DaDaDocs for Dynamics 365: Complete Form Builder and Powerful PDF Editor

Our recent release of DaDaDocs for Dynamics 365 allows all Dynamics users to speed up any business process by improving their document management experience. Save time generating documents pre-filled with data from Dynamics entities for your business partners. Close deals faster by editing any agreement, proposal or invoice in PDF format on-the-go. Quickly get essential customer information, and sign a document or send it out for signing on any internet-connected device.

Now you don’t have to leave your Dynamics 365 account to manage your business workflow. DaDaDocs comes in handy at every stage of the business process: from prospecting and sending proposals to signing agreements and closing a deal.

Let’s take a closer look what DaDaDocs can do for you.

Collect customer information quickly and securely with interactive fillable forms. With DaDaDocs you can transform any agreement, proposal or application in PDF or Word format into an interactive fillable form right in your Dynamics account. Add smart fillable fields using the drag and drop wizard. No coding necessary. Moreover, the new fillable form keeps the formatting of the original document, so your company branding stays in place.

To make it even easier for your partners and customers to complete a fillable form, set the filling order and add instructions for each field. Mark fillable fields as required to be sure important information isn’t accidently skipped.

Host your fillable document on your website or share it via a link or QR code. Your colleagues and clients can access it instantly and fill it out on any mobile device using the powerful editing tools in DaDaDocs.

Now you can automatically generate business documents that are pre-filled with data stored in Dynamics entities and create customized templates in minutes. For example, you can automatically add a customer’s information from Contacts to your agreement. If you want to create several invoices for different customers, pre-fill these documents with product details from existing Opportunities without having to type everything out.

Get documents filled out and import the data to Dynamics 365 or an Excel spreadsheet.
Once a customer or partner returns you a document with all the information you need, export the data to Dynamics entities or save the data as an Excel spreadsheet. Use this information to create new agreements and contracts or start a new Dynamics Opportunity.

Brand your documents to make them recognizable and professional. With DaDaDocs you can make the documents stored in your Dynamics account unique and recognizable. Add a company logo, video or watermarks to spread the word about your business and create trust.

Collaborate on editing documents with your partners and colleagues in real time. DaDaDocs allows you to edit any native or image PDF right in your Dynamics account. Type anywhere on a PDF document, draw diagrams and tables, highlight important data and add comments and sticky notes.

With DaDaDocs you can promptly change out-of-date details or correct a typo without re-entering all the information. Erase irrelevant information with a swipe of the cursor and type new information right onto the PDF. Make as many changes to an invoice or contract as you need while the deal is still ongoing. Don’t worry if you need an older version of an agreement: you can always return to it by clicking on Versions.

If you don’t want your customers see your account number, business address, revenue or other sensitive details, it’s a cinch to blackout this information.

Close your agreements and contracts with legally binding e-Signatures, even on-the-go. With DaDaDocs you can sign any business document stored in your Dynamics account or send it out for signing in seconds from any internet-connected device.

Send the document for signing to a group of people with one click. Your colleagues and partners can sign the document on any mobile device and return it in seconds. Submitted documents are stored in your Dynamics account. You can track their status using a unique document ID and react immediately to changes.

Ensure the security of your information using a four-digit PIN and two-factor authentication. With DaDaDocs you can focus on your business and let us take care of security. Stringent security measures guarantee that only the authorized recipient can open and modify a document.

The DaDaDocs integration with Dynamics 365 allows you to manage your entire business workflow within your Dynamics account. The combination of the intuitive document creator and powerful PDF editor makes DaDaDocs a unique solution for managing documents inside Dynamics. Now you can automate the minutiae of document management and stay focused on the big picture.

Check out our official integration page on AppSource to try using DaDaDocs for Dynamics.

DaDaDocs for Salesforce: Your PDF Editor and Fillable Forms Creator

Last week, PDFfiller released its DaDaDocs integration for Salesforce. It was created to allow Salesforce users to edit PDF or Word documents, collaborate, redline or turn them into interactive fillable forms with built-in electronic signatures, all without having to leave Salesforce.

