Medical Administration Record: Be Aware of the Medicine You Take

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Medical Administration Record (MAR)

Contemporary medicine is developing quickly. More and more medical procedures are being created and tested. That is why people are often afraid to take unknown pharmaceuticals as they are unsure of the possible side effects.

The medical administration record is one of the most important documents in a medical chart and contains the treatment plan with all prescribed medications. It is designed for attending physicians, hospital nurses and other participants in the diagnostic and treatment process. Physicians usually deal with prescribing drugs. Nurses receive this information and perform the recommended medical procedures. This document is a go-between for the patient and medical staff.

Who Needs the Medical Administration Record?

This computer-generated schedule is important for both the doctor and the patient. It is a legal report of the drugs prescribed for the patient. The electronic version is much more convenient and user-friendly. More and more hospitals have started using our special software for keeping medical charts. With the software’s help, the record and the treatment plan are more organized and comprehensive. It reduces the chance of making a mistake. Consequently, patients rest easier without having to worry about whether a handwriting mistake could lead to getting the wrong drug.

What is the Medical Administration Record for?

The medical administration record includes test results, procedures, consultations, medications and all other points connected to the patient’s treatment. The key purpose is to keep it all in a strict order. Any treatment or examination cannot be held without a daily note in the record. Seeing the signature of the nurse, the doctor knows that the instructions were fulfilled.

When is the Medical Administration Record Due?

The due date of the Medical Administration Record depends on the patient’s condition. It remains valid during the time the patient stays under a doctor’s supervision. All documents regarding treatment are preserved in the hospital archive, including the medical chart and this record.

Is the Medical Administration Record Accompanied by Other Documents?

This sheet is part of the medical chart of a patient. It cannot be completed separately. These two documents are interconnected.

What Information is Included in the Medical Administration Record?

The heading of the record contains the name of the patient and the date (month and year). You will see a big chart that has columns for medication, dosage, delivery method and days. It is usually divided into 31 days. At the bottom of the record, it is required to indicate the name of the person who administers the medication. The signature of this person is also required. There is one more important field in the form devoted to allergies and adverse reactions.

The next chart is more detailed. It is called the PRN and Refuses Medication Notes. It includes the date, hour, initials, medication and reason. During treatment, it is necessary to keep records of the weight, blood pressure and heart rate of the patient. All these points must be indicated in the medical administration sheet.

Where do I Send the Medical Administration Record?

This sheet must be preserved in the hospital or clinic where the patient was treated.