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VA Form 9: How to Complete Your Appeal

VA Form 9: Appeal to Board of Veteran’s Appeals

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes essential decisions concerning veteran financial issues. Even if the decision regarding your claim for a certain benefit was denied, you can complete and file a Notice of Disagreement. This causes the Department to react to the claim. If the appeal is still denied, you will receive a Statement of the Case with an explanation of the decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs usually attaches VA Form 9 to the statement to give a veteran a chance to appeal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to fill out this appeal and get a positive decision on your claim.

Who Needs VA Form 9?

This form is for veterans who are not satisfied with a decision, made up by the Board of Veterans regarding their claim for benefits or a loan, or any other case in competence of this entity. It can be filled out by the veteran or an agent representing the veteran. The Board of Veterans strongly encourages having third parties complete the form.

What is VA Form 9 for?

VA Form 9 is called the Appeal to Board of Veterans’ Appeals. With this form, applicants may request reconsideration of the decision of their case. It can be decided remotely or during a board hearing conducted by live video conference at a local VA office, in Washington, DC or at a local VA office with representatives of the Board.

Is VA Form 9 Accompanied by Other Forms?

It is not mandatory, but applicants would bolster their case by requesting all possible documents to prove there’s been a mistake in the decision regarding their claim.

When is VA Form 9 Due?

The Board allows appeals within a year of the original decision. The requester must pay attention to the due date of the form. Usually it is indicated at the top of the document. The estimated time for completing the form is one hour.

How do I Fill out VA Form 9?

First, you have to write the name of the veteran, file number of the claim and insurance file number. Then you must indicate whether you are a veteran, veteran’s widow, child, parent or anyone else filling out this form on the veteran’s behalf. Provide home and work telephone numbers. Make a list of the issues you want to appeal to the board. Then briefly write why you think that VA decided your case incorrectly. Use the second empty sheet for this.

Where do I Send VA Form 9?

Send it to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals electronically on their website or deliver a completed application by mail.

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Military Research Jobs: How Skilled You Should Be to Apply

There is an opinion that military work includes only something scary. That is what we usually see on TV. We are influenced by movies about war which show struggle and a lot of blood and suffering. However, there is something more to the military environment. Have you ever heard about military research and development? If not, this blog post is for you.

The U.S. Army encourages young people not only to defend the country, but also acquire such character traits that help form a strong personality. Really talented soldiers are provided with the chance to choose the type of work to do. There is a special Office of Naval Research that offers lots of jobs. They deal with the development of new weapons and work in laboratories.

What Skills are Necessary?

All candidates must previously investigate the technical skills for a position they find interesting. The field in DA Form 31 about the location where a soldier is going to spend their vacation must coincide with the address of the military unit where they will train in order to successfully apply for a research job.

The most important skills include critical thinking, problem-solving skills, knowledge of computer modeling and data analysis, communication skills and deep knowledge of the subject a soldier is going to specialize in (e.g. a chemistry specialist must know the periodic table of elements).

Is it Profitable to Choose a Military Research Job?

The primary annual salary of a military research specialist starts at approximately $30,000. Experienced military technologists may earn up to $70,000 per year. Research scientists who have advanced degrees earn about $125,000 annually. Is a research job profitable? There is no necessity to answer this question. However, it always depends on the situation and conditions in which the officer works.

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VA Form 10-10CG: How to Apply for Comprehensive Assistance for the Family Caregivers Program

VA Form 10-10CG: Application For Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers Program

Family caregivers take care of their family members who can’t live a normal life without support. Depending on the person’s disease or disability, family caregivers help them make appointments, perform personal hygiene, prepare tax forms and declarations, etc. Usually, family caregivers don’t have special education and experience; they have to do everything intuitively. It’s a hard job that lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But for those who want to keep their loved ones in a domestic atmosphere and not in a hospital, it is the only solution.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs understands how important it is for former servicemen injured during military actions to stay with their friends and relatives in a home environment. The Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers was created to provide additional support and benefits to the caregivers who take care for the veterans. Read below to learn how to apply for this program.

What is VA Form 10-10CG used for?

The VA Form 10-10CG is the US Department of Veterans Affairs Form, officially called the Application For Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers Program. Veterans or servicemembers should file this form when applying for the VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers. The VA will require the information given on this form to consider the applicant’s eligibility. By filing this form, a veteran may appoint one Primary Family Caregiver and up to two Secondary Family Caregivers. Each time it is necessary to appoint a new Caregiver, a new Form 10-10CG must be completed.

Is VA Form 10-10CG accompanied by any other documents?

If the applicant is not enrolled in the VA’s health care system or is currently undergoing a medical discharge, they should submit VA Form 10-10EZ, Application for Health Benefits, as a supporting document to the VA 10-10CG form. Enrolled Veterans may submit the Health Benefits Renewal Form (VA 10-10EZR) with their filled out VA Form 10-10CG to provide information updates.
If the form is not being completed by the applicant himself, it is mandatory that the Power of Attorney or equivalent Representation Documents be attached.

How long does it take to complete VA Form 10-10CG?

It should take about 15 minutes to complete the application including the time allotted for reading instructions, gathering the necessary facts and then filling out the form.

What information should be provided on VA Form 10-10CG?

