Faxing Your PDF from Any Device

Editing digital documents with PDFfiller.com is a practical paperless solution. But what happens when a piece of physical paper is absolutely necessary?

Even when paper is required, there’s no need to add ink to your printer or go searching for a fax machine.

In addition to our convenient editing service, PDFfiller.com offers a free faxing service that can produce paper versions of documents without requiring you to actually make a “hard copy”. You can send any document to any fax machine, quickly and easily, using any device, instantly creating a paper version  for the recipient.

Faxing from PDFfiller.com is easy. Simply select the document that you want to fax from your folder of stored documents. Once it’s selected, click the “Fax” button in the right-hand menu of options.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.55.06 PM


You will arrive at a page where you can fill in the recipient’s fax number, and other the information typically found on a traditional fax cover sheet. Examples include: your name, the name of the fax’s intended recipient, the recipient’s company name, and your contact information. You can also choose to send your entire document or just a few of the pages.


Once you have entered your desired information, press the “Send Fax” button. A new window will ask you to make choices about your document’s appearance – whether you want to send it in landscape or portrait format, or your image quality preference, etc.


Once you’ve made your selections, press “Send Fax” again and you will receive a notification that your document has been queued up within the PDFfiller.com system to be sent.


You will receive a confirmation email once your fax has been delivered. Was this helpful? Drop us a line!