5 High Conversion Marketing Tips for Targeting Millennials

Those who were born after the mid-90s can become your best customers if you have a marketing strategy that truly speaks to them. Men and women aging from 20-35 in 2017 currently number more than 75.4 million. That makes them the largest generation of consumers entering their prime spending years. This generation came of age during an era of major digital advances, so keeping up with the latest technological developments is a key factor in marketing to a millennial.

Millennials value their time above all else. For that reason, nearly two in three millennials block ads and subscribe to newsletters of their favorite brands. They’re very skeptical consumers and will buy only if they feel a connection with a brand. For a millennial, the quality of what they spend their money on matters more than the price tag.

Millennials are also economically smart. They know how to get a good deal, find a flash sale or join a loyalty program. The following five marketing strategies will help boost your conversion rates and draw the attention of this younger audience to your brand.


Tell your story in a way that speaks to your customers without marketing yourself

Millennials are less likely to be persuaded by traditional advertising. They want to hear and see authentic, interesting stories that show them why they should trust your brand.

Stop talking only about yourself — address your customers, their lifestyle, what matters to them, and the community you’re trying to support through your business and products.


Build up your brand’s image on social media and win more youngsters

Millennials use social platforms to research, validate, compare and buy products on a daily basis. Reposting user-generated content, including brand-relevant social influencers, builds your credibility.

Launch competitions and promotions to attract attention and generate even more content. You will draw younger readers’ attention by showing that you are socially active, responsive and just fun to be around.


Include more imagery in your email campaigns

Despite being actively involved in social platforms, millennials are quite responsive to email marketing. 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses via email, according to Adestra research. They subscribe to brand emails to stay in the loop on discounts as well as latest news and service updates.

This generation is highly visual, so it’s a great idea to include more imagery in your emails. It’s also important to make sure that your email communications are optimized for mobile devices as this is the most common medium millennials use to engage with online campaigns.


Make sure your message is short, informative and keep away from empty talk

Marketing to a millennial is a matter of capturing their attention within the opening seconds of your pitch. A long-winded message or one that doesn’t get to the point until later will immediately turn your reader off. Research keywords or buzzwords to include in your captions, make sure your content is visually appealing and developed so that it’s swift and clear.

Millennials will become your best customers if you align your message with what truly resonates with them.


Improve the customer experience for online shoppers and provide useful options

The option to compare, share with a friend or buy online with in-store pick up is a must-have for selling to millennials online. It’s also important that you make your customer’s checkout experience as quick and simple as possible. A millennial won’t waste time trying to figure out where to insert their credit card info. The number of screens and steps your visitors have to make in order to purchase products from you should be limited to a maximum of three.

Make sure your website is fast, simple and accessible on any device.


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