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Today, digital transformation is less about innovation and more about the right way to adopt all the technology you have at your disposal. Is this tool the one you really need for your business? Will it scale with your business growth? Or maybe, it’s just a waste of money?

We respect our customers’ time, and take pride when you feel like you’ve made the right choice in us. We are happy to announce the launch of the pdfFiller Academy, designed for those who want to know more about digital transformation, and how to implement the right tools into your everyday workflow.

You’ll learn how to cut costs, save time, and increase efficiency in your everyday workflow by going digital.

Courses included in the program

The program offers three courses.

Introduction to pdfFiller

Learn about how our customers have managed to improve their document management processes. This course explains why it’s important to start a journey in digital transformation and pdfFiller’s role in making it successful. You’ll learn what pdfFiller is and what it offers your business, how your company can benefit from it, and how pdfFiller is used across various industries. The course also shows how our customers have managed to identify what processes can be digitally transformed and improve their document management processes.

Getting Started with pdfFiller

This course helps you get familiar with how to manage your document workflows inside pdfFiller. You’ll understand how to customize your account settings, add documents to your account, how to edit and manage documents in the editor, complete documents in pdfFiller, and organize your documents the best way possible. After the course, you’ll be able to keep your digital documents organized and up-to-date in a single data storage.

Your First pdfFiller Document

This course provides guidelines on how to start working with documents and how you can manage them in pdfFiller. After the course, you’ll be able to:

  • make documents fillable
  • create custom documents from scratch
  • use different methods for collecting signatures and information and collaborating on and sending out documents
  • work on the go with the pdfFiller mobile app

What you will learn from taking the pdfFiller Academy course

The pdfFiller Academy helps you eliminate paper-based workflows by making them digital. You’ll learn how to organize efficient remote workflows and cut costs on  materials and resources. An important part of the course is understanding pdfFiller tools and how to configure its settings to get the most out of it for your personal and business needs.

With our pdfFiller Academy, we hope you’ll find all the necessary information you need to make your pdfFiller experience and digital transformation smooth and simple.

We want you to discover the advantages of digital transformation and learn how to start optimizing your document workflows with pdfFiller.


Discover the advantages of digital transformation with the pdfFiller Academy