Make School Paperwork Paperless

Make All Your School Paperwork Paperless!

Are you headed back to school?

If so, then we’ve got some great tools that will help you start this school year on top of your game.  Whether you are a student, teacher, or administrator, PDFfiller can give you an edge in managing all your school paperwork.

As a student, we know that more and more school paperwork is handled online, from registrations forms to reading assignments. What you need is a platform with flexible tools to help you deal with your documents digitally.

• Do you have a highlighting habit?  Use our online editor to highlight or underline, add stickies, or even do some digital doodling!
• Have you been assigned to work on group projects? Collaboratively edit your documents online with PDFfiller’s share feature that lets you work with up to ten friends at once.
• Want to work on the way to and from campus? PDFfiller’s mobile app allows you to work from any mobile device so you can work on your documents anytime, anywhere.

For the teachers and administrators out there, it’s important to stay on top of digital trends and make them work for you.

• Have you been chasing after signatures from faculty and parents?  PDFfiller’s SendtoSign feature makes signature request simple, allowing you to request digital signatures and to track all responses online.
• Printing, xeroxing and distributing paper copies of school forms?  Try using PDFfiller’s LinkToFill, which helps you distribute and collect fillable school forms online.
• Getting stuck with the ancient school fax machine? Try sending your documents by efax instead.

With features that help to streamline your workflow, PDFfiller gives you everything you need to make the grade this school year.  Give it a try and see how you can make all your school paperwork paperless!