Merging PDFs

Need to add a cover sheet, memo, or completion instructions to an existing PDF document or set of slides? Using PDFfiller’s merge tool is your best bet. The merge tool allows you to combine multiple PDF documents in any order you’d like.

To demonstrate, we’re going to merge three smaller PDF forms (a cover sheet, a multi-page form, and a single page form) into one larger document.

First, select the documents that you’d like to merge within their folder, in your “My Forms” area. To select multiple documents at once, hold down the “shift” or “command” button on your computer while clicking to select multiple adjacent or non-adjacent files respectively.

Once you’ve selected the documents that you want to merge, click the “Merge” button on the far right-hand side of the toolbar. It looks like this:

Merge Button

(Hint: The word “Merge” will appear floating next to it when you hover your cursor over it.)

Once you’ve clicked the “Merge” button, a new window will appear that allows you to change the order of the PDFs that you are planning to include in your new document, as well as to create a name for the new document.


Use the up and down arrows, or drop and drag the PDF documents, to arrange the order of your merged documents. In the example below, we’ve moved the middle document down to the bottom of the list, and made a new name for the merged file.


Make sure that the check box to the left of each document that you want to include is checked. Then click the “merge” button again to combine the documents. After a few moments of processing, a window will open with your new document in it.

Here, you can edit or save your document as you would any other PDF. Check out and give it a try.