Personal details about the applying veteran or servicemember (full name, SSN, DOB, gender, place of last treatment, signature, date of completion),
Information about the primary family caregiver (full name, SSN, DOB, gender, address, relationship to veteran, health insurance, signature)
Information about the secondary family caregiver (the same details as for the primary caregiver).

Where do I send the filled out VA Form 10-10CG?

When fully filled out, the Application Form should be delivered to the following address: Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers Health Eligibility Center
2957 Clairmont Road NE, Ste 200, Atlanta, GA 30329-1647, or it can be brought in person to the local VA Medical Center Caregiver Support Coordinator (CSC).

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Taking Military Leave with DA Form 31: Request and Authority to Leave

DA Form 31: Request and Authority to Leave

Military life requires complete dedication to the mission. Everyone serving in the U.S. military, whether a new recruit or a senior general, is loaded with responsibilities and has a tight schedule. However, once a year they get rewarded for their job with a 30-day vacation. This leave is considered their right granted by the law, but it doesn’t mean they can take it whenever they want. Applying for vacation or emergency leave requires some paperwork to be done to get the military leave approved. This is where you’ll need a Request and Authority for Leave or as it is called DA Form 31. When filling out the form you might want to clarify some information. Here are the most common questions about DA Form 31.

Who Needs DA Form 31?

The Department of the Army uses DA Form 31 to allow every active-duty service member to request leave of any kind, be it vacation and travelling or a family emergency.
Therefore a soldier who wants to obtain vacation leave needs to fill out DA Form 31. Generally, soldiers are entitled to 30 days of leave per year and may use all this time off or take some days and leave the rest for other occasions. To be valid, the request must be confirmed by their commander.

What is DA Form 31?

The main purpose of the DA Form 31 is to authorize military leave. It is also used to mark the beginning and the end of the leave, record contact information such as a soldier’s address and telephone number to reach them in case of emergency. DA Form 31 serves to certify leave days chargeable to a soldier’s leave account or it may be used to update a soldier’s military leave and pay records.

Is the Army Leave Form Accompanied by Other Forms?

Any military service member who takes a leave must carry the form that proves their authorized absence from the army. Even if you change your destination during the leave you must immediately report it to your commander. But when filling out the form, a soldier doesn’t need any other documents to accompany their DA Form 31.

When is DA Form 31 Form?

Once the form is signed by the commander it becomes valid for the whole period of the leave.

How do I Fill out DA Form 31?

The form may be completed online or printed out and filled out manually. The form is self-explanatory so it won’t cause any difficulties when filling it out. You must provide the following information: name, SSN, rank, the address where you’re going to stay during your leave, the type of leave (ordinary, emergency, permissive TDY), number of days on leave, departure information, extension and return details. To make sure the form is completed correctly all information is checked and certified by authorized personnel.

Where do I Send DA Form 31?

The form is sent out to the commander for a signature. A soldier holds a certified form throughout the leave period. It is a document that may be required in other circumstances including those associated with relocation and receiving medical care.

If a soldier fails to provide the necessary information about his leave, the request may be rejected. Thus, take your time to fill out DA 31 the right way and enjoy your vacation.

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Obtain Payment for a Deceased Veteran with Form VA 29-4125

Form VA 29-4125: Claim for One Sum Payment

For the purpose of providing financial security to US veterans and their families with respect to significant risks intrinsic to military service, The Department of Veteran Affairs has developed considerable life insurance benefits that last during the whole veteran’s lifetime. In fact, even after the veteran’s death, his family is eligible to receive what is called the One Sum Payment. To receive this benefit, the claimant should be ready to prepare certain papers, the most important being Form VA 29-4125.
In this blog post we will try to help you file the form properly and explain the whole procedure.

Who needs a VA 29-4125 Form?

The Department of Veteran Affairs 29-4125 form is the alternative name for the Claim for One Sum Payment. This form can be submitted by a person who needs to file a claim for the life insurance obtained by a deceased retired member of the military. The claimant is regarded as a veteran’s beneficiary.

What is the VA 29-4125 Form for?

The VA Form 29-4125 is used to claim the payments provided by the government insurance policy.

Is the VA Form 29-4125 accompanied by other forms?

It is mandatory that the VA Form 29-4125 be accompanied by the deceased veteran’s death certificate (a photocopy is allowed) identifying the date and the cause of death.
In case the claimant is not the veteran’s principal or contingent beneficiary, there are also some additional provisions, stating that:

  • If the applicant is a minor or an incompetent person, the letters of guardianship or conservatorship must be included
  • If the claimant is the veteran’s personal representative, they must accompany the Claim for One Sum Payment with copies of testamentary letters, letters of administration or a court order of distribution.

When is the VA 29-4125 Form due?

The Claim must be filed when the need arises.

How do I fill out VA Form 29-4125?

The fillable VA 29-4125 requires providing the following information:

  • Insured veteran data (name, insurance file number, policy number, net amount of insurance, date of death);
  • Beneficiary data (name, relation to the veteran, date of birth, SSN, address, phone number);
  • Beneficiary Signature;
  • Date.

Where do I send the VA Form 29-4125?

The completed, signed and dated Claim must be sent to the Department of Veteran Affairs, Regional Office, and Insurance Center.