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LinkToFill: Host Fillable Documents Online!

Has your organization ever needed to collect data with online surveys, solicit customer feedback or create a system for online registrations? There are a variety of situations in which organizations may need to host fillable forms, but whatever your reason, PDFfiller’s new LinkToFill feature makes hosting your own fillable form incredibly simple!

You can find LinkToFill in the Action Menu on the right side of MyForms. Selecting a form and then clicking “LinkToFill” will take you to the link builder. From there, you can host your own document with just a few easy steps.

First, decide on the look of the button or link you want to add to your website – you may customize the button’s style, the inclusion of an icon, and text and fill color.



Next, set any editing permissions or submission requirements you want for your document. For example, you can request signature only or full editing access, or that a name or email address is provided along with the submitted form. You can also choose to receive a notification each time a form has been submitted.


And finally, simply flip the switch to activate your document.  Once activated you will be provided with an HTML code for embedding into your website, a URL for sharing via email, and a QR code, which you can use to distribute fillable forms on your website or mobile device.  It’s that easy!


PDFfiller‘s mission is to make your document workflows as efficient and streamlined as possible. Whatever your level of technological know-how, LinkToFill provides a professional document-hosting feature that helps you achieve tech-savvy results without a programmer!  So get started hosting today!  For more on how to use LinkToFill, check out the following video.



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