to the claim. If the appeal is still denied, you will receive a Statement of the Case with an explanation of the decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs usually attaches VA Form 9 to the statement to give a veteran a chance to appeal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to fill out this appeal and get a positive decision on your claim.

Who Needs VA Form 9?

This form is for veterans who are not satisfied with a decision, made up by the Board of Veterans regarding their claim for benefits or a loan, or any other case in competence of this entity. It can be filled out by the veteran or an agent representing the veteran. The Board of Veterans strongly encourages having third parties complete the form.

What is VA Form 9 for?

VA Form 9 is called the Appeal to Board of Veterans’ Appeals. With this form, applicants may request reconsideration of the decision of their case. It can be decided remotely or during a board hearing conducted by live video conference at a local VA office, in Washington, DC or at a local VA office with representatives of the Board.

Is VA Form 9 Accompanied by Other Forms?

It is not mandatory, but applicants would bolster their case by requesting all possible documents to prove there’s been a mistake in the decision regarding their claim.

When is VA Form 9 Due?

The Board allows appeals within a year of the original decision. The requester must pay attention to the due date of the form. Usually it is indicated at the top of the document. The estimated time for completing the form is one hour.

How do I Fill out VA Form 9?

First, you have to write the name of the veteran, file number of the claim and insurance file number. Then you must indicate whether you are a veteran, veteran’s widow, child, parent or anyone else filling out this form on the veteran’s behalf. Provide home and work telephone numbers. Make a list of the issues you want to appeal to the board. Then briefly write why you think that VA decided your case incorrectly. Use the second empty sheet for this.

Where do I Send VA Form 9?

Send it to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals electronically on their website or deliver a completed application by mail.

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Military Research Jobs: How Skilled You Should Be to Apply

There is an opinion that military work includes only something scary. That is what we usually see on TV. We are influenced by movies about war which show struggle and a lot of blood and suffering. However, there is something more to the military environment. Have you ever heard about military research and development? If not, this blog post is for you.

The U.S. Army encourages young people not only to defend the country, but also acquire such character traits that help form a strong personality. Really talented soldiers are provided with the chance to choose the type of work to do. There is a special Office of Naval Research that offers lots of jobs. They deal with the development of new weapons and work in laboratories.

What Skills are Necessary?

All candidates must previously investigate the technical skills for a position they find interesting. The field in DA Form 31 about the location where a soldier is going to spend their vacation must coincide with the address of the military unit where they will train in order to successfully apply for a research job.

The most important skills include critical thinking, problem-solving skills, knowledge of computer modeling and data analysis, communication skills and deep knowledge of the subject a soldier is going to specialize in (e.g. a chemistry specialist must know the periodic table of elements).

Is it Profitable to Choose a Military Research Job?

The primary annual salary of a military research specialist starts at approximately $30,000. Experienced military technologists may earn up to $70,000 per year. Research scientists who have advanced degrees earn about $125,000 annually. Is a research job profitable? There is no necessity to answer this question. However, it always depends on the situation and conditions in which the officer works.

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It’s Time to Work: Apply for Employment Authorization with Form I-765

Form I-765: Employment Authorization Document

Being a US resident can give you a lot of ordinary yet essential advantages, such as the right to work in the USA. Legal aliens face different problems with employment though. Even if a US company has made you a job offer, you must provide an Employment Authorization Document to your employer. For getting this work permission, you have to complete Form I-765 and file it with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. The two-paged application is not difficult to fill out but it has some peculiarities. We’ll discuss them in details.

Who needs Form I-765?

This form can be used by variety of eligible non-residents. To determine the eligibility, the applicant has to check the category of immigrant status in a specific section of the form. Usually this form is used by refugees, foreign students, employees of diplomatic missions and members of their family, etc.

What is the purpose of Form I-765?

The main purpose of application is to send a request to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service for work permission. USCI checks the information and evidence provided in the form and make a decision on the individual’s case. Form I-765 is also used if the current work permission has expired or lost. The application contains personal information about the applicant, immigration status and eligibility category.
If you have all the required documents and permissions, the application is easy to fill out and submit.

When is Form I-765 due?

There is not strict due date for the submission of application. The eligible foreigner may submit it when there is a need. The estimated time for completing the form is one hour.

What other documents and forms accompany Form I-765?

The applicant must provide additional documents supporting the form. Depending on the immigration status, it can be other immigration forms, beneficiary’s forms, marriage license, and others. The USCIS can ask the applicant to come to the office for the interview or biometric collection.

What information should be provided in Form I-765?

