PDFfiller Google Docs Add-on: Expanding the Possibilities

Many of you Google users already know about three ways to move your documents seamlessly between PDFfiller and your favorite Google apps like Google Docs and Google Drive.   Our recent blog posts have explored these points of integration, which include:

• The PDFfiller Google Chrome extension (read more in Extending your Editing Power)
• The PDFfiller ‘Edit with Google’ tool (read more in A Match Made in Heaven)
• The PDFfiller Google Drive App (read more in Even More to Love)

Well, for those of you who can’t get enough of convenient and efficient document management, now there’s also:

• The PDFfiller Google Docs Add-On

This post takes a closer look at the Google Docs Add-On, which provides you another great way to export documents from a Google app directly into PDFfiller’s editor to take advantage of our essential tools like sharing, fax, and signature request.

The PDFfiller Google Doc Add-On is available in the add-ons section of the Google Chrome Store or it can be added by searching the add-on options directly from a Google doc.  Once activated, the feature will continue to appear in the add-ons list when you search from any Google doc.

When you click on the PDFfiller Add-on a column will open to the right asking if you want to edit your Google Doc as a PDF.



If you click on the blue button, and agree to give Google offline access to the document, your document will open up directly in the PDFfiller editor ready for you to edit, sign, share or send! It’s that simple!

One important note is that the document will be saved in Google Doc format in MyForms, but your annotations will still be visible if you re-open the document in the PDFfiller editor. This  enables you to edit your original document without leaving PDFfiller by using the ‘Edit with Google’ feature, as explained in this post on the ‘Edit with Google’ tool.

Get started using PDFfiller‘s Google Docs Add-On now and let us expand your document management possibilities!