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Green Brick


Green Brick Title, LLC based in Plano, Texas, occupies an important space in the house purchasing process. With decades of experience, six employees and a lawyer, Green Brick Title, proves expertise in residential and commercial real estate. The company works directly with realtors, banks, land brokers, builders, developers, and mortgage companies to manage all of their real estate transactions and banking issues. Green Brick Title, LLC also helps companies close complex transactions as efficaciously as possible.


John Hampton is the company’s lawyer and title manager. Since 1979, Hampton has served as an attorney in Texas addressing all of the nuances and complications of residential and commercial real estate law as well as business law. In the past 38 years, Hampton has handled over 500 million dollars in closings without a single claim. He also hosts the local KLIF 570 AM radio “Ask the Lawyer” show.


The Problem

John Hampton regularly has to go through the tedious and time-consuming task of completing UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms. The UCC-1, or Uniform Commercial Code-1, is a financing statement, which is used when property is applied as collateral for a loan. The UCC-3, or Financing Statement Amendment, is used when amendments to the UCC-1 have to be made. Moreover, “the UCC-3 document is a necessity in financing lot purchases from the developer by the builder, as financing is involved in each one. Also, whenever a house is sold, notice of the release of lien is also required.” All of these forms are critical when working with lenders, loan-recipients, and titles.

Hampton was looking for a way to expedite the form filling process, which was originally done by hand. Before PDFfiller, Hamilton said, “We hand-completed manual forms with a template centered on a printer…The old way involved setting up a print template – tedious, time-consuming! – and centering a form in the printer, so that the document could be created. Different versions of the form needed different templates. Multiple printings were necessary to achieve a usable form.”


But this solution was far from ideal for Green Brick Title, said Hamilton: “The process was time-consuming and error-prone. It took a substantial amount of time from an employee whose skills were better used elsewhere to complete these forms.”

Green Brick Title needed a digital solution that could expedite the form filling process. This is how Hamilton found PDFfiller. The transition was simple, and now Green Brick Title’s UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms are all completed digitally.

The Solution

Since adopting PDFfiller, Green Brick Title has made it an integral part of their document management with three employees using the program “at least three times per week with multiple documents produced,” said Hamilton.

“When a new subdivision is being created and lots are financed, a UCC-1 is filed; when more are taken down, a UCC-3 is filed each time, and when a house is sold and the construction loan is paid off, a UCC-3 is filed again,” said Hamilton. Ultimately, in Green Brick Title’s work, “in each case, PDFfiller is used to complete the form and print the form for filing with the Texas Secretary of State and the county clerk where the property is located.”

The process is easy:  All Green Brick Title has to do is upload the UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms to PDFfiller. Then, using PDFfiller’s easy-to-use online service, they can write directly onto the form itself, changing font size, color, and style to suit their needs. They can save forms with prefilled information, like contact information, as templates, making them faster to complete in the future.


“PDFfiller’s simple to use online templates made our data processing a virtual snap! Tedious manipulation of Word files was replaced by simple insertions and copy/paste,” said Hamilton.

The benefits are numerous! Now Green Brick Title’s forms are completed faster, more accurately, and even look better. “Being able to go online to simply change the last version of the UCC and print it for each transaction allowed more employees to participate, improved the look of the work and, most importantly, its accuracy. The time savings for staff was immense, not to mention that the returns from the government departments went to zero,” Hamilton said. Also, these powerful features in PDFfiller are “easy to use.”


“Using PDFfiller has saved us 110 hours per year at $35.00 per hour as best we can tell,” said Hampton, meaning the company saves at least $3,850 each year. But, Hampton added, “that was just the beginning of the savings, because that time was put to productive, front-end, revenue-producing use, so the swing was at least triple what we saved in addition.”


Ultimately, by streamlining their workflow and making forms faster and easier to fill out, PDFfiller has cut down on operating costs. “Any company interested in bringing government form filling into a less expensive overhead layer and redeploying the more valuable assets would be well served subscribing to PDFfiller,” said Hampton.

While minimizing wasted man hours and paper use, PDFfiller has helped Green Brick Title create better documents more quickly. Using PDFfiller has “reduced printing costs by two thirds.” Moreover, “by virtue of the speed and convenience of PDFfiller, we have paid for the subscription at least 50-fold by the employee time saved alone,” said Hamilton. “Anytime working hours can be saved by smooth integration with online programs like PDFfiller, it should always be considered.”

