9 Reasons Fillable Forms Will Change the Way You Work

Fillable Forms Creator. Make it easy for everyone to fill your forms. Add fillable fields for text, checkboxes, signature and date.
A Fast and Easy Way to Make Any Form Fillable
Fillable forms make collecting information easier than ever. You decide what parts of your document are fillable, in what order fields can be entered, and what kinds of information can be collected.
Fillable forms make form completion:
Fast. Customers can fill your forms in seconds.
Easy. Step-by-step simple navigation makes form filling intuitive.
Accurate. Clear visual cues help users avoid making mistakes.
Customize your document in less than 5 minutes:
Customize screen
Example of fillable medical questionaire form.
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Add Fillable Fields to Your Form in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Upload your document or
get it from the cloud.

Step 2

Click on the “Add Fillable Fields”
Tab in the Forms Editor. Drag &
drop fillable fields on your

Step 3

Click save to share, send for
signature or export

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Ensure Seamless & Error-free Document Completion

Turn any document
into an interactive fillable form

Create & save
reusable templates

Allow signature
and date

Get notified as soon as
form is completed

Export and collect data
in Excel or CRM

Get everyone to
sign your forms

Send out Your Customized Documents

Collaborate on a single document with multiple Colleagues.
Share your document to a specific group using a link.
Host fillable documents on your website.
Create signature requests in minutes.
Give access to your fillable forms with
a QR code.
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Jennifer R.

Allston, MA
Jennifer’s Success Story

Jennifer works for Your Health Now Inc., an onsite medical service provider. Her job is to create medical records that collect patient history, contact information and consent forms.

” – Before PDFfiller I had to collect hand written forms that were hard to read and full of mistakes. It took me too much time to transfer the information into the computer. Using the fillable forms creator I was able to create customized forms for our patients. Now it’s so much easier for them to fill out the forms and provide me with more accurate data.”

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PDFfiller Team

Get Forms Filled with LinkToFill – Newsletter Six

Introducing LinkToFill

This month’s newsletter covers PDFfiller new feature: LinkToFill, a revolutionary tool to share forms that your customers can fill from anywhere using any device!

LinkToFill Helps You Share Fillable Forms Which
Anyone Can Fill Easily

1. Host fillable documents on your website

Embed a button on your website that takes your customers to a form. The customers can see, fill, and submit the document instantly. No need for a PDFfiller account, and it’s completely FREE.


2. Share a form with your customers

Send a link to your document via email, chat, social media or SMS. The link recipient can see, fill, and submit the document instantly. No need for a PDFfiller account, and it’s completely FREE.

3. Print a QR code to let customers access your form using any mobile device

We’ll give you a QR code that you can add to any form, so your customers can access, fill, and submit the documents online from any mobile device. No need for a PDFfiller account, and it’s completely FREE.

Get Filled-Out Documents In Your PDFfiller Account

Get notified via email when someone fills in your form

Export responses in
an excel spreadsheet

Download filled forms
as PDF files

Forms that Businesses are Hosting Using LinkToFill


Rental applications
& cosigner forms


Insurance claims &
customer intake forms

Tax & Finance

W-2, W-9, 1099-misc,
1096, 1040 forms


Patient intake &
confidentiality forms

Each Month We’ll Highlight How Using PDFfiller
Can Benefit Your Business

The Benefits of Using LinkToFill:

Commonly-Used Documents Available to your Customers

LinkToFill makes it easy for real estate agencies to share documents like lease, cosigner forms, and client intake forms for filling by prospective clients.

Access Your Documents On The Go

LinkToFill makes it easy for your business to provide access to your documents via websites, social media, and email.

Faster Document Submissions

Instantly receive filled out documents and run your business efficiently.


Barbara S.

Allston, MA

Barbara’s Success Story

Baker Realty Group uses PDFfiller’s LinkToFill to host five of their most commonly-used forms for apartment and home renters, buyers and sellers. They use LinkToFill to create customized buttons on their websites, which lead their customers to fillable forms in PDFfiller’s editor.

According to Barbara, “LinkToFill has helped us take so many of our document transactions online. We love it because it helps clients sign faster and we end up getting the forms back more quickly. Those two factors speed up the pace of business immensely!”

PDFfiller Team

pMail, Pages, Date & Signature – Newsletter 5

Seamless Document Management with pMail

Give your friends the power of PDFfiller with pMail.  pMail enables you to seamlessly share documents with colleagues without leaving the platform.

Rearrange, Rotate, Delete and Insert Pages

Have you ever received a document with one page that was upside down? Rotate, rearrange, delete or insert pages to customize your documents the way you like.

Cut and Paste to Avoid Retyping

Cut and paste fields from one page to another with a single click. You can also clear all previously entered information on your document pages.

Allow only Date and Signature Tools When

Sending out for Signature

Send your document to a recipient requesting date and signature only. This will help prevent unwanted modification of documents.

Each Month We’ll Highlight How Using PDFfiller
Can Benefit Your Industry

Arthur K.

