Collect customer info from any WordPress website with PDFfiller

Collect Customer Information from your WordPress Site with a Free Plugin

With PDFfiller plugin, you can easily import your company’s fillable surveys, applications and contact forms to your WordPress dashboard and collect data from your clients directly from your WordPress website using embedded fillable fields. Install PDFfiller’s free-to-use plugin and embed the fillable fields of documents stored on your personal PDFfiller account anywhere on your WordPress blog or website. Fields can be embedded either as a widget or part of an individual WordPress post. 

Data submitted by your clients via embedded fillable fields from your WordPress website is sent to your personal PDFfiller account. That data is used to generate a document which will be automatically pre-filled with the submitted data. You can instantly share, email, or print out this document from any internet connected device.

With this PDFfiller plugin you can embed contacts, email subscriptions, order and event registration form fields. What is more, your clients don’t have to be registered on PDFfiller to provide you with their information.

Why Do I Need to Embed Fillable Form Fields on my WordPress Website?

Doing so simplifies your tasks and saves you and your clients’ time. Educational organizations embed fillable form fields in order to collect student and employee applications as well as organize registration for various events. Other examples include eCommerce stores that use this feature to receive orders and customer feedback. Online form fields have also improved secure data collection for entertainment businesses, private membership websites, and medical organizations.

How Do I Add Fillable Fields to my WordPress Site?

To get started, complete a few easy steps in your WordPress dashboard to synchronize your PDFfiller account with your WordPress site before installing the PDF Form Filler:

1. In your WordPress dashboard, select Plugins > Add New

2. Use Search to find the PDF Form Filler

3. Activate the plugin from Plugins > Installed Plugins

4. Plugin Configuration:

    • In your WordPress dashboard, select PDFForms > Settings
    • Select Main and enter your authorization data from your PDFfiller account.
      • To view your authorization data go to Log in or register at PDFfiller and go to For Business > For Developers, or just follow the link
      • Click CREATE NEW APP or choose an existing app. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and paste your authorization data into the corresponding fields of the plugin’s Settings tab.
      • Enter your PDFfiller account’s email address and password into the PDF Form Filler plugin’s email and password fields.
      • Click Save. That’s it, now your WordPress website is synchronized with your PDFfiller account.

To help you avoid any hassle, visit our PDF Form Filler Installation and FAQ page for further plugin setup assistance.

Every month, over 172M documents are edited with PDFfiller. More than 300,000 customers use this all-in-one digital document solution to edit, eSign and share legal documents, insurance claims, tax forms, medical forms, rental applications and purchase agreements.
Install the PDF Form Filler plugin now and and try PDFfiller’s free trial to see if it is the right solution for you.

DaDaDocs for Salesforce

Meet DaDaDocs at Dreamforce’17: Document Generator, Online PDF Editor & eSignature Manager

Meet DaDaDocs by PDFfiller at Dreamforce 2017 and learn how to automate each stage of a sales process without leaving your Salesforce account. The DaDaDocs app features an all-in-one document generator, cloud-based PDF editor, eSignature manager and data collection tool. Head over to booth 150 to see how your organization can benefit from using DaDaDocs and win a drone!

DaDaDocs for Salesforce

Salesforce Users Get an All-in-One PDF Editor, eSignature Manager and Document Generation Solution with DaDaDocs

DaDaDocs by PDFfiller is an online PDF editor, document generator, eSignature manager and data collection tool in a single Salesforce app. Users can merge, generate, edit, annotate, redact and eSign online fillable PDF forms.

In 2016, PDFfiller‘s engineering team received a request to provide a PDF editor that could securely redact information from the ChildStory project, a governmental initiative in Australia. The project required that the editor work entirely within Salesforce. This led to the creation of the DaDaDocs integration for Salesforce.

DaDaDocs covers the full document lifecycle for Salesforce. It helps to declutter any stage of a deal: from getting a lead to generating an offer, exchanging edits and signing a contract. Each stage could easily take hours, if not days, without the right product. Here are the most common headaches every Salesforce user struggles with and how DaDaDocs solves them.

