The New SendToSign: Streamlined Signature Requests

What is SendToSign?

SendToSign is an quick and easy method of getting the signatures you need for your documents.

How does it work?

SendToSign allows you to request someone’s signature on your document, regardless of whether they are currently a PDFfiller user. When you use SendToSign, PDFfiller sends an email to the each signee with a direct link to the document, which they can sign by creating their digital signature using one of the Signature Manager’s five signature options.

SendToEach and SendToGroup

PDFfiller has recently streamlined its SendToSign feature and now has the following two options: SendToEach and SendToGroup.

SendToEach is the option you’ll want if you’re requesting a signature from just one person, or if you need to send unique copies of the document to different people. You can send signature requests to up to 20 people at a time, each with its own access permissions (signature-only or with full access to the document).

SendToGroup lets you send a single version of the document to up to 20 people to sign. This option is useful if you need multiple signatures on one document, such as for a rental lease agreement. You can still set permissions to signature-only or full editor access on an individual basis.

For both SendToEach and SendToGroup, you can check the status of the document in the SendToSign History folder, located in the Sent [and History] folder on the My Forms page.

Sign In Order

SendToGroup also includes an important feature called “Sign in Order”. When you check this box, you can dictate the order in which recipients sign your document. As the first recipient signs and returns the document, PDFfiller will automatically invite the next recipient on your list to access the document, and so on until each listed recipient has signed the document.

For a detailed look at the SendToSign process, check out our new video walkthrough below!