Practitioner’s guide to on- and offline lead generation. How PDFfiller got 1500 leads in two days

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Without a steady stream of customers, a business cannot expect to prosper. Therefore, marketers are constantly looking for innovative ways to develop advertising campaigns and attract new leads. In order to have a successful marketing strategy, many companies have realized it is essential to use both on and offline marketing techniques.

The marketing team at PDFfiller uses its own lead generation strategy that combines on and offline generation. Popular online techniques have been checked in a series of A/B testing experiments and have proven their value. We’ve listed all the strategies that could be easily applied to your business and described the offline approach that once brought PDFfiller 1500 qualified leads in only 2 days.


Online lead generation

Create a product review video: Some studies suggest that 65% of people rely on visual perception more than their other senses. Also, people tend to willingly share what they consider to be valuable or interesting. Quality videos attract attention, and can increase customer conversion rates by up to 35%.

At PDFfiller we’ve tried this concept via a series of video webinars and tutorials for the most efficient parts of the platform. Both types of content didn’t require many resources but proved their efficiency in no time.

Avoid mentioning spam in the lead form: Danish marketer Mikael Ogard tested several online advertisements, where the companies mentioned “we will never send you spam.” The result was a 18%-21% decrease in the customer conversion rate.

Content marketing: Content marketing can be the most effective approach when generating leads. For example, if there is no blog on your corporate site, then now would be a good time to start. Regularly publish new materials like blogs, case studies, white papers, etc.


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Providing a specific type of content for PDFfiller’s landing pages, which was basically an FAQ for the popular tax forms we help users fill out and sign, generated 25% more leads, willing to register for a free trial. Another part of our content marketing strategy – running a blog – lead 30,000 more visitors to PDFfiller website for the last year.

Create an email newsletter: Sending news to your blog readers and other customers via e-mail is a powerful way to get them involved. Those who already like your material will most likely subscribe to the newsletter. An optimal place to have the subscription widget is on the right sidebar of an email, web page or advertisement.

Check out PDFfiller’s newsletters: we established that it’s an amazing way to turn the cold leads you already attracted into loyal customers. Thus, we regularly deliver them not only news about the product but also the most interesting reads from our blog and customer stories.

Pop-Up Windows: Those who dislike pop-up windows usually are not aware of how effective they can be. For example, according to email marketing platform Aweber, their blog increased the number of subscribers by 13 times in just 7 months. They came to the conclusion, that this was due to the effective use of pop-up windows. A number of tests have shown that the optimal time for displaying a pop-up window is 2.5 minutes after a web page is opened.

According to our experiments, pop-ups are the ultimate customer support. Leading the client through a multi-stage process of building an order or signing a lease might become the hook that makes a client recommend your service to friends.


Offline lead generation: how PDFfiller generated 1500 leads using BTL-networking

Attending industry events and conferences is an excellent way to find customers. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for such an event:

  1. Make a list of companies and potential clients registered for the event;
  2. Set up meetings with potential partners at the event;
  3. Organize activities that can help you to identify and attract new leads;
  4. Make a newsletter about your product benefits before the event.

In November of 2017, PDFfiller participated in the Dreamforce conference. Organized by Salesforce, Dreamforce is one of the most important technological events of the year. Many industry leaders are often in attendance. There are also impressive technological demonstrations and speeches regarding advancements in the industry. The decision to participate won PDFfiller 1500 leads generated in only two days.

In 2017 PDFFiller presented the new integration – DaDaDocs for Salesforce. It was a positive experience for the company, especially since the sales team developed a creative way to promote the integration. The goal was to simultaneously attract new customers to the company, while also promoting the only Salesforce app that offered a PDF editor, document generator, built-in e-signatures and a form builder all-in-one. BTW, the DaDaDocs is also available for bpm’online

Visitors had the opportunity to test DaDaDocs on-site. Sales representatives at the conference gave visitors laptops, tablets and smartphones with already created test organization in Salesforce that used DaDaDocs. Users could see a typical corporate form on the screen, an invoice or employee application form for example. They had the opportunity to test the freshly presented product in action by filling out a form on any device, or typing random data into a Salesforce object to see how DaDaDocs generates a sample document with it.

A copy of the filled form is always sent to the user’s email, so the visitors left us hundreds of email addresses. All their emails were automatically entered into a lottery to win a free drone. This way, PDFfiller was able to advertise both the company and its new product to thousands of conference participants. By using effective marketing strategies, the company was able to generate 1500 viable leads in just two days.