Generating PDF Documents and Merging Salesforce Data

Document generation for Salesforce

DaDaDocs generates PDF documents pre-filled with Salesforce data. It merges data from Salesforce objects to automatically create pre-filled documents that retain the formatting of the original PDF. If you’re sending an application to a client, you can pre-fill it with the customer’s information by making a template with Salesforce fields. Once you create the right template with fillable fields, it can be pre-filled with unique customer data as many times as you need to.

Editing PDF Contracts, Quotes and Offers in Salesforce

Robust PDF editor for Salesforce

You don’t have to leave Salesforce or install additional software to edit PDF attachments from your Salesforce objects. The DaDaDocs editor allows users to type text anywhere on a PDF, erase outdated information, black out confidential details and annotate PDF documents online right in your Salesforce account.

In addition to enhanced security and redacting features, DaDaDocs added advanced search capabilities for the ChildStory program. This means that there’s no need to manually skim hundreds of pages of native PDFs to edit, redact or annotate them.

When text is blacked out or redacted using DaDaDocs, the text is truly removed from a file, thus protecting confidential information. In other editors the most common risk is placing a black image over the text leaving the original information still visible to a computer.

Complex eSignature Workflows for Salesforce

eSign documents in Salesforce

eSignatures are a must for any digital document solution. DaDaDocs allows users to eSign documents, create and manage complex eSignature workflows straight from Salesforce. Using PDFfiller’s eSignature manager has already helped police officers in Saginaw County get search warrants approved and signed faster. This experience was brought to the Australian ChildStory program and gets signatures from community partners such as agents of the court and medical professionals faster.

Any Salesforce organization can build its own robust signature workflows with up to 20 signers, setting the signing order and requiring photos for signature authentication. Signed or filled out documents are stored as a PDF in Salesforce.

Collect Salesforce Customer Data via Online Fillable PDF Forms

Collect customer data without having to leave Salesforce

Getting leads through a contact form on your company’s website is easy when you use fillable forms with DaDaDocs. Any online fillable PDF form created in DaDaDocs can be sent via email, a link, shared on social media or hosted online without any coding.

Collecting data directly from customers into Salesforce records works due to the seamless integration of the DaDaDocs Online Fillable PDF Forms with Salesforce objects. It turns static documents into interactive online fillable PDFs. Admins can create PDF documents, add fillable fields to them, map these fields and connect them with Salesforce objects without a single line of code. Every field collects a specific type of data such as signatures, the date, text, numbers, initials and photos. Once a customer fills in a form, the form builder will automatically create a new Salesforce record with the filled-in data or update an existing record. Additionally, a copy of the filled-in PDF will also be added to the Salesforce record for safe keeping.

DaDaDocs has already helped dozens of Salesforce organizations with thousands of users. With DaDaDocs, Salesforce users get a complete document editor and eSignature platform. Without leaving Salesforce, you can transform static documents into interactive fillable PDF forms, generate PDF documents pre-filled with Salesforce data and share your fillable PDF forms on Salesforce and beyond.

PDF editor, eSignature manager and form builder for bpm'online

DaDaDocs for bpm’online: PDF Editor, eSignature Manager and Fillable Form Creator

PDFfiller released the DaDaDocs integration for bpm’online. DaDaDocs is an all-in-one PDF editor, eSignature manager, document generator and data collection solution seamlessly integrated with your bpm’online account.

The new integration enables you to edit any PDF or Word document, convert it into an online fillable PDF form, host it on a website, send it out to customers and update customer records with the data collected – without leaving bpm’online.

PDF editor, eSignature manager, fillable form builder for bpm'online

Save time while editing, redacting and collaborating on PDFs document using a built-in online PDF editor and annotator

DaDaDocs allows users to add to, type in and edit any PDF or Word document from within bpm’online. It’s possible to erase, redact sensitive data, annotate and highlight text, add sticky notes or rearrange pages in PDF documents inside bpm’online.

If you notice a typo or out-of-date information you can change the document right on the spot so you don’t slow down the flow of interaction with your business partners.