PDFfiller is the best way to complete documents digitally, which allows for faster, cheaper and more effective document management in a professional environment.

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LPA Lease Addendum: Check the Rental Issue Inside Out

Lease Addendum

It is not easy to manage a rental property. Everyone who deals with it wants to make money and at the same time avoid putting in too much effort. Of course, you can learn leasing by experience and by making mistakes, but we think it’s better to choose a less painful way. Keep reading to learn more.

LPA is an organization which is aimed at the protection of landlord rights. It stands for Landlord Protection Agency. Since 2000, when it launched its official website, LPA has helped thousands of people who faced misunderstandings with their tenants. A rental agreement (between a landlord and a tenant) is a basic document in the whole leasing process. However, there is also a Lease Addendum, which must be also attached.

Who can use the LPA Lease Addendum?

Both parties, including a landlord and a tenant, must sign the LPA Lease Addendum on the basis of a rental agreement. It must be confirmed by an attorney.

What is the LPA Lease Addendum made for?

It is a standard form that is used for providing additional details about leasing. The key problem of a usual rental agreement is that it does not provide sufficient space for writing all necessary information that a landlord plans to include. The Addendum makes it possible to add new information to the data already available in the agreement. It is recommended to keep this document in a folder together with all other valuable leasing documents.

What is the expiration date of the LPA Lease Addendum?

If the LPA Lease Addendum is connected to a rental agreement, it has the same due date. A landlord and a tenant decide on the period of rent and signify the dates in the agreement. As soon as both the agreement and LPA Lease Addendum expire, a landlord and a tenant sign a new document.

What other forms or copies have to be attached to Lease Addendum?

Of course, it is necessary to provide a valid rental agreement which is signed by both landlord and tenant. It is a basic document. Apart from that, a landlord must confirm the ownership of the property (the dwelling that he is going to let out on lease), providing a relevant document with a copy. This copy must have a notary certification.

What can a landlord include in the LPA Lease Addendum?

First of all, the LPA Lease Addendum must contain the dates from the rental agreement (beginning and ending of the rent) and the names of landlord and tenant. There is space in the Lease Addendum to add the following information:

  • additional leasing conditions;
  • improvements;
  • suggestions;
  • all other information that was not signified in the rental agreement.

Where do I send LPA Lease Addendum after completing it?

The LPA Lease Addendum must also be sent to the Landlord Protection Agency after you complete it. You can use the following addresses:

Mailing address
The Landlord Protection Agency
PO Box 156
East Meadow, NY 11554

Real Estate & Insurance Goes Digital


the picture of some woman

Cunningham and Associates is located in San Angelo, Texas, but serves a large rural market with clients all over Texas and some even scattered outside state lines. Despite having to work with customers across a large region, Cunningham and Associates is a small business, consisting of four team members, including Debbie Cunningham herself.
Cunningham and Associates Real Estate and Insurance provides selling, purchasing, and insurance services and advice. They help individual customers find the ideal property or insurance solution.
Debbie Cunningham found PDFfiller through an online search — “I did a trial and I was like wow, this is really pretty easy,” Cunningham said. PDFfiller “just opened up a whole world of usability to access all those documents that we use over and over and over and once I tried it, I was pretty much like, I love it, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Four people in front sitting on chairs probably the human resources department

The Problem

Send and Sign Documents

Cunningham and Associates was facing a number of problems with document transmission before they started using PDFfiller.

With customers scattered across the region, document management and distribution was a serious problem. Texas is a large state and in many cases, real estate deals happen quickly or insurance documents need to be signed promptly. Distance, however, was making this process more difficult – due to the logistics associated with mobile workforces, getting a simple signature could be problematic.

“One [company] I’m working with right now is a trucking company and they have employees that could be anywhere at any time,” Cunningham said, “so getting a paper document to those folks is difficult sometimes.” People would have to come into the office or documents would have to be sent by post.

Double quotes

“When customers hand-write out forms, sometimes it’s legible, but 90% of the time, it’s not, If that document isn’t legible, there’s room for mistakes, errors in judgement, reading the wrong thing.”

