Form DS 3053: For Minors En Route to a U.S. Passport

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Form DS 3053: Statement of Parental Consent for Minors Applying for a U.S. Passport

As is widely known, the first application for a passport for a minor should be completed by their parents. The form through which this is done is named Form DS-11, the Application for a U.S. Passport. Today’s review is devoted to the second most important form involved in this process, namely, Form DS 3053, the Statement of Consent.

Who needs a Form DS 3053?

Form DS 3053 is a so-called statement of consent which should be used by an unavailable parent (legal guardian) of a minor when applying for a U.S. Passport. The reasons for which one of the parents is unavailable may vary; however, you should know that if this consent form is not filed, the application for U.S. Passport will be denied.

What is Form DS 3053 for?

Form DS-3053 is an obligatory supplement for DS-11 Application for a U.S. Passport. This one-page document provides personal information about the unavailable parent with their consent for the issuance of a United States Passport to their minor child indicated on this application. That’s all! The remaining half of the form designed for notarization.

Is Form DS 3053 accompanied by other forms?

As mentioned above, DS-3053 accompanies a DS-11 application. In its turn, DS-3053 should not be accompanied by any other forms.

How do I fill out Form DS 3053?

First, you should complete items 1 and 2, which are Minor’s Name and Minor’s Date of Birth. Item 3, which is the Statement of Consent, should be completed by the non-applying parent or guardian at the time when the applying parent submits the minor’s application.
You should fill out your full name and full address. Also, your signature and date must be provided.

In the section designated for a notary, they will put down their name, location, and their seal. Identification presented by non-applying parent or guardian should be specified (driver’s license, Passport, Military ID or other). The date of notarization and signature should be given. Estimated time for completion of the DS 3053 is 20 minutes.

Where do I send Form DS 3053?

The DS 3053 form should be submitted with a DS-11 application to any designated acceptance facility of U.S. Passport Agency. Note that the term of the consent is 90 days from the date of signing and notarization. After this, the consent will lose its validity and shall be deemed invalid.