How to Easily Share PDF Documents Using PDFfiller’s LinkToFill Feature

PDFfiller’s LinkToFill Feature

PDFfiller’s LinkToFill is a powerful multi-optional tool designed for sharing PDF documents. Using this tool, you can make a fillable version of a document available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any internet connected device through an embeddable HTML code, direct link, or QR code. Any person who has access to the link can fill the document and submit it to you.

Do you need to share a document with your colleagues, partners, or friends? Do you want to reach a wider audience? With LinkToFill, you can share a document via URL, a QR code, or by embedding a graphical link via HTML

How to use LinkToFill

You can start sharing documents directly from PDFfiller’s editor. While the document is still open, click “Done” and select “LinkToFill” from the drop-down list or, alternatively, select the document in the “My Documents” folder and click “LinkToFill” on the right.

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If you’d like to use a graphical link to the document, you can customize your link’s text, choose a link style, choose link colors by clicking the colored squares, and add or remove the document icon. If you use the button style link, you can choose a large or small button. Here you can also upload a custom logo for your document. Whoever fills the document will see your logo at the top of the page. If you choose not to use this option, PDFfiller’s logo will appear by default.

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When you’ve finished customizing the graphical link, click the “Select Options” button; this will bring you to the “Select Options” tab that gives you the following possibilities:

  • Password Protection. Here you can create a password and only those who know the password will be able to access the document.
  • Message. Write a message, for instance, an instruction.
  • Permissions. Select “Full Access” to enable the recipients to edit the document using all PDFfiller tools or select “Signature Only” to limit the editing capabilities to signature and date only.
  • Request Additional Documents. You can request the documents that should be sent along with the document.
  • Submission Requirements. You may request the name and email address from a person submitting the document.
  • Download Options. If you permit downloads, whoever fills the document will be able to get a copy of it.
  • Redirect After Submission. As soon as visitors submit the document, you can redirect them to any webpage you like — just insert the website’s URL address in the appropriate field.
  • Notifications. Here you can choose whether or not to receive an email notification every time somebody submits the form.
  • Document ID. If you choose this option, PDFfiller will generate a unique ID that can be used to track the document.

After you have selected all the relevant options, click “Activate” at the bottom of the page.

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Finally, on the next page, you can change the document’s status to “Active” or “Inactive”. Once it is active, you will see the HTML code, URL address, and QR code in the respective fields.

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To create the button on your site, copy and paste the HTML code to your website’s HTML. Whoever clicks the button will be taken directly to your document in the PDFfiller editor, where he can easily fill and sign, then submit and download a copy of the document with just a few clicks.
The URL may be inserted in the address bar of any web browser with the same effect.
You can also add the QR code to your printed materials. Smartphone users will be able to scan the code with their cameras to easily access the document on their devices.
In addition, you will be able share the document through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
Each time somebody fills and submits the document, you’ll receive an email notification. You can also view completed documents by navigating to the “Sent [and History]” folder in “MyDocuments”, opening the “LinkToFill” folder, selecting the document, and clicking “Filled Forms”. Modify your document’s settings anytime by selecting it in the “LinkToFill” folder then clicking “Settings”.

linktofill, share pdf documents online, how to share pdf online, PDFfiller,

Learn More:

To learn more about LinkToFill, watch the following video:

When you use our powerful LinkToFill tool, an essentially unlimited number of people will be able to fill and submit your documents, saving you a lot of time.
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