Improve your sales with the Best Products for Sales 2019 list according to G2 Crowd

Best Products Sales G2Crowd

This is how we imagined the ideal start of a new year!

G2 Crowd, the largest business commerce platform, just announced the 2019 winners of its annual Best Software Awards.

And PDFfiller earned a spot on the Best Products for Sales 2019 list!

Moreover, we find it important to specify several other apps that also appear on the list – apps that can also serve as great assistants to your sales strategy.


So what about us?

The most appreciated features of PDFfiller, with a user ranking percentage of 90+ are: the process of document signing; custom branding; role & access management; and performance reliability.

This public recognition comes as no surprise – PDFfiller has been positioned as a perfect tool for salespeople involved in doing business electronically. PDFfiller’s online PDF editor, form builder, e-signature manager and workflow automation tools allow businesses to completely eliminate paper-based processes from their sales workflow and simultaneously increase revenues.

“I really enjoy having the ability to send documents to clients for signatures. It takes away the hassle of wasted paper and having to set up a time and date to meet with the client to sign.”

Kayla W. April 2017

“PDFfiller is available everywhere where you go. You don’t have to take your computer or have software installed on your laptop. You can access it from anywhere. In addition, it’s very user friendly when navigating through the platform to accomplish what you would like to do.”

Taner O. January 2019


G2 Crowd takes each submitted review very seriously: every single review is individually vetted so as to ensure it’s not machine-generated and is provided by a person using the product that they’re reviewing. 

“This is no subjective list by a few people giving their opinions,” explains Godard Abel, CEO of G2 Crowd. “With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of products and services, and highest quality data, G2 Crowd is able to harness more than 4 million data points to determine which products and companies are doing the best job of helping businesses reach their potential.”


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Find your perfect e-signature assistant

SignNow is the e-signature vendor proving that e-signature platforms can now provide more features than simply the ability to add your signature to a document.

Users’ reviews on G2 Crowd mention SignNow as one of the easiest-to-use tools. However, they especially like its more advanced features, such as the ability to create and upload multiple templates, make adjustments to individual documents, easily review signed and pending contracts, etc.

“My favorite part about SignNow is just how easy it is to upload, setup fields and be done with it. It literally takes me less than 3 minutes to upload the document, add text/signature/date fields and send it for signature. I also like how the signing process for other users is very intuitive, so I don’t have to explain anything. They can just follow SignNow’s instructions.”

Daniel B.  November 2018

The price is also one of SignNow’s strong points:

“We’d looked at lots of competing products, but couldn’t justify the price. Still, our clients were asking for electronic document signing. We had to find something, and SignNow is great. The product is easy to use, both on our end, and for our clients.”

Kirk L. November 2018

Despite all the intense competition on the market of e-signing, SignNow struck its way to recognition. Adobe Sign, SignRequest, eversign and InsureSign fall far behind on this list.


Best CRMs for sales

Salesforce, which has proven itself over the years, appears in the top ten. And honestly, this wasn’t unexpected.

Salesforce offers a wide variety of CRM categories and systems to meet your needs, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Data Cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT.

The most attractive point of Salesforce is that it’s very customer-focused and provides a pay-as-you-go model – which means very reasonable prices for a variety of features.

“Two months ago, I started using SFDC CRM for the first time ever. Before, I had used a bunch of different systems and none of them were as intuitive or consumer-friendly as Salesforce. What I like best is the amount of relevant data you can view about each prospect, without having to open several sources (linkedIn, discoverorg, etc.) at once – its all right there.”

Sarah M. October 2018


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also on the list. This is a well-known CRM designed for automating sales, customer service, and marketing. CRM enables extensive customization, online deployment or on premises installation.


Tech companies on the list are selected with data provided by its software users, and, as a result, have proven their commitment to customers and providing technology that delivers. 

G2 Crowd compiled the list using data collected from over 270,000 authentic customer reviews written between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018. Reviews spanned across nearly 60,000 software products, with every single review vetted by an individual person, not a machine, to ensure legitimacy.