– Debbie Cunningham, Real Estate & Insurance Broker

Before using PDFfiller, documents would come back slowly and were often illegible. “When [customers] hand-write out forms, sometimes it’s legible, but 90% of the time, it’s not,” Cunningham claimed. “If that document isn’t legible, there’s room for mistakes, errors in judgement, reading the wrong thing.” These problems with legibility is endemic with handwritten forms.

Transferring sensitive insurance and medical documents also carries risk; this liability is exacerbated by the fact that sensitive medical documents were normally passed through the hands of administrators before reaching employees before Cunningham and Associates started using PDFfiller. “When [or if a form] goes back to the employer, they’re privy to information that it is generally best they do not see,” said Cunningham. “If an employer sees that an employee has any major medical condition condition that they might not have been aware of otherwise… it has the potential for creating a situation where an employee claims discrimination if, for any reason, that affected employee is disciplined for any unrelated cause.”

Double quotes

“We were having to do everything manually by pen and paper and send it to whomever. We didn’t have anything that would do online form-filling.”

– Debbie Cunningham, Real Estate & Insurance Broker

Handling hundreds of documents daily with only a few members of staff was a difficult process. Before PDFfiller, Cunningham and her employees “were having to do everything manually by pen and paper and send it to whomever. We didn’t have anything that would do online form-filling.” They were hoping to save their staff time and energy and free them each from the burden of filling out paperwork for ten hours a week.

Cunningham and Associates needed an electronic solution that was easy for the company’s employees and customers to use; Debbie Cunningham found it in PDFfiller.

The Solution

Send and Sign Documents

Debbie Cunningham and her colleagues use PDFfiller everyday to improve their workflow. “Everybody uses it multiple times a day,” Cunningham said. And for good reason: PDFfiller solves all of the problems Cunningham and Associates had with document distribution. Documents are sent directly to clients and returned legibly in a quick and secure manner. Moreover, Cunningham and Associates forms are transferred to partners, including banks, insurance agents, and the government, efficiently and completely electronically with PDFfiller’s online service. When dealing with documents like insurance claims or purchase agreements, it is critical to be able to distribute, sign, and process documents quickly and, crucially, because much of this information is sensitive, this has to be done in a safe and secure manner. PDFfiller ensures that this is possible, even across large distances.

Fig A. Creating a filliable contract form with PDFfiller

Fig A. Creating a filliable contract form with PDFfiller

Many of Cunningham and Associates’ engagements with clients are “paper intensive and our clients tend to be everywhere, so discovering the fill and sign aspects was a ‘wow moment.’ ” PDFfiller enables users to annotate, edit, fill-in PDF forms and even make PDF forms easily fillable for others. PDFfiller also allows users to send and sign PDF documents completely electronically using its safe, secure, and instantaneous ‘DigiSign’ technology. PDFfiller “saves people from coming into the office,” said Cunningham. Electronic document completion and signing means that “we can collaborate over the phone if [clients] have a question but then they can form fill [important documents] from their computer and it’s been amazing.”

Fig B. Filling and sending contract form by the user with PDFfiller.

Fig B. Filling and sending contract form by the user with PDFfiller.

Documents, such as contracts and insurance claim forms, are fillable by anyone, anytime, and on any device and moreover, they come back legible. Before, Cunningham and her employees would have to manually transcribe illegible handwriting or call to clarify information before they could pass documents on to insurers. “When the underwriters get it, it has to be legible, they want to be able to read it, they want to be able to not spend hours trying to decipher somebody’s hand-scratching, so that’s been great [that with PDFfiller’s electronic document completion, documents are legible].”

Importantly, PDFfiller is easy to use. It’s simple user interface means that anybody can use it. Because it’s completely online, forms can be edited, filled and signed from any internet-connected device at any time. “If it’s not easy to use, they won’t use it,” said Cunningham. “Some programs are not so user friendly [but] the reception [towards using PDFfiller to complete documents] has been really good. We get [documents] back quickly.”

Fig C. Send documents safely and securely with PDFfiller.

Fig C. Send documents safely and securely with PDFfiller.