Chicago, IL

Arthur’s Success Story

Arthur K. always loved the convenience of using PDFfiller to fill out and sign personal documents, so when he started Magna Realty, he introduced it to the whole staff. He knew that the software would help his agents spend less time managing documents and more time selling houses. Magna agents also save valuable time getting contracts signed remotely using PDFfiller’s signature request feature.

” – The technology makes it easier to recruit top agents and close more listings. Our agents have the flexibility of sitting down with a buyer to accept an offer on the fly on their smartphones or tablets.”

PDFfiller Team

Recent Newsletters

Fillable Forms: PDFfiller Newsletter 4

Fill your tax forms in half the time with Fillable Forms

We’ve done the work for you and made the most commonly-used tax forms fillable

Simple Navigation
Simply click on the field where you’d like to type. Move between fields by pressing the arrow icons or the tab key.

Faster Completion
Once you’ve selected your field, simply start typing. It’s that easy! You can also check selection boxes by clicking on them.

Digital Signing
When you select a signature field in a fillable form, the Signature Manager will open & you can apply your signature to the document automatically.

With fillable forms, you still have full access to all of PDFfiller’s powerful annotation tools, so you can highlight, erase, add images, sign, draw, add text and much more, anywhere on the document.

Each Month We Highlight How Using PDFfiller can Benefit Your Industry

Sharon Lemke

Sharon’s Success Story

Sharon Lemke is an HR specialist who works for a small tech company. It’s her job to get out tax and other HR forms to 46 employees. These include the W9, W4, I9 and NDA forms that employees sign when they are first hired and the W2 forms to report wage-related income during tax season.

“ – I am a bit of a procrastinator and having PDFfiller to help me collect the filled-out forms, send them out, and store them for our own records was a life saver! I especially love the fillable forms – I can do them in my sleep and it takes me half the time to get everything ready to go. I often need more than one signature on a single document and PDFfiller makes it easy and fast to get joint signatures.”

Chicago, IL

PDFfiller Team

Sign and Request Signatures for your PDFs — PDFfiller Newsletter 3


Hi there,Have you noticed something new at
PDFfiller? In this newsletter we’ll introduce you to our Google Chrome Extension, our new functions SendToSign & Share, and the new Signature Manager & Address Book.
Top people
Shopper Approved Rating We have reached a milestone of over 2500+ five-star ratings. A huge “Thank you” to all our customers that have taken the time to give their feedback. Check out what others are saying about PDffiller here.

We Have Some Exciting Additions

Google Chrome Extension

Chrome ExtentionWith this new trick you will no longer have to download attachments, save and search for files, or upload documents to your account. Simply add the PDFfiller extention to your Chrome Browser and:

Chrome Extention Option 1Chrome Extention Option 2

The document will instantly open in the PDFfiller editor ready for
you to add text, highlight, sign, and more!

Get You Chrome Extension

New signature manager

Rachel C Rachel C had never liked the way eSignatures looked when they were typed – and as an administrator telecommuting from her home in Annapolis, MD, boy did she have some signing to do!“ – With PDFfiller, I used the new Signature Manager to create a signature by drawing straight on my tablet – I did it from home and was signing documents from my kitchen! I love being able to get my work done from anywhere!”

Share and SendToSign are Ready for You to Try

Big Scheme Share Documents

Collaborate in editing the same document with up to 10 colleagues. Everyone you invite will get an invitation and instructions on how to access the collaborative workspace from anywhere.

No need to pre-register or sign up. Use all the power of PDFfiller’s editing and signature tools to get the job done quickly. See the history of all the changes. Once done, print, fax or download the finished document.

Send Documents to be Signed

Scheme 1


Send a unique copy of
a document to be signed.

Scheme 2

Send to Each

Send a document to be
signed in a specific order.

Scheme 3

Send to Many

Send a document to
be signed in any order.

NOTE: You can send to up to 20 recipients. You will receive a confirmation email as each document is signed.

Eddie Realtor Eddie R used PDFfiller to close the deal on a house sale in Erie, PA using PDFfiller’s SendtoEach function.“ – It was great – all I had to do was indicate in PDFfiller’s interface that the Offer to Purchase and Contract should be signed by the seller, then the buyer, and then sent back to my office. If you have a signature process which requires multiple steps, I highly recommend it”
Mary Mary Q just saved herself a lot of time and trouble by using PDFfiller’s SendtoMany function to get non-disclosure agreements signed by all the employees in her small tech start-up. Mary says:“ – I wish I had started using PDFfiller ages ago! It has made such a difference in the turn-around time for getting our documents signed. Plus, it has been a huge step in terms of developing a paperless workflow for our office”

New Address Book Look

Address Book Last but not least, Use PDFfiller’s Address Book to automatically add email addresses from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Outlook account. You can access these contacts when you send documents for signing or sharing with your colleagues.
Check out the Address Book here.

Get ready to edit and share documents in a whole new way.

Get started with our new features today!

PDFfiller Team