Create PDFs and save them while preserving the editable fillable fields

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One of the most common feature requests to PDFfiller was to give users the option to save fillable PDF forms to a computer or cloud storage with editable fillable fields. And we did it.

But why exactly is this so important?


The problem of ’locked’ fillable fields slows down your business workflow

Let’s say you want to send an invoice with fillable fields to be completed by your business partners.

Transforming any static invoice, survey, application, contract or agreement into an interactive fillable PDF form is easy: you just drag and drop smart fillable fields onto your document. A fillable PDF invoice will preserve the format of the original document.


The only problem is that a fillable PDF form saved to your computer is no longer dynamic. In other words, when you send your business partners an invoice, they won’t be able to edit the PDF.

Installing special software like Adobe Acrobat Pro just to make fields editable takes almost an hour – and it will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $180-$250 just for a single download. Besides this, learning the functionality of a complex product for editing PDFs can take up to three hours (and possibly more).

As a result, you won’t have all of the necessary documents in time to close a deal.


PDFfiller has managed to solve the problem of “locked” fillable forms

With PDFfiller, you can now save your fillable document as a PDF file onto your computer or cloud storage – while still preserving the editable fillable fields.

Share the same fillable document with multiple customers and business partners as many times as you need.

Once a recipient downloads a fillable document to a computer, they can quickly complete all of the fillable fields simply by using the available desktop tools – even if they’re offline.


Your digital workflow at its best!

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So how  to export a fillable PDF form with editable fillable fields?

  1. Once you’ve added and customized fillable fields on your invoice, click the orange DONE button and select Save As from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose the format for the invoice you’d like to save and specify the destination place.
  3. Set Export Options: enable Save with Fillable Fields to make your invoice editable offline even without special software. Once your clients receive the invoice, they can easily download and complete it on any device in minutes.
  4. If you want to save only the information you’ve added to the fillable fields, enable the Save Content Only function. This option comes in handy if you need to transfer your data to a blank document of any format.
  5. To make sure you never lose your invoice on a hard drive or on cloud storage, add PDFfiller to your document’s name.
  6. Finally, protect your fillable invoice with a password.
  7. Click Save As to download the fillable invoice with the selected options.

Now you’re done! The whole process takes less than a minute. Now you can email your invoice to recipients so they can enjoy completing it offline even without special tools.

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