Cunningham and Associates is responsible for transferring sensitive medical documents and as such, they need to make sure they are HIPAA compliant. Moreover, they need to protect their clients. “You don’t want your employer to see health conditions, so the ability to send directly to an employee [using PDFfiller’s electronic document signing, editing, and transmission] and get that document back without having to rely on an admin person to send and receive those documents [means] we’ve mitigated our risk for HIPAA compliance [and] if we can isolate that information and bypass the employer it protects the employee,” Cunningham said.

The Benefits of
Using PDFfiller

Return on Investment

PDFfiller is the fastest way to edit, send, and sign documents. According to Cunningham, “[Workflow] was a lot slower” before integrating PDFfiller into her business and using PDFfiller saves her firm “probably ten hours per person per week, so that’s 30 hours per week.” For Cunningham, because the man hours PDFfiller saves are significant, cost savings for the company are “considerable.”


PDFfiller makes it easier for her clients to complete, sign and return forms. Because forms are completed completely electronically, PDFfiller also makes it easier for Cunningham and Associates to read and collect the information as well as transfer documents to businesses, individuals, government agencies, legal and medical providers, and insurance agents. Moreover, PDFfiller is simple to use and the powerful features that make document workflow so efficient are easy to apply: “It was so easy to set up and start using — we haven’t had any issues,” Cunningham said.


PDFfiller is HIPAA compliant, which means that all your documents are stored and transmitted completely securely. Moreover, because PDFfiller allows Cunningham and Associates to transfer documents directly to clients, rather than work through third parties, they mitigate risk — “you also run the risk of that document getting waylaid to the wrong fax number or wrong email, so if it’s a protected document then you don’t need to worry about that possibility,” said Cunningham.

Completely Digital

Going digital doesn’t just mean it’s easier to sign and send documents. It also means that all the documents that are such an important part of Cunningham and Associates’ business workflow are stored digitally. Because everything is digital, documents are secure and searchable. Never worry about important documents being lost or accidentally destroyed and PDFfiller’s secure servers mean they’re secure as well.


PDFfiller offers a variety of solutions to the many document transmission problems that had plagued Cunningham and Associates. With a small team, Cunningham knew she needed to make her workflow as efficient as possible and “any kind of tool in your quiver to make that process more advantageous and save time, especially if you don’t have a team of support people behind you, [it’s a good thing],” she said. PDFfiller allowed Cunningham and Associates to send and have document signed as quickly as possible, meaning the company could spend more time focusing on their business and on relationships with their customers and less time on paperwork.

As she and her employees continue to use the software, they keep finding new ways to integrate it into their workflow and improve their business and relationships with clients. Cunningham is particularly excited about using PDFfiller on various mobile devices: “Everyday we learn different ways to use it and I’ve realized now I can use it on my phone [and iPad] too; I haven’t branched out that far yet, but that’s exciting because I do work in the field a lot,” and with PDFfiller, she can capture a client signature while at an open house or get a buyer’s representation agreement on the spot. “The sooner you can get that [signature] the better, so if you’re having that conversation with somebody and you can whip out an iPad, because you’re not always going to have a desktop… it would be awesome if I had that document loaded [and ready to give to customers and get signatures with PDFfiller].”

Double quotes

“Everything we do and everything we touch on the health side has to be HIPAA compliant and privacy is important nowadays. So with PDFfiller, we have mitigated risk — that’s a hard thing to quantify.”

– Debbie Cunningham, Real Estate & Insurance Broker

Ultimately, PDFfiller has “made our lives a whole lot simpler, for sure,” Cunningham said. The benefits of using PDFfiller are manifold: “Everything we do and everything we touch on the health side has to be HIPAA compliant and privacy is [important] nowadays. So [with PDFfiller], we have mitigated risk — that’s a hard thing to quantify,” said Cunnigham. Though PDFfiller saves the company money, the benefits go far beyond costs. “[the savings] aren’t just dollars, it’s efficiency [and] privacy,” she said.

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Suggest a reasonable price with the BPO 1092 Form

Freddie Mac 1092: Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) Form

The real estate purchase and sale transaction can be influenced by various circumstances, from a simple desire to change one’s place of living to an inability to pay the mortgage. In the latter case, the deal is very likely to be closed as a Short Sale, which is favourable to a seller, as it helps reduce the chance of foreclosure. Therefore, a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) is essential as it contributes to the propriety of the price for the real estate in question. The Broker’ Price Opinion can be made in two ways: by entering the residential property or by doing a drive-by evaluation without estimating the interior of the real estate property. Therefore, the evaluation can result in either the Drive-By Broker’s Price Opinion or the Interior BPO. There is a special form that should be filled out to record the professional’s opinion of a reasonable price. In this blog post we will take a closer look at the Freddie Mac 1092 form, which helps denote the BPO.

