How to convert PDF to Word?

In today`s fast-paced world people have to solve their issues quickly and in most cases do it on the go. Now it is possible to put aside lots of paperwork and prepare documents online without using any scanners or printers. The users are offered to take an advantage of online service for a document creating and further converting pdf to word. It allows to convert any fillable form in no time without any difficulties. The only thing you have to do is to follow the specified instructions.


Suppose you are not in the office and urgently need to fill out a document and bring it in compliance with the requirements before converting back to PDF format. It is easy to do with the help of PDFfiller, because it allows you not only to fill out any form, but even to convert it from PDF to Word just in a few minutes using your laptop. You will experience the easiness of editing a document including images, pages and paragraphs.


Before now it used to be a quite time-taking procedure when people had to text a document by hand in Word or copy the content of a document from PDF files. Such service will come in handy to meet whether business or personal needs. Forget about such difficulties and use PDFfiller in order to save your time. PDF to Word converting procedure consists of several effortless steps. In order to facilitate this process first see the video given below:

First a person should do is to choose a necessary form and fill it out online or download to his/her account. It is possible to upload a document from your computer to PDFfiller account for further alteration. PDFfiller online editor allows to edit any document according to your requirements by using variety of tools and advanced features. In order to insert text in the fillable form click the “Text” button and start texting. If you need to sign a form, click the “Signature” button and create your signature by typing, drawing or uploading. For additional fillable fields click “Add fillable fields” and insert the required text, image or signature. After a document is completed, click to the “Done” button at the right and save it as shown in example:

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On the next page choose a Word format among other formats provided and click the “Word” button. PDF document will be immediately converted to Word format and saved onto your computer. Check a converted document in “My documents” and save it as shown below:

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