Correcting Mistakes with a W-2C

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W-2C sounds like a type of motor oil. But it’s actually a form used by the IRS to correct any mistakes an individual may find on the W-2 forms they received from their employer, like a misspelled name or incorrect social security number. Employers can also use this form to provide a corrected W2 to an employee. As soon as you find a mistake on a W-2, it’s best to file a W-2C immediately.

Found a mistake on your W-2 form? Click here to correct it with a W2-C.

Luckily the W-2C is pretty self-explanatory. Simply fill in your contact information, then list the mistakes or incorrect numbers in the appropriate boxes on the left, followed by the correct information to the right. Complete only the boxes that apply to your specific W-2 error. That’s it!

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