Who needs a Broker’s Price Opinion form (Freddie Mac 1092)?

Any person interested in selling or buying real estate can order the evaluation of property they are interested in. This assessment is carried out by an appraiser using the BPO form. Also, this real estate appraisal can be performed for transactions related to obtaining credit or changing credit conditions.

What is the Broker’s Price Opinion form for?

This form gives an idea of the overall condition of the property and its value. Depending upon the type of evaluation ordered, the form may be used as the Interior or as the Drive-by Broker’s Price Opinion form. If the interior evaluation is made, all types of repairs that must be done are taken into account. Also, the interior BPO form contains reviews of a competing property and several deals closed in the area. This information allows estimation, not only of the property itself, but also of the overall situation in the real estate market in the area. The Drive-by BPO is made based on what the broker manages to evaluate from the exterior of the real property while driving by.

Is the Broker’s Price Opinion form accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany the Drive-by BPO or the Interior BPO form by any other forms when they are submitted immediately after the evaluation. However, the overall transaction to be properly recorded must be documented in the package of the relevant documents.

When is the Broker’s Price Opinion form due?

The expiration term of this evaluation is six months — if the period is longer, one should consider that the assessment may not reflect the actual value or condition of the property

How do I fill out Broker’s Price Opinion form?

This fillable BPO template contains the following points to be filled out:

  • Subject property description;
  • Estimate of repairs needed for subject property;
  • Neighborhood review;
  • Value Estimation;
  • Competitive listing and closed sales.

Where do I send Broker’s Price Opinion form?

The completed Broker’s Opinion should be directed to the property owner (the seller) and the person who ordered the BPO (if it is not the same individual as the seller).

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Rental Application: How to Rent Out a Flat Safely

Rental Application Form

Let’s imagine that you own a nice flat in a good district and you want to lease your real estate. Of course, you will try to find the best renters: capable of paying, reliable and polite. If there are too many people who wish to live in your property, you may ask your possible renters to fill out the rental application so you can choose the best tenants. The rental application will be very useful for the landlord even in the future: the information provided will help to get in touch with the renters anytime. Besides this, the document specifies the amount of the rental payment and the lease term, which is very important for a tenant. You should keep in mind that different states have different variants of the rental application, so make sure you are using the correct one. It’s time to look more precisely at the most common rental application.

Who needs a Rental application?

The application is filled out by the renters. If individuals want to rent a popular apartment or house, the landlord may ask them to complete a rental application, so that he or she can see all the advantages of such a bargain.

What is the Rental application for?

The application is very useful for the landlord as it provides the most important information about the future renter. It’s highly recommended to save a copy of the application in case any disputes arise.

Is the Rental application accompanied by other forms?

If the landlord asks for additional documents, the renter can attach them to the application as well.

When is the Rental application due?

The tenants have to send the application on request or as soon as they find a suitable rental offer.

What information should be provided in the Rental application?

The rental application asks for a lot of information. Actually, it may be a problem for a landlord to obtain the personal data of the renter, such as SSN. People usually don’t want to share it with strangers. But this information is very important for the landlords and they should find a way to get it. Anyway, the renters have to add:

  • Their personal information: full legal name, SSN, phone number, driver’s license, date of birth
  • Information about their current address: current address and previous address (including landlord’s name and phone, reasons for moving, monthly rent, date of moving in and out)
  • Information about their current employment: name of the employer, position, start date, employer’s phone, monthly salary, address)
    personal history (questionnaire concerning the background)
  • Information about the vehicle (year, model, color, license plate number)
  • List of other residents who will live with the renter (each of them has to apply personally, though)
  • Contacts in case of emergency (contact address and phone number)
  • The applicant also has to sign and date the document.

The landlord fills out the rent amount, the sum of the security deposit, lease term and the date of move-in.

Where do I send the Rental application?

The completed and signed application is sent to the landlord. One copy should be kept by the renter for the personal records.