The application is divided into two parts. The first part is connected with applicant’s personal information and immigration status and the second part is a certification.
The applicant has to add the following details:

  • Reason for application
  • Personal details: full name, other names used, mailing address, country of citizenship or nationality, place and date of birth, gender, marital status
  • Information about the citizenship: Social Security Number, alien registration number, previous applications to USCIS, date, place and status of last entry into US
  • Immigration details: current immigration status and eligibility category (choose one of the listed categories and provide the required details)
  • Certification: this part requires the applicant’s signature (and the signature of the prepare), telephone number and address.

What do I do with the form after its completion?

The application is to be filed with the USCIS. You can find the required address at USCIS website or calling the Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

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Stand Upon Your Right with a Marketplace Appeal Request Form

Marketplace Appeal Request Form

It is not a dead end when you see that you are not satisfied with the decision of the marketplace. There is a range of decisions which imply the possibility to appeal. If you are eligible to purchase a marketplace plan and enroll in it on the regular basis, prepare to file an appeal. If the marketplace makes a temporary determination about the eligibility after the application has been made, you have the right to give notice of appeal as well.

Remember, that you have the chance to ask someone else to file or take part in the appeal. It can be your relative, lawyer, friend, or any other individual. However, it is not necessary. Thus, your attention must be paid to Marketplace Appeal Request Form which is the subject matter of our today’s blog post.

What is Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

Marketplace Appeal Request Form is a specially designed application filed by everyone who wants to lodge an appeal. Keep in mind that you can complete this request only in definite states. They are Indiana, Alaska, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Virginia, Texas, and Utah.

What is the purpose of Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

When you face an immediate necessity to receive some health services and there is a delay that can greatly jeopardize your physical condition, you have the right to ask for the review of the expedited appeal. Moreover, you may appeal SHOP eligibility (Small Business Health Options Program).

When is Marketplace Appeal Request Form due?

After applying in one of the above-mentioned states, your task is to submit the appeal during the period of 90 days of the date on the eligibility determination notice of the marketplace that you are appealing.

Is Marketplace Appeal Request Form accompanied by some other forms?

No. Marketplace Appeal Request Form is completed separately. However, the filers may need to attach also the copies of the testimonials.

How do I complete Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

The form consists of four sections. According to the form, a person who requests the appeal is called the appellant. So, the first section is devoted to the information about the appellant: name, date of birth, street address, city, state, available phone number, and the same information about all other people who appeal with you.

In the second section of the form you must mention the reason of your appeal. Generally, there is the enumeration of possible reasons. You choose the one which is the most suitable for your situation.

The third section is the continuation of the second one and requests more details about the reasons to appeal. In the last section an appellant must sign. There is also the possibility to ask for a faster appeal if such necessity occurs.

Where do I send Marketplace Appeal Request Form?

Send your appeal to the Health Insurance Marketplace in the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Medicaid Transportation Justification Request: Things to Know

Medicaid Transportation Justification Request

Every state must provide necessary transportation to and from the place of medical service to all beneficiaries. This benefit is regulated by state law. Generally, this transportation is the beneficiary’s usual vehicle. However, sometimes the condition of the beneficiary means that a special ambulette is required. In any case, the transportation must be medically appropriate and cost-effective.

The Medicaid Transportation Justification Request plays a very important role in this case as without this form a beneficiary will not have the chance to be provided with necessary transport.

What is the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request?

The Medicaid Transportation Justification Request is a form that filed when one wants to request transportation for a beneficiary. It is an official document that confirms the eligibility of the applicant to obtain a certain type of transportation.

There are two types: emergency and non-emergency. The first type refers to various injuries including burns and extreme trauma. Emergency transportation is dispatched after a 911 call. A non-emergency request is aimed at simply getting a beneficiary to a medical care institution.

When is the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request Due?

When filling out this form, an applicant must indicate if the requested transport is a long-term need of the beneficiary or a temporary one. The due date will be designated according to your choice.

Is the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request Accompanied by other Forms?

No, the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request may be submitted independently. However, sometimes you must provide more documents about the state of health of the beneficiary to confirm the necessity of getting an appropriate vehicle.

How do I fill in the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request?

First of all, the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request must include the name, date of birth, medical number, address, and telephone number of the patient. After that, you choose the mode of transportation needed: livery, ambulette ambulatory, ambulette wheelchair, stretcher van, BLS ambulance, or ALS ambulance.

The most important thing is to indicate the diagnosis of the patient which prompted the transportation justification request. Certification statement is also included so that the applicant can confirm that they understand and agree on possible results after the form is filed. The last part of the document consists of the following information: physician’s name, National Provider Identifier, date, telephone, hospital or clinic name, its address, the name of the person who completed the document, and a signature. The request can be rejected if it isn’t entirely complete.

Where do I send the Medicaid Transportation Justification Request?

The request must be signed by a medical doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. The absence of a signature will mean the transportation request is rejected. After being signed, it must be sent to the New York Department of Health (Office of Health Insurance Programs) for consideration.