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The Easy Way to Solve the Problem of Printing High-Quality Legal and Letter Size PDFs

Imagine that your business partner has sent you a PDF contract that needs to be printed out in a legal format. Or maybe you have a scanned copy of an invoice which has to be manually enlarged or shrunk to fit a certain page size.

What should be considered a simple task, can sometimes take hours. First, you have to download a PDF Reader to your computer. Then you need to adjust all pages of the scanned invoice to the paper size. Two hours later the document is finally printed out. You then discover the text and images on the printed document are cut off or shrunk and your clients and business partners are unhappy.

We have been working to improve the process of printing documents from different sizes and file types based on your feedback and we’ve finally done it! PDFfiller is the only online service that allows you to print out any native or scanned PDF online according to your desired print permissions. Now you can easily print your PDF agreements, contracts and invoices on legal, letter or A4 size paper in seconds, without additional downloads or tedious steps.

Customize Printing Options and Choose the Paper Size of your PDFs

After editing a PDF in your PDFfiller account, choose Print from the dropdown list and open the print menu. Alternatively, you can select up to five documents in MY DOCS and instantly print them.

Click Print Settings and customize the print options in a few easy steps.

If you only need to print the information you’ve entered on a blank document, enable Print Content Only. This option is useful if you need to print out multiple documents containing similar data, such as tax forms.

PDFfiller automatically detects the paper size that fits your document. You can also choose this option yourself: US letter size for catalogs, letters and forms, legal size for contracts, loan agreements and applications, and A4 size for standard PDF documents. Check the paper size in your printer and make sure it matches the PDF page size.

Adjust the Scaling of Scanned PDFs

If you deal with scanned PDFs and you’d like to enlarge or shrink the page size to print out a high-quality document, select the relevant option from the Page Scale dropdown list or specify a scale percentage manually.

That’s it: your PDF is ready for printing! Click the Preview tab to see how your document will look on paper. If you’ve noticed a typo, there is no need to worry: the Cancel button will return you to editing mode.

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