DD Form 2656: How to Resolve Issues With Pension Payments Upon Retirement

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DD Form 2656: Data for Payment of Retired Personnel

No career lasts forever and the career of a soldier is no exception. In each soldier’s life there comes a time when he needs to think about the settlement of pension issues. For this purpose, the Department of Veterans Affairs has developed a DD Form 2656 which is the Data for Payment of Retired Personnel and is used to establish a form of payment and all associated details of further pension payments.
The text of this form provided by PDFfiller is preceded by two pages of instructions that are required to be read before you start filling out such an important document.

Who needs a DD Form 2656?

A retiring soldier must fill out the form to receive payments stipulated by the pension legislation.

What is the DD Form 2656 for?

The DD-2656 (also known as Payment of Retired Personnel Form) is the most important document that you will fill out in preparation for retirement. Form DD-2656 is used by the Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain information needed to open a retired payment account. By completing this form, you have to make a decision about 1) how exactly you would like to get your remuneration; 2) who will receive the money owed to you in the event of your death; 3) Federal and State tax withholding information; 4) Survivor Benefit Coverage. Once you submit this form, your Branch of Service will send it and all other documents to DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay.

Is the DD Form 2656 accompanied by other forms?

Submission of the DD-2656 form is preceded by the preparation of the following documents: 1) Retirement Orders; 2) Separation Data; 3) Statement of Service; 4) High Average Base Amount.You must be familiar with the information these documents contain. This information and the information from the DD-2656 form will be the basis for the retirement conditions.

When is the DD Form 2656 due?

You must prepare and submit all the necessary documents no later than six months before the date of your intended retirement.

How do I fill out the DD Form 2656?

The form includes twelve sections to complete. Usually, trained staff from the Personnel Support Detachment office help to fill out this form. In any case, you will need to provide accurate information about yourself, your marital status, tax status, fund transfer information. The document must be signed by the applicant. If necessary, it should also be signed by the applicant’s spouse (her signature should be confirmed by a notary).

Where do I send the DD Form 2656?

All documents must be submitted to the office that deals with registration of soldiers’ retirement. It is assumed that the address of the office is known to the applicant. Usually such an office is the nearest VA facility known to the applicant.