Edit PDF Forms with PDFfiller.com

Let’s start off by reviewing the basics of how PDFfiller.com works.

With PDFfiller.com, you can edit PDF forms (even if the original PDF form was not editable) and then store, print or email it. You can upload forms from your desktop or from the internet, and you can find many common forms using our search option. Click here to learn more about the search tool.

Wondering what we mean by edited? When we say “edit” the form, we mean your ability to write anywhere on a form, to fill in fields, and rearrange the pages as you see fit.

Whether you choose to fill out a form already found on PDFfiller.com or choose to upload your own form, you will be taken to a view of the form where the first page is front and center, and the other pages are arranged, in order, in a sidebar to the left. You will arrive at this view anytime you click the bright red “Fill Online” button.

In this view, the page that you are currently modifying will be highlighted pink in the left-hand sidebar.


The first time you land on the editor page, a popup window with instructions for how to use PDFfiller’s software will float above the form that you have chosen. This is the help window. You can retrieve it anytime by clicking on the “Help” button on the top navigation bar.


While viewing the help window, you can also watch a video that explains how to complete the specific form that you have chosen.



To write on the form, simply put your cursor where you want to type, then click.

You’ll notice when you do this, five small red icons appear and hover near your cursor. In order from left to right, these icons allow you to move the text that you are typing (by holding and dragging), to accept it as complete (by pressing “Ok”), to clear what you wrote and start again (by clicking the trash can), and to make the font size bigger (up arrow) and smaller (down arrow.)


You can change the font style by clicking the “Font” button on the top navigation bar.

A pop-up window will appear that lets you choose different font settings including color, size and font type/style.


The top navigation bar also allows you to make three types of check marks on a form, add a signature or pictures to the form, and rearrange the order of pages within the form.


Adding a picture can be useful for passport applications, identification card applications, insurance claim forms, etc. For further instruction on how to insert a picture into your PDF, click here.

Clicking on the “Pages” button opens a window that allows you to change the order of your PDF’s pages, rotate individual pages in different directions, and delete any pages you do not need (such as a form’s instruction sheet).


To learn more about adding signatures to your documents, click here.

We’d love your feedback about your experience editing forms on PDFfiller.com. Are we explaining everything that you need to know? Are we coming through loud and clear? Or foggy and confusing? Let us know what you think and feel free to ask questions!