Get Your Free Fillable Bracket for 2015 March Madness!

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Another March, another month of crazy basketball fans rooting for their favorite teams to win the NCAA tournament (or at least their bracket choices). March brings us endless nail-biting games, incessantly checking your bracket every hour of the day, and secretly hoping you beat out all of your other co-workers and win the office tournament pool. And if you still need to fill out your 2015 bracket, here’s a free, fillable bracket from PDFfiller. Pick your teams quickly, as the tournament starts this Tuesday, March 17th!

Collaborate on Your Bracket for Success

Back in 2009, Netflix launched a $1 million March Madness contest that turned out to be an interesting experiment. The contest was meant to help improve their movie-recommendation system. The top three teams all came up with powerful algorithms for their brackets, but it was only when Netflix combined the best parts of all three theories, that the company saw a significant improvement in its recommendation system — a little over 10% improvement overall.

But what does Netflix have to do with basketball brackets? It shows that many brains are better than one. Statistically you have a better chance to pick that perfect bracket if you get a few brilliant minds to team up with you (or at least some of your friends). PDFfiller lets you do just that: use our fillable NCAA March Madness 2015 Bracket Form and collaborate with up to 10 of your friends at the same time. And the best part? We’ve made this year’s bracket form FREE for anyone to use. Head on over to PDFfiller to start completing your free, fillable NCAA 2015 bracket now!