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Use Form SS-4 to open the business of your dreams in 2017

If you are going to do something you are interested in or invest in a business that you believe has great potential in 2017, you should know how to fill out Form SS-4. It is known as the Application for Employer Identification Number. It is not difficult to complete this tax form. However, spend at least 15 minutes of your free time to figure out how this form must be filled. Today’s blog post is devoted to the key instructions that will help you avoid mistakes when completing your SS-4 online.

First of all, you must determine if you need the Employer Identification Number or not. For this you may check a special chart that is attached to the form that will help you with the determination. After that you may start completing this fillable PDF or Word form. Download the printable sample on our site or fill out electronically without the necessity to print it. Once it is ready, you have several options for filing.

You may send the application to the Internal Revenue Service via email or fax. However, we do not recommend it. If you decide to use this option, you will wait about a month to receive the letter from the IRS that they can process your form SS4 online. It is more convenient to apply online. This option allows you to get your EIN just after the completion of the form that takes no more than 15 minutes. We highly recommend it.

If you are an international applicant, you have the chance to apply via telephone. Use the following number: (267)-941-1099. It will take about 10-15 minutes to apply, however, the hold time may be long. Generally, it can take up to an hour. There is one more method: you are eligible to assign a third party designee to file your SS 4 online for you.

Look through all these options and choose the one that suits you best. We recommend applying online as it saves you time, is user-friendly and allows you edit the mistakes made when filling.

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How to Apply for an Employer Identification Number Using Form SS-4

If you need the Employer Identification Number, you must file IRS Form SS-4. It is a key document for every individual who wants to establish his own business on the territory of the United States. This form is called the Application for Employer Identification Number. It is a 9-digit number that must be assigned to every corporation, estate, trust, partnership, individual or other entity. Your business tax account will be established with the help of the information provided in this application. Your EIN cannot be used instead of your SSN (Social security number).

The best way is to apply online. You can easily find a PDF or Word SS-4 form 2017 on our site and complete it electronically. Using our service you will find lots of editing tools that will simplify the process of completion. Do not worry about the mistakes as you can correct them instantly. Add as many fillable fields as you need, sign and date the document, and manage it no matter where you are. There is also the chance to download and print the form, however, this printable option is not that convenient.

There are the instructions and a sample on the official site of the Internal Revenue Service. Check them before starting to fill out the form. Your key task is to provide such information as the name of your organization, your name, the name of the responsible person, the reason for applying, type of your corporation, type of your business activity, mailing address, SSN, date the business was started, the number of the employees, etc.

If you do not want to apply online, you may do so in other ways. You may apply via telephone, fax or email. Filing by telephone may be useful for international applicants. However, the telephone number for non-residents is not toll-free (1-267-941-1099) while the one for citizens is (1-800-829-4933). This option allows you to obtain the EIN in a few minutes.
After sending your application to the IRS fax number, you must wait for about 4 days to receive the IRS SS4 letter of confirmation. Applying via email requires even more time (approximately 4 weeks). Regardless of the way you apply for your Application for Employer Identification Number, we recommend keeping a copy of your application for your records

Sending Insurance Documents From The Field


DeBruyne Insurance Agency provides coverage for over 150 business accounts and 200 personalized accounts in the mid-west. Focusing on property and casualty insurance, DeBruyne is an independent insurer providing personalized service and “we’re licensed and ready to do everything,” said Ed DeBruyne, the company’s founder and president.

DeBruyne is an independent insurance agency; rather than working for a bigger insurance company, they focus on serving their clients. They pride themselves on their “old fashioned” approach to business, focusing on customer service and expertise in the industry. The company has two offices and employs four people across locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

DeBryne Insurance Agency is located at the corner of 5th and Main Street in St. Charles, IL

The Problem

DeBruyne travels all over the Illinois and Wisconsin working in the field with his clients. “The problem came into the mix for me where I work off site and I need a way to fill in the Acord forms [the insurance applications],” said DeBruyne.

“The problem came into the mix for me where I work off site and I need a way to fill in the Acord forms [the insurance applications]”

Ed DeBruyne, Founder and President

DeBruyne’s work takes him to remote corners of rural states far from computers and the office. Sometimes, clients will need insurance documents immediately, even on the weekends when nobody is in the office. “I was off site and I needed documents filled out,” said DeBruyne. “When I’m off site, I don’t have access to the AMS [Agency Management System],” meaning he can’t complete the required forms.