DaDaDocs is the only application on the AppExchange that allows you to collaboratively edit documents including native or image PDFs. You can start with a template, add fillable fields, or leave comments on your documents with sticky notes and annotations, track the activity inside the document, and restore earlier versions if needed. You can also provide access to others to redline, comment and edit the document. Keep track of all the changes with an audit trail and go back to previous versions with version history.

Here’s a look at the features that DaDaDocs has to offer:

We work hard to make sure your business will benefit from using DaDaDocs. Let’s take a brief look on the key features and what you can get with them.

Save time while editing, redacting and collaborating on PDFs and document attachments using a built-in editor and annotator. The thing that sets DaDaDocs apart is that it allows users to add to, type in and edit absolutely any PDF or Word document from within Salesforce. Now it’s possible to erase, redact sensitive data, highlight text, add sticky notes or rearrange pages in PDF documents without leaving Salesforce.

Since most invoices and proposals are saved and sent as a PDF, it can be frustrating to spend hours editing PDF documents and collaborating on them while negotiating contracts or finalizing purchase orders. With DaDaDocs you no longer need to download the documents to be edited and upload them back to Salesforce after they are done. Once you notice a typo or out-of-date information you can change the document right on the spot without leaving Salesforce and stopping the flow of interaction with your business partners.

Turn your documents into e-sign ready, interactive fillable forms. DaDaDoсs allows you to turn your contracts, purchase orders, quotes and applications into secure fillable forms with smart fillable fields like text, signature fields, dropdown lists or formulas. All your forms are always available for completing and signing from any internet connected device.

Here’s how one of our clients, New York Bariatric Group, used these features to improve their business workflow. Information is collected from patients via fillable forms, signed and then exported. This cuts down on overhead for paperwork and physical storage as well as expediting the process and eliminating errors due to illegible forms. You can read a detailed whitepaper about their process here.

Send documents to be filled out and signed and receive them fully completed in minutes rather than hours. Despite the plethora of e-signature solutions on the AppExchange, none of them provide Salesforce users with the combination of a complete document editor and e-signature solution. DaDaDocs does. You can entrust the whole workflow to a complete document management platform, saving time on making changes, annotating, redlining and getting documents signed in one place without leaving Salesforce.

With DaDaDocs you will react more quickly to customer activity in your documents by tracking document status, version control and receiving instant notifications after the document is completed.

All features of DaDaDocs are fully available on any mobile device, and the fact that all your documents are saved in the cloud means that they are accessible anywhere and anytime.

Fully brand all your documents so that customers, partners and colleagues recognize your forms. You can add your company’s logo, branded colors and watermarks in just a few clicks to any of your documents or fillable forms. Professional graphics and a familiar brand name on a form or contract create trust and make forms easier to understand.

Collect data from forms and documents and import it into Salesforce. No need to retype or do data entry. DaDaDocs allows you to collect information from filled out forms and easily add it to a Salesforce Opportunity or export it as an Excel spreadsheet. It’s also easy to merge data from the Opportunity with the form or document to respond to a customer with a specific proposal, quote or contract. Suppose that you need to quickly respond to important order: Now it takes several minutes to receive completed order form, export the data to Salesforce, merge it with the final receipt, and send it back to be signed.

Focus on business opportunities, not customer authentication and security problems. You can keep your documents in the the cloud with PDFfiller’s secure data storage facility. HIPAA compliance and security options like two-factor authentication, audit trails and document ID tracking safeguard the privacy and integrity of each document and account.

Make Your Workflow Faster and Business Easier with DaDaDocs
As you can see, the Salesforce integration with DaDaDocs makes it is easier and faster to share and collaborate on all of your business documents. Have contracts signed and forms completed from any internet-connected device, anywhere and at any time in just a few clicks, rather than the hours or days it may have taken to complete them before.
Check out our official integration page on the Appexchange to try using DaDaDocs for Salesforce.