Employers’ Guide to W-3

As an employer, you know you need to fill out and submit W-2 forms so the IRS can keep track of your employees’ total earning, medicare wages, Social Security wages, and tax withholding. (Still haven’t completed your W-2? Click here to get started.)

In addition to reporting all your employees’ info to the IRS every year, you need to send that information to the Social Security Administration too. That’s where Form W-3 comes in. This form is a transmittal which forwards the W-2 statistics to the Social Security Administration, just so every department is on the same page. Tax Form W-3 is a summary return which shows the totals from all your employees’ W-2s.

Note: You are required to submit both the W-2 and the W-3 forms at the same time. The Social Security Administration requires that these forms be sent to them no later than the end of February. They also require you to attach copies of your employees’ W-2 tax forms to your completed W-3. (Before you submit them, make sure the totals from Tax Form W-3 equal the total on all submitted W-2 forms.)

The W-3 form can be submitted by either by paper mail or electronically, and PDFfiller’s system makes it easy to do both, as well as save a copy for your own records. After all, we do provide our subscribers with unlimited cloud storage.

Looking for more instructions on completing Form W-3? Watch this:



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