Legally notarize documents online with PDFfiller without leaving your account

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Getting documents notarized probably isn’t something you tend to do on a daily basis — unless you’re an accountant or document collector. However, it’s an important procedure requiring significant legal adherence.

PDFfiller provides its users with the ability to legally notarize any document online. From now on, US citizens are able to validate their identity, close real estate deals, and notarize letters – all without leaving their accounts.


Video call notary service: no appointment needed

Many find this procedure stressful and time-consuming. Especially when there’s no public notary available near you.

From now on, when certifying a document online, you don’t have to make an appointment or drive anywhere. Instead, just get connected with a commissioned notary via a live video stream in seconds.


Here are the top reasons for using an online notary service:

  • It’s a time and money saver. Notarize documents affordably and electronically from anywhere.
  • 100% legally-valid. A document or signature notarized online carries the same legal weight just as if you had notarized it in-person at a notary office.
  • Full compatibility. No special software has to be installed on your device. All you need is a camera, your valid ID, and an active internet connection.
  • Great solution for persons living or traveling abroad.


What categories of documents can be notarized online?

You’re able to authenticate a variety of documents such as letters, forms, certificates, mortgage documents, etc. However, certain categories of documents such as wills, codicils, I-9 forms, etc., cannot be notarized electronically for legal reasons.


How safe is it to process and share documents online?

PDFfiller protects your information from loss and unauthorized disclosure. Every document you upload for notarization is kept in password-protected cloud storage and is accessible anytime – either by you or someone you’ve authorized.


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How much does it cost to notarize a document?

After your document has been notarized, you’ll be charged $25. This fee covers a single session with the e-notary, a single processed document, and a single notarial act. And you don’t pay until the notary has finished notarizing your document.


 What are the hours of operation?

This feature is available 24/7, year round. No matter what your location or time zone is, there’s always a notary available online!


 How to notarize a document using PDFfiller

To get a document authenticated by a trusted online notary, select a document in your PDFfiller account and click Notarize Document. Then, connect with an available notary and get your document notarized over a live video call. Email the notarized letter to anybody or simply download it to your computer. The entire process usually takes less than 5 minutes.

See the video below for detailed instructions:

With the digital age in full swing, there are more and more fast, simple, and inexpensive ways to electronically manage and verify your documents. Keep up with the latest changes and forget about the hassle of notarizing documents in-person once and for all.