Claim tax credit for your child or dependent by filing IRS Form 2441

IRS Form 2441

As we all know, sometimes parents who are working full time, need extra help to properly take care of their children. That’s why parents very often hire someone to look after their children so they can work and earn income to support the family. If you are a parent in this situation, you’re allowed to claim tax credit for your child’s expenses. At the same time, if you received any child care benefits, you have to exclude that amount from your income. IRS Form 2441 is used to calculate the amount of these benefits.


What are child care benefits?

For example, these benefits could include any money paid to you by your employer so that you can hire a person to look after your son or daughter while you work. It may also include the cost of using a daycare establishment sponsored or provided by the employer. Or there may be benefits that include pre-tax contributions that you’ve made under a child care FSA (flexible spending arrangement). FSA is an account where you save money to be used for out-of-pocket health care costs. This money is not taxable, which means you will save the sum equal to the amount of taxes you would have paid on the money you simply set aside.


What are the requirements for claiming a tax credit?

If you decide to claim a tax credit to cover the expenses for your child, make sure you know the rules. If you make a claim for dependent children, remember they must be no older than 13 years of age. You may also make a claim for a tax credit if you have a disabled spouse, or someone who is physically or mentally unable to care for themselves. Keep in mind, the credit won’t always cover all expenses. According to the IRS, only expenses that are necessary, so you can go to work, can be covered by a credit.

Any payment made to other dependents who serve as a care provider must be excluded from the credit. But when you hire an adult to care for your child, you can then include payments made to them, but only if they are 19 or older. Also, pay attention to the type of credit that is available to you based on your earned income when filing a tax return.


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How to file IRS Form 2441

IRS Form 2441 is officially known as the Child and Dependent Care Expenses Form. It is a two-page document that can easily be filled through PDFfiller. Type text anywhere on the fillable form, insert a date, place check marks and sign the form without installing any software. When you complete the form, you have to attach it to your return (1040, 1040A, 1040NR).

Form 2441 has three parts. The first section is the Persons or Organizations Who Provided the Care. Here you must indicate the care provider’s name, address, identifying number (SSN or EIN), and the amount paid. Then you have to indicate whether you received any dependent care benefits. If yes, you have to complete the third part of the form. If no, you only have to fill out the second part.

Part 2 of Form 2441 is called the Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses. Here, you need to provide information about the qualifying person: Name, SSN etc. And, make sure you indicate all qualified expenses. Also, point out your earned income and make some calculations according to the  instructions.

Part 3 of IRS Form 2441 is titled the Dependent Care Benefits. First of all, enter the total amount of all benefits you’ve received during the year. In this part, you also have to make some calculations. Be attentive, because even a single mistake in these calculations may lead to the form being rejected.


Where to mail IRS Form 2441

When you attach Form 2441 to your return, you have to send it directly to the IRS. With PDFfiller, you can complete the form online and send it via email. You may also print it out and send to the IRS by mail.