“Waiting until somebody got in the office… was not ideal. I had to do something different. I would get a call on Saturday afternoon when I’m away from both [offices]. One of my contractors says ‘I need a certificate of insurance for work on Sunday morning…’ but here it is at three o’clock in the afternoon, there’s no way anybody is getting into the office to type that certificate out. So that was why I started with PDFfiller to begin with,” said DeBruyne.

DeBruyne Insurance Agency needed a solution that could work anywhere, at anytime, and completely remotely. DeBruyne found PDFfiller.

The Solution

There were two factors that contributed to DeBruyne’s decision to integrate PDFfiller into his company’s workflow: “the only thing I considered was ease of use and speed of use,” he said. Making sure documents could get from the worksite to the main office and vice versa immediately and easily was his priority. Now DeBruyne has been using it for a couple of years “pretty much daily.”

With PDFfiller, DeBruyne and DeBruyne Insurance Agency can fill out forms completely remotely — anywhere from the busy streets of Chicago to the lush fields and bucolic countryside of rural Wisconsin.

The process is easy: “[With PDFfiller], I can find any Acord form in the world — I put it into the system and type it out.” Using PDFfiller’s proprietary drag and drop wizard, DeBruyne can make his paper documents digital and fillable. Once saved as a fillable template in his PDFfiller account, the forms are easy to access and complete from anywhere, at any time, and on any internet-connected device. From there, DeBruyne is just a click away from completion — after he fills out a form, it can be transmitted directly “either to the client, the certificate holder, or both,” right from DeBruyne’s digital device.

“[Time saving] is impossible to measure because before I found PDFfiller, I would handwrite things out and then I’d have to go back to Illinois and type it into the actual forms. This way, boom, I’m one and done, I touch it once and it’s over with. I can email my staff in Illinois, ‘Hey print this out and put it into their file or type it into the AMS system.’ It’s really impossible to measure the amount of time it saves,” said DeBruyne.

While PDFfiller enables him to complete documents electronically, it also enables DeBruyne to edit them online, creating customized solutions for his clients wherever he might be. Whether he needs to add or erase a specific field, highlight or redact important information, or even place a sticky note as a memo to one of the office’s other employees, PDFfiller provides a complete digital document editing platform to ensure DeBruyne Insurance Agency’s can create professional-looking documents for any situation.

Because he is transmitting important and sensitive documents and storing them, DeBruyne was forced to consider their security. It was, “absolutely”, a critical factor in his decision making process, DeBruyne said. A combination of remote storage, redundant backups, high-grade physical security, combined with PDFfiller’s proprietary online security features like two-factor authentication and PIN-protected folders, mean that DeBruyne can be sure that his documents are always completely secure.


DeBruyne “absolutely” recommends PDFfiller as a digital document management solution because, in the field, he and the DeBruyne Insurance Agency can count on it to edit, send, and add signatures to documents. PDFfiller saves DeBruyne time and energy, allowing them to generate more business through a digital document management platform that is faster and easier than a paper-based solution. PDFfiller makes it easy to do business wherever you are and is available whenever you need it.

For the complete paper, click on the link below:

Submit Form W-9 Online to Save Time and Stay Organized

W-9 Form: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor or part of the sharing economy, Form W-9 should be familiar to you. This form has to be completed before being legally contracted either by an employer or a company. Filling out a W-9 used to be extremely time consuming and frustrating since it required printing and faxing. However, you can now get around these hassles by filling out a W-9 online.

What is a W-9 Tax Form?

This form is used by employers to get a contractor’s tax ID number.
Even though a W-9 form isn’t sent to the IRS itself, it’s an extremely important document. First of all it’s used for business-contractor adjustment. This form may be used for requiring contractors’ information. This form is not sent to the IRS, yet it can be useful while filling out other Forms such as Form 1099 and Form 1099-MISC.

Additionally, Form W-9 is used to avoid backup withholding. If a taxpayer is certified on a W-9, they won’t be treated as subject to backup withholding. It is analogous to the withholding exemption certifications on Form W-4 for employers.

Here is what W-9 Form looks like:

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It might look a bit complex, but don’t worry: by the end of this post you’ll see that it is much easier than it seems at the first glance.

How do I Fill Out a W-9 Form?

All you need to do is to follow the instructions below and fill in all the required fields step-by-step. PDFfiller takes care of the hard part; you only need to fill in a few blanks.

Step 1. Open the W-9 Form page with your device.

