CP&Y Goes Digital with PDFfiller to Complete ‘Wetland Delineation Forms’ Faster


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Sarah Itz is an environmental specialist for CP&Y, focusing on writing NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) documents, preparing USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) permits, and conducting field work, amongst other responsibilities.

The Problem

Itz’s work demands she fill out documents, particularly “wetland delineation forms” that need to be submitted for planning permissions for specific projects in which bodies of water are involved. “Most wetland delineation forms online are read only which is less than desirable,” said Itz — “I needed some you could fill out electronically.”

There was no easy solution. “Sometimes it is tricky finding [the necessary documents],” Itz said. But the problem was bigger than just locating the document she needed. Completing paper-based documents was a difficult, multi-step process. After she located them, Itz and the CP&Y team “would have to print them out, handwrite them, scan [them], and save them somewhere.” The process was time-consuming and unnecessarily involved. And it wasted paper — “we try to minimize/eliminate paper copies,” said Itz, “so read only wetland forms just were not working for us”.

The Solution

Itz started looking for a complete online document management solution that would enable her “fill [forms] out online, save them, and edit them anytime I needed to.” She found PDFfiller — switching to the service was “not hard at all,” Itz said.

Now Itz uses PDFfiller regularly “whenever I have wetland forms to type up.” PDFiller has been the ideal solution to her PDF problems.

PDFfiller offers a variety of ways to maximize the ability of users to manipulate, complete, and transmit PDF documents. PDFfiller’s powerful tools allow you to send, sign, edit, erase, highlight, redact, and add sticky notes to a document. Use ‘LinkToFill’ to send documents to colleagues, coworkers, and organizations to complete. PDFfiller’s advanced ‘SendToSign’ feature allows you to send documents for signature.

PDFfiller’s massive document library gives all users access to over 25 million forms that are easily completable online. PDFfiller offers forms for everybody and users in every industry. From W2s and passport renewal forms to profit and loss and rental agreement forms, PDFfiller has consolidated a huge range of forms to make it easy for you to complete the documents you need. If the form you need isn’t in PDFfiller’s library, it’s easy to download a PDF document and turn it into a fillable form on PDFfiller without the use of a printer, scanner or even a pen.

The process is easy for Itz: she uses PDF filler’s document library to download wetland delineation forms and then uses PDFfiller’s powerful online editing platform to type directly into the document. She can even add a legally binding signature completely electronically and then direct the documents to their final destination with a click of the mouse. PDFfiller is the fastest and easiest way to way to complete and sign documents and is accessible from any internet connected device, at anytime, anywhere.

The Benefits of Going Digital


PDFfiller allows Itz to complete her documents more quickly and easily than paper-based solutions. “It is very convenient,” said Itz. PDFfiller’s many features mean that document management tools are right at your fingertips. “I like having all my forms in one place. I also like that I can make folder to keep separate projects separate,” she said. And, says Itz, PDFiller is “very” “easy to use”.


PDFfiller is the fastest way to fill out PDF documents. Type directly onto PDF documents and add a legally binding electronic signature in just a few clicks. Edit, erase, highlight, redact, and add sticky notes to documents instantly using PDFfiller’s powerful tools.


PDFfiller offers a secure and simple way to store and consolidate all your digital documents. It’s “handy to have all your files in one place,” said Itz.


PDFfiller can help save time and money. It’s cheaper and faster to complete, edit, sign and send documents. Itz and CP&Y saves on time and resources like paper and postage. For Itz, PDFfiller “saves time since I don’t have to search the internet for fillable wetland data forms anymore”, and also because these forms are now so quick and easy to complete and transmit.

Ecological Benefits

PDFfiller is the easiest way to go green. Because there are no longer paper documents to deal with or the carbon footprint of sending post, it is the most ecological document management solution. As an employee at an environmentally conscious company, Itz herself was concerned about the impact of her document management on the natural world. Going green with PDFfiller was “definitely” a factor that precipitated her switch to an ecological online alternative to document management.


PDFfiller makes it “easy to edit documents whenever you need to,” Itz said. Professionals across various industries rely on PDFfiller’s fast, efficient, and powerful online service to edit, complete, sign, and send documents whenever they need to, from wherever they are, on whatever internet-connected device they have at hand. For Itz and CP&Y, PDFfiller has streamlined the document completion process and made it faster and easier to fill out and transmit critical forms.

PDFfiller makes the difficult things easy by applying powerful tools to solve problems simply. Completing the forms you need and transmitting them is now just a few mouse clicks away.

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