Key points to look for when choosing a mobile app for your business

mobile app

Did you know that Americans view their smartphones 14 billion times per day, with more than one third using their smartphones “pretty often” for their business purposes?

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Without a doubt, the popularity of mobile devices across the globe has drastically changed the way we access information and communicate.

Now, let’s figure out how this may affect your business’s marketing strategy and how to find the right document management app for your business.


The mobile-first customer trend at a glance

Here’s some more statistics: 57% of consumers are not likely to recommend a business with a poorly functioning mobile app.

A mobile document management app allows your workforce to access information from any location. It’s always there whenever you need to ask for advice, check on a process, approve a purchase, sign an invoice, etc.

And don’t forget that mobile apps are especially popular with millenials — the largest generation in the U.S. labor force — as most of them would prefer to discuss an appointment or agreement via text.

Businesses may experience significant (more than 20%) loss in productivity because of various document-related challenges, i.e. looking for a necessary document or switching between apps when a certain feature can’t be found.


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Features, benefits, and pricing

The purpose of using document management software isn’t so you can look cool and trendy. It’s so you can automate the process of document creation, organization, editing and sharing.

Here are some factors that are worth looking into:

  • Saving time = saving money. Improve cost-efficiency by ensuring quick delivery of file-related tasks.
  • Get more while paying less. Most apps offer free plans and trial periods, but make sure such a plan is comprised of the complete set of features before purchasing it.
  • Cloud-based solutions are getting more and more popular. Make sure the mobile platform you’ve chosen offers free cloud storage for your documents.
  • Seamless integration with third-party services (Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, NetSuite, Oracle, G Suite, Google Drive, etc.).
  • If your company uses a digital document solution, pay close attention to the security standards that the platform should be compliant with.


A bit more about features

Of course, it’s nice if the document management app you’re using supports a bunch of formats.

However, as a smartphone user, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that PDF is the most widespread and easily-integrable document format out there.

Besides, modern-day editors, such as PDFfiller, enable you to easily adjust any document according to your needs:

  • Add and remove text, images, or any other objects on a page
  • Highlight or blackout text, change color, font size, and alignment.
  • Add fillable fields, drop-down lists, and menus.
  • Draw on a PDF using your device’s touchscreen.
  • Store pictures and reuse them anytime.
  • Import, delete, rotate, duplicate, and rearrange pages in a document
  • Undo edits and restore the original document.

With another tax season on its way, the right mobile document management solution may be of great help to you, especially with this big deadline fast approaching.

So start using your smartphone as a mobile office and never lose access to a contract, job application or tax form.