Going Digital Isn’t Only for Magazine Publishers

PDF is a widely used file type designed for the content distribution. From the beginning, it was a closed format that made adding any changes to the content difficult. At the beginning of the Internet it was not a big obstacle but as the Internet has been maturing and digital societies have become more connected it appeared that making simple edits to PDFs brings big value to organizations.

Lighter PDF Solution for your documents

The major PDF software solutions are usually too big and complicated to be able to support small businesses these days. Can you imagine using inDesign only for adding a signature to your PDF file?

Adobe Acrobat is the standard software for publishers making profession designs. If you need to compress, watermark, sign documents online or merge several PDF files it becomes clear that you need an easier, faster and affordable alternative PDF software with a public API.

PDFfiller is the type of software that can be used by many kinds of businesses. Whether you use PDF files in your digital documents distribution-loop or even if you are a publisher with a simple, DTP post-processing needs.

In PressPad we work with PDF files on daily basis. Our digital publishing platform supports magazine publishers from around the world. We help magazine or even the comic book authors go mobile with their own mobile apps. This is a self-service platform where publishers upload PDF files via PressPad publisher’s dashboard. Their users and clients can instantly experience this content via their branded mobile apps in with beautiful flip pages.

Despite publishers often using complicated DTP software like Adobe InDesign or similar products we sometimes need to make quick fixes for our publishers such as merging PDF documents, compressing or adding a watermark. To do this we often use much lighter solutions than Adobe’s such as PDFfiller.

We chose PDFfiller because it’s one of the most affordable solutions for editing PDF files. To our surprise, this is an evergreen post on the PressPad blog. That is real life proof that PDF format is very popular across many industries.

Go paperless with digital document distribution

You don’t have to be a magazine or book publisher to profit from the digital distribution in your company. How many times did you print a document just to get a signature on it and scan it again? Then what — straight to the dumpster, right?

— Did you know that digitization can save lots of money for you?

According to The Guardian, Xerox found in their study that office workers throw away 45% of everything they print within a day. The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance claims in their report that “(…) the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. The U.S. EPA estimates that paper and paperboard account for almost 40 percent of our garbage.”

So the numbers are coherent and it is clear that even a small change can reduce the fixed cost of operations.

In PressPad we try to avoid unnecessary printing by incorporating the idea of a paperless office. This is quite feasible with PDF files and PDFfiller. Unfortunately, some the documents have to be printed and stored but we believe that even the smallest company can reduce the costs of their operations by digitizing their documents.

Wojciech Szywalski is the VP of business development at PressPad, a digital publishing platform that supports over 500 magazine publishers from around the world with native magazine apps. PressPad allows publishers to go mobile with their content in just a few days, creating a digital distribution channel reaching mobile users.