Turn your documents into eSign ready, fillable online PDF forms

DaDaDoсs allows you to turn your contracts, purchase orders, quotes and applications into secure fillable forms with smart fillable text, signature and formula fields as well as dropdown menus.

Real estate and insurance agencies use PDFfiller to get contracts and insurance claim forms completed and signed by customers and partners from any device.

Government agencies integrate fillable PDF forms into their HR workflow to collect complete and legible employment applications while onboarding new employees.

Fillable PDF forms make it easy for medical offices to automate the patient intake process by collecting patient information with fillable forms hosted on the practice’s website.

eSignature manager for bpm'online

Have your online documents filled out and eSigned in minutes rather than hours

DaDaDocs makes it easy to create customized eSignature workflows:

  • Set access permissions. Allow recipients to simply view a document, only sign it or both sign and edit it.
  • Invite up to 20 signers. Set the signing order or have documents signed in any order.
  • Ask recipients to provide additional documents along with the signed one.
  • Get an email or text-message notification when a document is signed.

With DaDaDocs you will react faster to customer activity in your documents by tracking a document’s status and receiving instant notifications when a document is completed.

All your forms are always available for completing and eSigning from any internet connected device.

Fully brand all your documents so that customers, partners and colleagues recognize your forms

You can add your company’s logo, branded colors and watermarks in just a few clicks to any of your documents or fillable forms. Professional graphics and a familiar brand name on a form or contract create trust and make forms easier to fill out.

Focus on business opportunities, not customer authentication and security problems

You can keep your documents in the the cloud with PDFfiller’s secure data storage. HIPAA compliance and security options like two-factor authentication, audit trails and document ID tracking safeguard the privacy and integrity of each document and account.

The bpm’online integration with DaDaDocs makes it is easier and faster to share and collaborate on all of your business documents. Have contracts signed and forms completed from any internet-connected device, anywhere and at any time in just a few clicks, rather than the hours or days it may have taken to complete them before.

Check out our official integration page to start using DaDaDocs for bpm’online.

How DaDaDocs Solved Document Management for an Australian Government Agency

How DaDaDocs Solved Document Management for an Australian Government Agency


FACS, a government agency in New South Wales, launched the ChildStory program as part of its mission to provide social services to vulnerable children within the state.


Managing legal documents for minors presents challenges including the need to search through hundreds of pages instantly, black out personally identifying information and obtain electronic signatures.


DaDaDocs by PDFfiller provides all of this and more without having to leave Salesforce, ChildStory’s main platform, while meeting strict security requirements.


The DaDaDocs integration provides a complete PDF editor, eSignature solution and form generator within Salesforce.


The ChildStory program, commissioned by Family and Community Services in New South Wales, Australia, uses Salesforce as its main platform. Childstory had specific needs for document management that existing integrations couldn’t meet, including searching PDF documents, blacking out sensitive information and collecting eSignatures. PDFfiller’s DaDaDocs for Salesforce was the solution of choice for these important aspects of document management. This successful partnership with PDFfiller illustrates how other organizations searching for document management solutions inside Salesforce can use DaDaDocs.



The full range of PDFfiller’s DaDaDocs integration can take hours off of an organization’s workflow by automating key aspects of document management within Salesforce. The intuitive PDF editor doesn’t require downloading any software or files to edit documents such as contracts and sales proposals. The complete eSignature solution means that any document can be signed instantly by anybody anywhere in the world. It’s also possible to generate fillable forms to collect and export data. These powerful features make DaDaDocs the ultimate document app for Salesforce.

1FACS and the ChildStory Project

Family and Community Services [FACS], a government agency in New South Wales, Australia, is tasked with protecting and serving some of society’s most vulnerable members such as the disabled, elderly and children in high risk homes. As part of this mandate, FACS initiated the ChildStory program to change the way caseworkers, courts, police officers, medical staff and other interested parties would come to view and relate to the children with whom they worked.