You can use the same device you are using to read this post right now. You also can take advantage of PDFfiller’s mobile applications if you don’t want to open the link right now.

Once you’ve decided what device to use, follow these two steps: this W-9 Form link and further instructions.

Step 2. Open the W-9 Form itself.

Click on the link to open the form. There is a photo above showing where to click.

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The web-site will create a template of the W-9 Form for you.

Step 3. Fill in your data.

The form is already pre-formatted. You don’t have to create any fields or text-areas. All you need to do is to fill in the fields. Unlike the paper version, you can’t accidently skip any fields here. The software will remind you to complete the form every time you skip a blank. It will also check your spelling automatically if you would like it to. Just turn on the spellchecker.

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All the required data is more or less intuitive. Still, if you have any problems there are three additional pages that clear everything up.

Don’t forget to put the date at the bottom of the W-9 Form

(Luckily, a pop-up reminder would help you out in any case).

Step 4. Create a legally binding eSignature and sign the W-9 Form with it.

The final step is putting your signature on the document. Yes, you can sign it even without a pen. There are several ways to do this. It can be drawn with your finger/stylus on a touchscreen device, with a mouse, captured with a webcam, uploaded or even typed in. Chose whichever one you’d like.

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Here, for example, is what the “Type/text” looks like:

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The best thing about an eSignature is that it may be saved and reused.

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All done! You’ve just finished filling out the W-9 Form! Once again: no ink, no pens, no paper, – a piece of cake, right?

eFiling and its benefits for W-9 Form?

Now for the most interesting part: First of all you can save it as PDF or Word. On the other hand, it’s possible to print it out the old-fashioned way.

The best perk about E-Filing is that you can file the completed document straight from your computer or phone. The next time you will be asked for a W-9 Form you can send it via an e-mail.

No more post-offices, no more slow delivery services, no more long lines! Sending Form W-9 is now available in one click.

Now you’re all set to fill out a W-9 yourself.

Here’s your link : W-9 Form . Whether you are employing a contractor, an employer, employee or freelancer PDFfiller form library with over 25 million other forms and documents has just the form you need.

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Form N-648: How to Certify Disability Exceptions

Form N-648: Certification for Disability Exceptions

At last the tax period, the most challenging time of the year for most Americans, is over. Despite all the blood, sweat and tears of the US citizens who completed their numerous tax forms and declarations, a lot of immigrants want to have the same exciting experience and proudly call themselves Americans. This blog post will be useful for those who want to start the naturalization process.

An individual has to meet certain requirements to apply for US citizenship. The information about general requirements for naturalization can be found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) site. Among all the common requirements, the applicants must speak and write basic English and know the most important milestones in the history of the country: these requirements are known as English and civics requirements. There is an exception to every rule though. If the applicant doesn’t meet English and/or civics requirements due to a health disability, they can use Form N-648, Certification for Disability Exceptions.

Who needs Form N-648?

The certification is for individuals who want to apply for US naturalization but don’t meet certain requirements connected with the ability to speak and write English and demonstrate knowledge of the history of the country due to a health problem, either mental or physical. The health condition should be certified by a doctor licensed in the US.

What is the purpose of Form N-648?

The main purpose of Form N-648 is to certify the disability condition of the individual who is applying for US citizenship. The certificate contains detailed information about the applicant, the physician who certifies the disability, a detailed description of the health condition, etc. The certification is an essential part of the Application for Naturalization and is used to make a decision on the immigrant’s case.

When is Form N-648 due?

The Medical Certification is completed and filed together with Form N-400. The estimated time for filling out and certifying the form is one hour.

What information should be provided in Form N-648?

The form has three parts for completion:

  • The first part contains information about the applicant including name, address, gender, and date of birth.
  • The second part contains information about the medical professional who certified the disability including name, address, license number, licensing state, email, and type of medical practice.
  • The third part is aimed at providing a detailed description of the applicant’s disability. Here the physician has to write down the clinical diagnosis, basic information about the disability and reasons of this condition, and information about the examination. The doctor also has to certify that the applicant’s disability lasts for twelve months or more (that is one of the main conditions for the exception) and affects their ability to demonstrate knowledge of United States history and the English language.

The form must be certified by the medical professional and the interpreter.

The applicant authorizes the licensed medical doctor to release the information provided in the form to USCIS by adding their signature.

Where do I send Form N-648 after its completion?

The certified Form N-648 is filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services together with the Application for Naturalization.