The Employment Application: Your Key to a Better Job

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The Employment Application Form and how to fill it out right!

Applying for a job can be a tedious and sometimes exhausting process. To facilitate it for both applicants and hiring managers, numerous samples of employment  forms have been created. In this blog post, we are taking a closer look at the Employment Application Form used by the state of Alaska.

Who needs an Employment Application Form?

This application for employment is designed to be used by job seekers in Alaska. It is one of the most widely used forms for claiming one’s candidacy for a particular job opening.

What is the Employment Application Form for?

On the one hand, the fillable application form serves as such, listing the applicant’s personal details, permits, and capabilities and readiness to get started in a new job. On the other hand, an application for employment acts as a resume, providing a comprehensive summary of the applicant’s education, job experience, skills and qualifications.

Is the Employment Application Form accompanied by other forms?

Typically, the application procedure and required supporting documentation are indicated in the job announcement. There isn’t a uniform application package. Every company has requirements, deadlines, and hiring processes grounded in the company’s philosophy.  Therefore, some vacancies may not require any additional materials or documentation, while others may include a resume or a CV, references, salary history, or driver’s license.

The employment application is very likely to be accompanied by a cover letter. The instructions outlined in the job announcement will typically guide candidates through the process.

When is Employment Application Form due?

Employment application due dates are usually specified in the notice letter. In case you miss a deadline, it might be useful to check the job announcement at a later time. The date ranges of an application are sometimes extended.

How do I fill out the Employment Application Form?

The first thing a company should include on the employment form is the company name and the title of the available position.

All other parts of the form provide information on the applicant (employee):
• Personal data (full name, contacts, address)
• Consent/ability to work under specific conditions
• Employment history (list of employers, positions, skills, working periods, reasons for leaving)
• Education
• Military data
• Skills and qualifications
• References
• Emergency contact
• Signature and date

Where do I send the Employment Application Form?

Before pressing the “Send” button, it is strongly recommended that you review the application’s content to check that nothing is missing. The mailing address and the recipient are typically mentioned in the job opening notice.