Using best practices gleaned from the business world, ChildStory takes a child-centric approach to casework by weaving disparate documents from police officers, caseworkers, medical professionals and other interested parties into a seamless tapestry telling a child’s story. That’s how Salesforce came to be the centerpiece of FACS’s 100-million dollar technological program. The same tool that was critical for businesses and sales teams the world over was easily adapted to meet the needs of FACS workers by putting children and their stories instead of the nitty-gritty of multi-million dollar sales deals into Salesforce. This was one of the first critical steps in realizing the broader vision of ChildStory.

2Document Management Challenges Facing ChildStory

Handling documents involving minors poses several specific problems that required technological solutions – otherwise the entire project would have either ground to a halt or been forced to use a hodgepodge of solutions outside of Salesforce. Privacy laws dictate that names and other personally identifying information of minors must be redacted from documents. This presented several technological challenges that existing Salesforce PDF editors couldn’t meet.

3How DaDaDocs Works for ChildStory

DaDaDocs was able to find a solution to each document management problem that ChildStory posed. Here’s a detailed look at how DaDaDocs filled the gaps left by other Salesforce apps:

icon1. FACS caseworkers need to search inside PDF documents to quickly find each instance of a child’s name and other specific information. Manually skimming hundreds of pages of documents is both time consuming and error prone. DaDaDocs can search and find text in any native PDF.

icon2. Most PDF editors don’t actually remove blacked out information from a file. Instead, a black image is placed over the text leaving the original information visible to a computer. This was not acceptable to FACS, which is why they turned to PDFfiller to create a true black out feature. When text is blacked out, erased or redacted using DaDaDocs, the text is truly removed from a file, thus protecting confidential information.

icon3. Adding electronic signatures is another key function that FACS required as part of the ChildStory project. Documents often require signatures from community partners such as police officers, agents of the court or medical professionals. Getting eSignatures with DaDaDocs works seamlessly within Salesforce. There’s no need to even open a new browser tab. This makes it fast, easy and convenient to get any document signed.

icon4. Complete data security was another must for the sensitive nature of the ChildStory project. Many SaaS products indefinitely store a client’s data and even private documents on company servers. ‘Deleting’ a document is another optical illusion, whereby the user merely loses access to their own data. Security experts caution that this can have serious consequences in the event of a data breach. With PDFfiller, your data is yours: when you delete a document, it is deleted from our servers meaning that no unauthorized third party can ever access your documents after you’ve deleted them. We don’t store any deleted documents to mine them for data or use them to train machine learning algorithms.

DaDaDocs makes it possible for caseworkers in NSW to do all of this within Salesforce, which they already use as part of the larger ChildStory program. A document can be uploaded to or generated in Salesforce. From there, a FACS caseworker doesn’t need to leave Salesforce in order to open DaDaDocs. All that needs to be done is enter the child’s name or other personally identifying information in the search bar and select blackout. Once the document is saved, the caseworker can send out the document with full confidence that each instance of sensitive data has been completely obscured. Furthermore, the document is automatically deleted from PDFfiller and retained only in Salesforce.

4DaDaDocs for Any Organization

When confronted with the unique needs of the ChildStory project, PDFfiller responded with DaDaDocs. Today, the scope of the integration goes well beyond this specific use case. Any team that uses Salesforce, from a small sales department to a large corporation, can manage documents more efficiently with DaDaDocs.

The ChildStory program uses DaDaDocs to redact and sign PDF documents, but this is only the beginning. DaDaDocs can also generate interactive fillable forms that make it fast, easy and efficient to collect data from clients. You can easily use data from filled in forms as a Salesforce object or export it to Excel.


The full featured editor in DaDaDocs expedites any process involving PDF and Word documents. There’s no need to download, print out or redo a contract or proposal with a typo – it can be fixed right inside Salesforce. There’s also no need to print out and overnight urgent documents that need to be returned as quickly as they were sent – any document can be signed without leaving Salesforce.

The government of New South Wales counts on PDFfiller to deliver with DaDaDocs for Salesforce. When child safety and welfare are on the line, there’s no margin for error when it comes to security and productivity.

For the complete paper, click on the link below: