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How to Edit PDF Files


  1. How to edit PDF files
  2. How to edit a PDF file using a software
  3. How to choose the right PDF editing software
  4. What about an online PDF app
  5. Converting PDF to editable format

How to Edit PDF Files

People who are used to working with a Word document may find it confusing when they have to make changes in a PDF file. Unlike Word files, PDFs consist mostly of objects not words that makes it hard to modify. Another difficulty about editing PDFs lies in getting around file security. Most PDF files are well-protected. A document owner may set a password to make data in a document visible to trusted individuals or they may set restricted access to allow changes to some parts of the content. Depending on the document security level there are three methods to break the protection and make a PDF editable:

  1. Install software on your desktop or laptop
  2. Work in a web-based app
  3. Convert the PDF to an editable format

Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. You can get a free app but limited functionality or buy a program with a full-featured editor. Let’s have a closer look at each method.

How to edit a PDF file using a software

If you often have to edit PDF files, installed software may be the right choice. What’s nice about it is that all the editing is done quickly, straight from the desktop. You get a specific set of features and a strong data security system that can be improved when upgrading the software.

However the price is where these programs fall short. Often the quality you get outweighs the cost issue especially if you’re going to use the program regularly. Another important thing about PDF software is its compatibility with operating systems. Some programs are designed for Windows and won’t run on Mac or Linux.

How to choose the right PDF editing software

When choosing among dozens of PDF editing programs focus on those that offer a free trial. It will help you test the core features and decide whether the program matches your needs. PDF-XChange Editor, for example, is a fast and small program with many features that don’t require a licence. With this software you can easily change text, esign the document and add comments or annotations. It also has a free demo version with some limitation on tools.

All software that can edit PDF files contains a different set of features and thus are differently priced. Compare some programs to get the best value for your money. Among top PDF editing software for Mac iSkysoft takes a leading position. With this tool you can preview, modify not only the text but also images and graphics and even scanned PDFs. However, its cost may be a real downside. If you can’t afford iSkysoft, try out Skim. You can download it for free and make almost the same number of edits including highlighting, erasing and underlining text or adding sticky notes.

What about an online PDF app

Installing specific software is often inconvenient. Hopefully there are tons of web-based PDF tools that don’t require going through a tedious installation process. With these apps you can edit PDFs any time from any internet-connected device. Generally, this is a faster and cheaper way to complete common tasks such as when you need to fill out a form in PDF or even make extensive edits. If that is what you need, PDFfiller is just the thing. It is a complete pdf editor that allows you to create and manage PDF documents, modify the content and formatting using a wide array of editing tools. PDFfiller makes it easy to add a digital signature, sticky notes, annotations, erase blackout and highlight text.

how to edit a pdf

how to edit pdf file

edit pdf

Based on users’ preferences PDFfiller offers different subscription plans. This is what makes it a good option for basic PDF editing needs and pro tasks.

Converting PDF to editable format

Changing PDF format into an editable one, say a Word file, seems reasonable in theory until it comes to the practical part. As a result of the conversion process the structure of the PDF file is destroyed. A few apps are able to correctly perform file conversion.

There is no true one-size-fits-all approach that would make editing PDF files absolutely hassle-free. But there is definitely a solution that combines features to meet specific user needs.

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Reporting Cancelled Debt with IRS 1099-C

You may be off the hook with the recent cancellation of a debt, but don’t forget to report it to the IRS with Form 1099-C!

Here at PDFfiller, we are continuing with our review of the all 1099 forms you’ll need this tax season.  This post provides a handy guide to the IRS Form 1099-C.

What is an IRS 1099-C?

According to the IRS,  when any debt you owe that is canceled, forgiven or discharged, that counts as taxable income. Form 1099-C “Cancellation of Debt” informs the IRS about debt that has been cancelled or wiped out in bankruptcy. A creditor or money lender has to file this form to inform about the cancellation of debt of more than $600 to a debtor and to the IRS.

Among the reasons to file a 1099-C are:

• You negotiated a settlement to pay the debt for less than the amount you owe and the lender forgave the rest of the loan amount.
• You owe a home that is now in foreclosure, and there is a difference between the value of the home and the amount owed – in this case, be sure to check out our post on 1099-A.
• You sold the home in a short sale and the lender agreed to accept a lump sum amount.
• You fail to pay anything on a debt for the past three years and must surrender a property in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Who needs an IRS 1099-C form?

A financial institution under section 581 or 591(a), a credit union, a successor of FDI corporation, NCU administration, military department, U.S. postal service, postal rate commission, a federal government agency or finance company all may need to file the 1099-C form. If you receive a Form 1099-C from a lender, you’ll have to report the amount on that form to the Internal Revenue Service as taxable income.

When is IRS 1099-C due?

File copies with the IRS by the end of February and a copy to the debtor by the end of January.

How do I fill out IRS 1099-C?

The creditor must provide information such as the name of the debtor, TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), address, and date of the cancellation. The document must describe the debt, list the total the amount forgiven and provide a reasonable market value of the property in case real estate is involved.

For more information on form 1099-C and it’s relationship with 1099-A, check out the following video:

Where do I send IRS 1099-C?

Send one copy of the 1099-C to the IRS and copy B to the debtor and keep copy C with you.

So now you know how to get started, you can fill out and eSign your 1099-C with PDFfiller, and remember, “A man who pays his bills on time is soon forgotten.”  

-Oscar Wilde


Turn Your World Right Side Up with PDFfiller ‘Pages’ Tool

Have you ever received a PDF form where one of the pages was upside down? If that’s something that drives you crazy, never fear, PDFfiller has a ‘Pages’ tool that lets you correct the orientation of a document – or even a single page within a document. But that’s the least of  its capabilities…

The Pages tool is located on the left hand side of your Editor screen – it can open and close with the small arrow tab. When you open the Pages tool, you can preview thumbnails of each page of the document.   On the top of tool you’ll see two bars.  The lower bar allows you to change the order of  individual pages within the document, as well as rotate or delete them.  Pressing the restore button returns the document to its previous state.



In the upper bar, the arrow keys allow you to advance through pages individually while the double arrows  take you to the beginning or the end of the document.

The ‘Gear’ button is where things get really good.  When you click on the button, you will see a list of options including ‘Copy Fields’, which allows you to copy all the fields you edited on one page and paste them on subsequent pages with a single click.  That comes in real handy when you have to fill out forms – say the IRS W2 Form – in which you have to add the same information to multiple pages. You can also clear the information you added to one or all of the pages of the document.



So take a page out of PDFfiller‘s book, and take advantage of everything that the ‘Pages’ tool has to offer.  It can give you a whole new outlook on filling your forms!

PDFfiller and Google Docs: A Match Made in Heaven

Do you ever long for a more harmonious union…between your favorite software platforms? Don’t you think that document management would be easier if your favorite programs would just, you know, get along?  Well if you do, you are in luck.  There are actually four new ways that you can take advantage of the integration of Google Docs functionality into the PDFfiller platform, allowing you to use all the great tools that each program has to offer.  These four new points of integration include:

• The PDFfiller Google Chrome extension (you can read more about this here)
• ‘Edit with Google’ tool (within PDFfiller’s platform)
• The PDFfiller Google Drive App (an option under ‘Open With’ within Google Drive)
• The PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On (coming soon)

In this post we are going to concentrate on the second feature or the ‘Edit with Google’ tool which is found on the PDFfiller ‘My Forms’ page.  This is the tool you’ll use when you are working within PDFfiller and need to make use of the full word processing capacity of Google Docs.  To start with, the option to edit with Google will be accessible only when you have a doc file saved in My Forms in your PDFfiller account.  Once you have uploaded a doc to My Forms and the box next to it is checked, you’ll notice an Edit with Google icon becomes available.



When you click on that icon, it takes you to a window that has the full Google Docs word processing toolbar.  Using this toolbar you can make any text and formatting changes that you typically make when working with Google Docs.  Any changes that you make to the document while editing within Google Docs will automatically be saved to the document when you hit the orange ‘Done’ button and return to the ‘My Forms’ page within the PDFfiller.

While editing in Google Docs, you’ll also still have access to the PDFfiller export tools that you know and love.  Running along the top of the window, you’ll see a sign ‘Editing Document with Google Docs, and if you press the orange ‘Done’ button you’ll see the familiar PDFfiller icons which allow you to print the document you are working on, send it with pMail, fax, save it as a PDF, share it, use the SendtoSign function, or return to ‘My Forms’.


Editing with Google Docs


Get the best of both worlds and start taking advantage of the Google Doc’s word processing capacity without ever having to leave PDFfiller!  For more on how Google Docs integration allows for the creation of new PDF documents and signature workflows with existing documents in Google Drive, stay tuned for our next installment of A Match Made in Heaven.

DIY: Texas Final Decree of Divorce

When it comes to marriage, it’s not over until it’s over.  Or… until you have the Final Decree of Divorce in hand.

The Texas Final Decree of Divorce is the court’s formal order granting a termination of your marriage.  If your case has gone to trial and the judge has issued a judgment, this judgement is confirmed when the decree is signed and dated by the judge and court clerk.  However the Court’s endorsement of the Final Decree actually represents the last stage in a series of steps that make up the typical Texas divorce.

The first step is typically when one spouse obtains an Original Petition for Divorce.  After filling and making two copies (one for you and one for your spouse), the Clerk will stamp your paperwork and assign a case number and a judicial district. A copy then needs to be delivered to your spouse either in person or by certified mail for legal notice of your divorce filing.  After serving an original petition you will receive a Return of Service that must be filed with the District Clerk’s office.

Your spouse may respond to the Original Petition in one of two ways – ideally by signing a Waiver of Citation, which means that they waive all of their legal rights in the case and agree to the divorce and all related issues.  Alternately, they may file an Answer to Divorce that lets the court know they are actively participating in the case and do not want to waive their legal rights.  They may then file a Counter Petition that lays out their own claims against the individual filing for divorce.

In the case of a contested divorce, you and your spouse will most likely either have to seek legal counsel or go to a divorce mediator to arrive at some kind of an agreement.  It typically takes about six months to one year or longer to finalize a divorce, depending on the degree of conflict between  you and your spouse.

In the case of an uncontested divorce, when you have somehow managed to agree on terms including the issues of how to divide property and debts, the terms of spousal support, and the division of responsibilities regarding child custody, visitation, and support, you can fill out your own Final Decree for signature by the judge during your hearing.  If you fill the form in yourself, make sure you use the correct one – Texas Final Decree of Divorce no Children, or the Texas Final Decree of Divorce with Children.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if you haven’t retained a lawyer,  you might consider having your paperwork reviewed by one to make sure everything has been filled out correctly.  If your divorce can’t be finalized soon enough, get started filling out your Final Decree of Divorce with PDFfiller now.  For more on representing yourself in divorce, please see the Pro Se Divorce Handbook from the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the Texas State Bar.  And in the meantime, we wish you a very easy and speedy resolution!