Introducing ScanToFill, a free document scanner for Android

free document scanner

The percentage of smartphone owners in the U.S. has already exceeded 70%. And just by looking at all the cool features being added to our mobile devices, it’s easy to see that they’re capable of doing some pretty amazing things. In fact, modern-day smartphones are more powerful than the computers that NASA used to send astronauts to the Moon.

But in stark contrast, you only have a few options when it comes to digitizing paper documents.

Why is this so?

Because many people still think that a good old desktop scanner is the best device you can use.


Why do you need a phone scanner in the first place?

The reality is that you actually don’t need a bulky desktop scanner for your average everyday tasks. But scanning your documents is still a great way to convert them into electronic format.

The point here, is that there’s an easier way to do so.  

This is where ScanToFill comes into play. It’s a document scanner app that runs off your Android-based smartphone and uses your phone camera to snap an image of a document. This allows you to crop it, enhance its quality and share it in the fastest way possible.

Technically speaking, ScanToFill is like Instagram for documents. The only difference is that instead of food selfies, you’re taking pictures of more important things such as contracts, bills, receipts, invoices, etc.


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How does it work?

First of all, point your camera towards a document and capture a photo. You can use the toolbar to retake the photo, rotate the document, or crop it. Choose what else you’d like to do with the document that you’ve just created: email, edit or send it for printing.


With ScanToFill, you can scan a paper document, as well as process any image by importing it from your device’s photo gallery. If needed, apply one of the filters to improve the quality of your scanned documents to make them more readable.


You can also easily edit documents after you’ve scanned them. Continue editing the scanned PDF file or e-sign it with your phone or tablet using the PDFfiller document editor. See the complete list of the PDFfiller mobile app features here.

Cool tricks and features to be aware of

Not all document-scanner applications are created equal.

So let’s take a look at what ScanToFill has to offer in addition to its basic features:

  • Adding multiple pages to newly created documents

A great feature that allows you to scan multiple documents and stitch them together into one PDF file without using any third-party app.

  • Support of PDF format

Whenever you scan a paper document with ScanToFill, it automatically gets converted to an editable PDF file which makes it easily viewable on any device.

  • Automatic document size adjustment according to international paper standards (Letter, A4, etc.)

This is another extremely convenient feature which is of great help especially if you’re dealing with legal documents (for instance, when filling out a tax form).

  • Real-time tilt correction

Snapping pictures from an angle doesn’t affect the quality whatsoever! ScanToFill has a feature called real-time tilt correction. This means that your document will look as smooth as if it were scanned with a desktop scanner.

ScanToFill is an accurate, simple and user-friendly tool which is always there to help you out when you’re working on a letter, job application, contract, rental agreement or tax form. It especially comes in handy when you’re strapped for time and you’ve got a big deadline coming up.

Additionally, the app meets all of the necessary requirements for the seamless creation, organization, editing and sharing of PDF documents.

Get the ScanToFill app on Google Play and turn your smartphone into a fully-functional mobile office.